Today was a big day here at iDB. With two dozen posts published – mostly some app updates – it’s easy to get lost in this amount of information. To help you go through today’s news, I thought it’d be helpful to share with you what I think was more newsworthy to me today. A few bullet points with links to additional coverage, should you want to learn more. Let’s go, shall we?

  • Just installed Flow on my iPad, and Angry Birds Star Wars II on my iPhone. Such a fun day :). Thanks iDB for the awesome news.

    • Happy to be of service 🙂

      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

        Hey man, thanks for so many posts and the others too! I really appreciated everything this year. More readable contents and no spam contents like gizmodo (it sucks). Continue to do your best! Also can we request a mini forum for discussions on here? Since you guys are sponsors of the jailbreakcon. Maybe this place will be home to news and new developments/request for iOS7.

      • iosPixel

        Wow busy news day!

        Any worried about the lack of JB related articles shouldnt fret. With the release of the iOS7 Jailbreak we will have TweakWeek. That will give iDB plenty to cover.

        Check out tweakweekDOTcom for an insight into how things went last time!

  • sharp44MAG .

    Yeah thanks Sébastien for the round up!! Today was a very big day for IDB indeed!!

  • Anthony Nguyen

    I hadn’t heard much about any jailbreak news or any new jailbreak tweaks. What happened?

    • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

      I think people with iPhone 4 and iOS7 should help developers get ready for iPhone 5 & 5S for updates. like messages+ or bite sms and other cool tweaks. to think of it, we are 10 months away from the new iPhone 6. Less than a year!

  • Mozaik

    Keep up the good work , we like it.

  • abdullah575

    keep it up IDOWNLOAD BLOG !!!

  • Windy Joseph

    I am sorry to say this IDB, but the articles recently published seem to be dull. I really love this site, let’s go back to 7 months ago where everyone was having discussion on here due to some outstanding articles mostly jailbreak related; everyone sharing ideas which tweak is good, best, etc. I don’t know it might just be me, all I see now on here is: 1)APPLE wins another case, 2) app review 3) new software update. I check this website every morning when I wake up and before I hit the sheets, just does not feel the same anymore…….

    • Kenrick Fernandes

      I agree. I’m not saying its bad or whatever. However i use to check this site everyday, but now its once in 3 days. There’s still a small percentage of people who are jailbroken so you should still cover some jailbreak tweaks

    • Milo

      Wait for iOS 7 jailbreak come out and you’ll see

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