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Apple’s iPad mini with Retina display used to ship in 1-3 business days for the more popular versions with sixteen and 32 gigabytes of storage, with the more capacious variants with 64 and 128 gigabytes of storage being delivered in 5-10 days.

In another development that won’t please holiday shoppers, the entry-level 16GB Retina iPad mini along with its 32GB variant have become harder to come by as shipping estimates on the online Apple Store slip to 5-10 days. Matter of fact, now all capacities, colors, wireless and carrier models (Wi-Fi-only and Wi-Fi + Cellular) of the iPad mini with Retina display are shipping in 5-10 days…

A quick hop over to the online Apple Store reveals the new 5-10 day shipping estimate for all Retina iPad mini models. This came just as LTE-enabled Retina minis started slowly trickling into Apple’s retail stores in the United States.

Some regional U.S. carriers like Bluegrass Cellular and U.S. Cellular have started selling cellular models in retail stores as well (C Spire Wireless will begin carrying Retina minis next week) as Apple itself just allowed walk-in sales.

It gets worse as three major U.S. carriers all back-ordered on the cellular version: T-Mobile, for instance, is now citing 6-8 week shipping estimate for Retina minis, with T-Mobile and AT&T quoting 6-8 week and 21-28 day deliveries, respectively.

All of this suggests Apple hasn’t ramped up manufacturing yet to meet high demand for the device. Would-be buyers should expect shipping times to continue to lag as we head into the holiday shopping season, which kicks off in the United States with Black Friday next week.

Christmas 2013 (iPad Air, iPad mini Retina 001)

When the Retina iPad mini 2 launched on November 12, Apple initially allowed only online orders, which customers could either have shipped or picked up personally at a desired Apple Store.

The shortages are blamed on production problems with Sharps’ IGZO screens and are expected to persist until the first quarter of 2014, when Apple is expected to switch to Samsung-made Retina panels as the Galaxy maker was allegedly “the first to solve the technological problem”.

  • Ram Dasika

    lol u guys think people will wait like they order it now and after holdiays over after 6-8 weeks with nothing ,no gifts in hand and wait for apple ipads until 2014 first quarter if apple cant provide sufficient inventory for this holidays they will loose a lot people will obviously switch to other brand tablets and buy them rather than wait for these overpriced no good display(compared to competition)entire holdiays with nothing unitll 2014

    • You certainly sound like a well informed man. Where do I sign up for a paid Spamsung blogger?

      • noecuhh

        haha seriously read his comments on other posts..

      • Ram Dasika

        No need u are already doing great work in sheeple paid blog

  • rubeN

    Wonder if when the Samsung displays will have the same narrow color gamut as the current ones.

  • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

    My iPad mini retina arrived in 3 running days, although the published delivery time was 2 weeks. (New Zealand)

  • Ram Dasika

    yea mini display cant display full rbg like ipad air its what we call n inferior product compared to apple standards only. they were like kings once in display tech now lost it to competition and actually third, there is a Nexus 7 between kindle fire and ipad mini.marginal difference?? what about image retention issues?

    When have apple fans started compromising innovation and latest tech for just a brand name apple. the reason we beacme apple fans was because of innovation in the first place right.What is the point of being loyal if the company lost to its competition in innovation and calling other names like copy cats and authors here are writing ass articles.I read an article a few days ago here the article starts as saying samsung is doing something inventing,blah,blah and ramming them for innovating.what has happened to these guys 2 yrs back they used to write good articles now why are they biasing and nonsense

    sorry frustrated cause overrun by a kindle fan no matter what you say ipad mini retina is byfar no innovation and additional issues ike low gaumat and burn in issues,retenion issues.By far this is a let down for me as an apple fan, ipad mini was lot better. In India they bumped up prices again by 7000 INR for mini 2 which is a joke compared to previous mini which is low price and no issues

    if u want read anandtech’s mini review regarding mini display being behind kindle and nexus