Google Plus 4.5 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

The Internet giant’s ‘A Morning with Google+’ event is underway and the company’s just made it official: the Google+ app for the iPhone and iPad will soon be updated with the ability to upload full resolution images to Google+ Photos, previously Picasa Web Albums and now part of Google’s social thing.

Another new feature being mentioned is support for Background Refresh in iOS 7 which will allow the application to automatically synchronize your photos in the background, even when it’s not running.

Currently, background photo sync only works if you have the app open…

I’ve always wondered why the heck Google+ wouldn’t let me upload my shots in the glorious full resolution.

Considering I wanted to switch to Google+ Photos as my main image archive on the web and, it stands to reason I postponed my plans until Goole fixed this omission.

These enhancements should now bring the iOS app on par with its Android counterpart, which has always offered full-size backups and background sync.

Google Plus for iOS (full size photos teaser 001)

The company has not said when an update to Google+ for iOS may hit the App Store, though I suspect it’ll arrive in the coming days rather than later today. Either way, you can count on iDB to keep you in the loop.

You can stream Google’s event here.

Google Plus for iOS (full size photos teaser 002)

Google+ is a free download from the App Store.

The universal binary weighs 30.6MB and requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad running iOS 6 or later.

  • RarestName

    Samsung just got Samsunged by Google+.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    True story

    • Jonathan

      Meanwhile on Facebook.
      Even more a true story.

    • BeatModz

      haha if it was ” APPLE+ ” you wouldn’t comment this !!

  • Jeff

    I HATE how Google has forced Google+ down all its users throats. What a terrible, bloated, confusing service.

    • mickey

      Bloated and a little confusing at first, but I wish apple had something comparable. At the very least for photos.

      • Dan

        Yeah I never understood (back when I used iCloud) why they didn’t have a feature that would let me see my pictures online, like drive or dropbox. Maybe it’s changed now?

    • Dan

      I haven’t found it overly aggressive. They are trying to consolidate some of their services. Imo it makes things easier and I do enjoy using most of their services (Keep, Drive, Hangouts, gmail).

      • felixtaf

        The idea is right.. But implementation is wrong.. Gtalk used to have video calls to all Gmail users. They replaced it with hangouts (in android) and it wont allow me to video call an user who isnt in Google plus. Also, its annoying whenever I sign in to youtube, its asks me to join/link my G+ profile to it. I have ignored it so many times and keeps coming back. I turned off history in my account multiple times. Still, its ON whenever I use a new android device! They say one sign in for all services, but all they want is one G+ for all services.

        I do welcome the new idea. Hope these minor issues will be sorted out soon!.

    • Jonathan

      I kinda miss Google Buzz.
      They either need to
      A. simplify Google + into something like Facebook, because I still am confused on where to go or how to.
      or B. just bring back Google Buzz.

    • BeatModz

      Not really, pretty simple to use.. upload all the photos you want like i do instead icloud and pretty cool to look at them online. I have no problem with it but not everybody gives a chance because its google

    • Blendi Krasniqi

      Google + is the center of Google. If you are on android you will love it. I wouldnt call it bloated or confusing, instead I would say it has a lot of features. If apple made something like this, you would pray on its legs.

  • I use Google+ for iOS solely because they offer unlimited photo storage on Google+ for photos that aren’t uploaded in hi-res. Automatic uploading makes it easy to keep my iPhones storage at bay.

  • Cameron Chao

    people use Google+ ?

    • Jonathan

      No 😀

      • Cameron Chao

        then this is an unnecessary iDB post if you ask me.

      • Jonathan

        Well, maybe 2 people use it… so I guess to them, lol.

      • BeatModz

        how about not reading or commenting on it

    • BeatModz

      yea !!

  • thetomthebomb

    Anyone noticed a bug when u power off iphone 5 ios 7.0.3? There are very thin white outlines where the slide to power off and cancel buttons are. Weird

  • burlow

    g+ could always upload full res pics, but if you did, it counted toward your storage limit. otherwise, uploads were/are unlimited.

    • Dan

      yeah that’s a pretty neat feature imo