Cody kicks off this week’s episode as we discuss lots of new jailbreak tweaks, Apple’s earnings call, and the new iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display. As you might expect, we talk about our upcoming purchase decisions, carrier choices, and the accessories we’re thinking about picking up come iPad launch day.

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  • Al

    In regards to the T-Mobile deal 0 down for the iPad…

    Wouldn’t you have to go into the store in order to take advantage of the deal, it’s mention in the podcast of having options of going a pick up from Apple or going to T-Mobile. Isn’t the only option to do is going into the T-Mobile..

  • Umut Bilgiç

    Hahahah Cody’s intro 😀

  • Freddy Born

    I can’t even think about iPad without a smart cover. I use it every night to watch some tv shows…

  • Kartik Dhawan

    Can’t believe we’ve got to 34!

  • Dr. Joseph S. Curcio

    Where’s the iPhone 5s jailbreak already ?