iBooks for OS X Mavericks (Multiple books)

Apple’s free Mavericks update contains a set of compelling headline features and nice-to-haves, like tapping the ambient light sensor to detect motion in order to prevent system sleep.

But as any Mac owner could tell you, each major OS X release brings with it inevitable early adopter issues in the form of bugs and various software-related issues and hiccups. Mavericks is no exception.

Though definitely more stable and less susceptible to teething issues than perhaps any OS X release thus far, Mavericks affects your productivity by introducing unreliable performance with Gmail accounts in Mail. Other stock apps suffer from typical 1.0 release issues, but rest assured that Apple is hard at work squashing these pesky bugs as we speak…

The Mail app in Mavericks is especially problematic, with glaring issues affecting receiving Gmail messages as well as sorting/deleting individual messages.

As you know, Gmail is based on Google’s proprietary, non-standard architecture. Therefore, making Gmail play nice with OS X Mail (and other third-party email clients, for that matter) has always been somewhat of a challenge.

For instance, Apple’s Mavericks web page says you can move Gmail messages from your inbox and save them to the All Mail folder “with a single click,” but doesn’t mention hiding the All Mail label from the Mail app brings back all those message you previously moved from your inbox.

Smart mailboxes behave erratically as well, as TUAW noted.

Worry not, writes Apple pundit John Gruber on his Daring Fireball blog:

I am informed that Apple is aware of the problem, and has a fix for Mail already seeded to employees for testing, and they’re scrambling to ship it as soon as they can.

Apple told Pocket-lint that that API changes in Mavericks Mail app were “implemented upon Gmail’s request, and these changes are causing the new Apple Mail behavior in OS X Mavericks”.


TidBits has documented the changes which complicate the relationship between Apple’s stock Mail app and Gmail.

It would seem that achieving the email nirvana with IMAP, Gmail and Apple Mail is as tough as it’s ever been. Though some folks remain blissfully content with Gmail, I’m not surprised to see others like MacWorld‘s Joe Kissell breaking up with Google’s popular email service.

OS X Mavericks (Mail, overview 001)

In addition to the fix for the Mavericks Mail issue, 9to5Mac‘s Mark Gurman heard other Mavericks applications are about to receive a slew of performance and bug fix updates.

Citing updates Apple today seeded today to its employees, Gurman writes that fixes for the issues in iBooks, Safari and the Remote Desktop Client apps are all on tap.

For iBooks, Apple says that the new version (1.0.1) ‘includes bug fixes and improvements to performance and stability.’ Apple is yet to specify to employees what the new Safari version entails, but is labeled as version 7.0.1. The slight version number increase indicates that this is a bug-fix and performance-focused release, not a new version with several new features.

As for the upcoming Remote Desktop Client app 3.7.1 update, Apple says it’s “recommended for all Apple Remote Desktop clients and addresses several issues related to overall reliability, usability, and compatibility.”

Most of these will be deployed as part of the forthcoming OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 update, but not the Mail fix which we understand will get posted as a standalone Mail Update for Mavericks 1.0 update that “improves stability and compatibility with Gmail, and includes fixes for users with custom Gmail settings”.

What’s your experience with Mavericks been so far?

Would you call the initial release ‘good enough’ in terms of daily use?

  • Tonka Thor

    My experience with Mavericks has been positive for the most part. But the issue of system wide lag is apparent. I’ve been having the spinning beach ball. When drawing, opening new finder. Feels like my laptop just got really old. Maybe a fresh install?

    • Abbas

      I have had the exact same problem.. But after a Formatting and installing a Fresh Copy everything is as blazing fast ever. heck my start up time dropped from 8 seconds to 5 seconds and shutdown to 3 Seconds…

      • Hussain Alsanona

        I have the same problem, but what will kill me is the detection when I want to use it it always reloads itself I don’t know why! Just crazy.

      • Benben

        My biggest issue is opening a new fan in safari, takes 3-4 seconds and of course you’re not sure you clicked it so it opens 2-3 fans in the end..

      • Tonka Thor

        I wish I could do that. Don’t want to go over re-installing everything and migrating always has hiccups.

      • Abbas

        Not really, took me an an hour and a half to get everything back to normal and things transferred back from my ext hard drive

      • Hussain Alsanona

        The problem is, I don’t have time machine to back up my info and I’m afraid of doing it. Honestly, my MBP is now more reliable that ever.

  • They gonna fix iWork too?

  • Swifity

    What Apple needs to do is fix all the damn bugs in iOS 7+

    • Andreas

      Those are two entirely different teams though. They have people working on both, as they should.

  • Sputnik09

    It is strange that I have not seeing anybody on any blog (although there are at least a couple of threads in the Apple Support communities) talking about a HUGE issue with iBooks on Mavericks, which is that it totally messes-up your eBooks library, specially if you have eBooks from a third party. Once you import it from iTunes, they briefly appear in the iBooks library then… puff! vanished! Although they are all secluded into some mysterious folder in the library but not as an .epub, but rather as multi-file folders. Luckily I have a backup of all my eBooks and managed tbo uninstall iBooks from Mavericks and reverted back to iTunes to manage my eBooks again until there’s a fix.

