Boost Mobile (iPhone 5s is here)

I reported on October 21 that Sprint’s prepaid brand, Boost Mobile, was gearing up to launch the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c real soon. The significant development would mark the first time in Boost’s history it offered the iconic smartphone. Cody followed up with another write-up stating that Boost could sell the handsets at $100 in retail.

Today, the carrier has begun carrying the new iPhones contract-free. The unsubsidized devices start out online at just $449 for the 16GB iPhone 5c model and $549 for the entry-level iPhone 5s, each a cool $100 saving over Apple’s regular price points. But if you’re switching from another carrier, you can claim an additional $100 discount…

Again, Boost’s $549 iPhone 5s and $449 iPhone 5c is a cool $100 off from Apple’s unsubsidized $649 and $549 asking prices, respectively. The 32/64GB Boost iPhone 5s is $649/$749 and the 32GB iPhone 5c is $549.

They’re also offering the iPhone 4s for $299.99.

Last month, Virgin Mobile, another Sprint prepaid subsidiary, launched the iPhone 5s/5c with similar deals.

Sweetening the deal even more, those switching from another carrier can claim an additional $100 saving on any device, including the new iPhones. Catch 22: the saving is limited to new customers switching from another carrier and applies in-store only.

This means people coming from another carrier could get an iPhone 5s for just $449, or $349 in the case of the entry-level iPhone 5c. We reached out to Boost which confirmed that this special promotion for new customers is running through November 24 at participating Boost Mobile stores.

You can order your iPhone 5s/5c over at the Boost Mobile webstore, too.

Boost Mobile (iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c teaser 001)

The incentive is Boost’s way of celebrating landing the iPhone for the first time in its history. Speaking of contracts, Boost is offering a $55 per month unlimited everything plan (data is throttled beyond 2.5GB) with so-called Shrinking Payments option.

Basically, for every six on-time payments you make Boost will knock $5 off your service charge. So, if you pay your bills on time, that $55 per month plan could eventually get reduced to as low as $40 per month.

Because Boost is a Sprint property, its iPhone 5s/5c customers can easily connect to Sprint’s 4G LTE network, now available in 230 U.S. markets.

Would you switch to Boost?

  • Merman123

    What’s up with “I reported” at the beginning of the article?

    • Jason Masters

      He fancies himself a “reporter”!

  • Antzboogie

    They are about to hit the gold mine with this offer. People are tired of paying $100+ a month for service I am seriously thinking about switching. Can I bring my iPhone over to Boost is the question??

    • Soto

      You can’t.

  • Austin Steffen

    I never knew boost mobile was so inexpensive. I am currently on att and have 5 lines with 300mb data and am still being charged $40 a month! Not to mention how awful the service is, at least in Michigan. I am definitely going to look into switching but can’t till next year

    • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

      Try mvno’s. They use the big four’s signal. My familiy redpocket 3 people only $90 not tax no extra state charges etc bs fees etc. unlimited text call and featured free countries unlimited calling. and also 100mb each month.

  • Jason Masters

    Offer sounds enticing but boost service has been known to be extremely flawed and unreliable and I’m not sure if I trust my calls and messages with them.
    In an emergency if my service was spotty and I wasn’t getting my messages I would be out a lot of money because of upfront costs.

    • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

      They were known to be unreliable because of iDen network. But boost is better now because it uses all of Sprint. Including Virgin mobile which is also owned by sprint. Couple years ago I experienced delayed messages. Now it doesn’t have issues no more unless Sprint is upgrading towers for NV.

  • Soto

    You can simply buy a $10 TracFone, and port that number over to boost and het the $200 discount for being a new port in customer. Just a tip.