    • RedMercedes

      How did you uninstall iBooks from Mavericks and revert to iTunes? I have been working with Apple Support on the iBooks issues since the launch of Mavericks and keep getting told there is NO way to return my books to iTunes. Please let me know. Thank you

      • Sputnik09

        1.) Kill the bookstoreagent service using the Activity Monitor.
        2.) Delete the file for that service: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CommerceKit.framework/Versions/A/Resources/bookstoreagent
        3.) Use AppCleaner or AppZapper to get rid of iBooks.


        Problem solved!

  • Michael Romano

    Fix Alllll the Bugs

    • OMG, nothing but problems here. I’ve reinstalled it completely after erasing the disk and that fixed all the problems, only to have them come right back. App store won’t open, cal, ibooks, terminal, text, etc.. Tons of people reporting the same thing and no response from Apple.

  • Have worked for me really well, better than Lion and Mountain Lion on a 2010 MBP. The app switching to Chrome using CMD + Tab takes some time and sometimes it feels a little slow, but doesn’t last more than a minute. In general it has worked really well, I feel it speedier.

  • Anthony Antunez

    I haven’t had any big issues with Mavericks so far. I really love it. One thing I’ve noticed on my machine though is that the volume graphic lags when turning up or down the volume. Also my EarPods remote doesn’t work with Mavericks, even though it worked fine under Mountain Lion. Anyone else having these issues or have a possible fix?

  • Mads Teland

    I feel Google Chrome does have a issue with fullscreen mode on external outputs and affects also fullscreen video-player, it happen on Mavericks, not on previous release 😉

  • It just works….

  • Tonka Thor

    The multi display feature is great but Mavericks gets lost on which one is the primary display and secondary display. Sometimes I lose my menu altogether when I click on app that went into full screen. Very buggy IMO. Need fix quick.

  • PeriP

    Absolutely a horror–in relative terms. I have had what really could be considered perfect experiences with every upgrade I’ve ever made on my MacBook Pro–and this is outrageously poor. I’m livid, and feel there’s something deeper and more problematic going on with Apple changes in this “free” upgrade. Very suspect. A list of probe: apps struggle to do their thing, audio not streaming consistently (going on and off) through my external speakers through Airport, which worked perfectly before–always has, every without iTunes being the intermediary; wi-fi connection not starting up on start-up–every morning a new snag before I’m at my desk and able to work; can’t drag my columns when in finder window so I can widen them; quick stroke to open files from my finder window for Word not opening files…….lots and lots of little stalls and snags and nonoperational events when BEFORE ALL WAS JUST RIGHT AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN. Now, what’s up with Apple–harbinger of wonky things to come. I’ve been a devout user since 97.

  • Nick

    I do not use Safari anymore after upgrading to Mavericks. all stocked information, for example, information on my FedEx account becomes extremely unresponsive. It take minutes to show those information. and filling information on website just like snail’s crawl. You will be mad if continue to use safari. Upset. Apple did very bad job for Mavericks. My opinion, if you are comfortable with older version, just keep it. Do not try new things, because you do not know what will happen.

  • Whining_Artist

    I use MAC for production. Mavericks is terrible. Waaaaayyyy to much resources wasted. The only program I have open is FF and somehow I’m using 3.something gig of Memory (Activity Monitor). Really? How is that possible? Trying to be too much like the useless Windows *. Seriously, desktop users don’t want glitter, they want an efficient machine.

  • Guest

    I have loathed Mavericks from the get go. The power button behaves differently and in true Apple fashion there’s no way to adjust it, and iBooks is actually a step backwards from iTunes Books – the books themselves have gone from named files in legible folders to numerical zip files deep in the system library, and there’s no longer any way at all (!) to change any of the metadata – to rename books, add Genres, etc. Worthless. If I could downgrade I would.

  • Jonno

    Mavericks is awful. Horrible experience, reduced functionality, increased vendor lock-in, no way to opt out of bizarre changes. Seriously considering what to do from here – may wind up dual-booting Debian and Windows on my next laptop.

  • Alicia Fansler Wilson

    I experience with Mavericks update has been horrific. My screen has been scrambling and or freezing for 15-20 seconds when opening a new tab or surfing the web. It can happen when I am watching a video on youtube. The sound will remain intact, while the image consists of a black screen with fluorescent purple and green pin stripes. I am extremely upset with Corporate Apple, as it is becoming very clear to me that they don’t have any plans on fixing my laptop even though I am covered under the Apple Care Warranty. I have had my optical drive replaced straight out of the box brand new, it never functioned. I have had my battery, charger, logic board, and graphics card replaced. Considering the fact that I have only previously purchased refurbished Gateway computers, and never once have had to replace a single part. I have been tossed back and forth between a list of about 6 senior technical advisors. Some of whom have not called back or attempted to be of any help. The majority of them have 2 days off during the mid-week, and I find it ridiculous to wait 1 1/2 weeks to get a reply back on a question. I should not have to spend 2 hours on the phone daily to try and get my laptop back to a functioning level. The voicemails are setup, so the senior advisors have 24 hours to get back to you. I have yet to see this happen. It is more typically like 4-5 days before someone gets around to calling me back. I have had my hard drive partitioned, my hard drive wiped clean and erased, a “test” user account installed. I have held the control button, shift, and the letter “r” while restarting my laptop until I hear the chime sound. Essentially nothing short of rub your belly and pat your head. DO NOT BUY AN APPLE LAPTOP!!!!! It has been a DISASTER!! If I had the finances to have a lawyer I would be taking them to court over this matter. Hats off to ASUS, GATEWAY, and DELL. I will NEVER be purchasing another APPLE Product in the future.