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The last two months have been very busy for Apple, as the company has refreshed a number of its devices including the iPhone, iPad, the MacBook Pro and Mac Pro. But missing from the fall’s festivities was an all-new product.

The good news, though, is that it appears at least one is on the way. During its quarterly earnings call today, Tim Cook said Apple believes it has the skills to create ‘great products’ in categories it’s not currently participating in…

Here’s the comment, made in response to a question from an analyst during the Q&A part of the call (transcribed via MacRumors):

Q: You talked about new product categories in your introductory remarks. You said this in April as well, saying consumers and investors should expect new products and categories in second half of 2013 and first half of 2014. Should we still have that expectation? New product categories, there have not been any yet? Want to make sure we’re on the same page.

A: Didn’t say you would see them in 2013 and 2014, but you will see exciting new products from us in the fall and across 2014. I stand by that and you’ve seen a lot of things over the last couple of months. In terms of new product categories specifically, if you look at the skills that Apple has from hardware/software and services, and the incredible app ecosystem, this set of things is very unique. No one has a set of skills like this. We obviously believe that we can use our skills at building other great products that are in categories that represent areas that we do not participate today. We’re pretty confident about that.”

Of course, we could speculate all day on what Cook meant by this, but there are a few recurring rumors that are worth mentioning. There’s the long-talked-about smartwatch, referred to as the iWatch, and the Apple television set.

Chatter regarding the iWatch has picked up in recent months. Bloomberg says Apple has over 100 designers working on the project, and it continues to hire folks with an expertise in wearables. The device is expected to launch in late 2014.

And as for the so-called iTV—Apple’s full-sized television set—we’ve all but given up hope of it seeing the light of day, but rumors continue to circulate. The most recent claims the company is planning to launch 55″ and 65″ 4K sets in 2014.

What ‘new product categories’ do you think Apple could be working on?

  • Nathan Jung

    How about an iPad Pro?

    • Melvco

      Agreed, the 13-inch iPad has popped up in headlines several times now. But I’m just not sure if a new iPad would fall in a ‘new product category,’ as Apple already competes in the tablet space.

      • Taf Khan

        A hybrid ipad come MacBook would be good with dual boot OS option..

      • Cameron Chao

        Thats a very non Apple thing to do, wont happen.

      • Taf Khan

        I think you are right, thing is I want both and a hybrid would tick all boxes… 😛

      • Cameron Chao

        there are a few non apple tablets that meet your criteria there. But who wants a non iPad tablet…

      • Yunsar

        Probably not dual boot, but hopefully a touch friendly OS X

      • Roland Adi Nugraha

        if you see cook’s presentation few weeks ago, there is a clear hint that tablet should stay as tablet. Well, cook said that everyone is confused turning tablet into laptop and vice versa. So, i think apple is not going to do that

  • the whole tv concept is a bit off. its like thunderbolt display with apple tv integration, i’m hoping they scavenge for more than just a tv. not to be a downer, samsung works quickly to release whatever generation product update when possible and apple tends to perfect products in a way. i just hope this time around, they find something more valuable to work on.

  • Adithya Sairam

    Time for iWatch!

  • n0ahcruz3

    This is how tim cook will be tested. His vision and product innnovations, and how to come up with the “next big thing”. Ever since he became a CEO all he did was put retina on everything. With the excemption of the 64bit.

  • Adam Khan Pettitt

    Dear god if I hear one more time “we have great new products in the pipeline” from him one more time without actually producing anything, I’m going to… Probably just bitch about it online some more, but come on! Every call it’s “we have new things that are going to amaze and bedazzle your eyeballs” but nothing ever comes of it. It’s as though his version of “One more thing” is “new products in the pipeline” but instead of actually announcing something afterwards he just farts in a bucket and calls it innovation.

    P.S. I’m a total Apple fan boy, but come on get on with the new products already!

    • Matthew Cooper

      Touch ID didnt wet ur lips?

    • Rahnold

      Mac Pro? TouchID? A7/M7 w/ 64-bit powering not one, not two but three devices… If that isn’t enough, it’s likely it never will be for you.

      They can’t do what they do and rush into new markets without sacrificing quality, or their margins.. I care more about quality, and fortunately for us I don’t think they can’t tell the two apart.

    • Roland Adi Nugraha

      Creating new products is not easy, look at others, is their new products doing well? Lets take example from sony’s and samsung’s smartwatch, are they really doing good? you’ll see when Apple introduce its new smartwatch

  • Merman123

    This is awesome ! I can’t wait for the iStove!

    • Harrison Grant

      Then I’d have to jailbreak my stove to cook my steak something other than the pre configured medium rare.

  • Apanizo2

    EHEM…. iWATCH ?

  • iPhone 5c, the first big failure from Tim Cook.
    For that fu_king price would be much better leaving us with the iPhone 5!

    • Matthew Cooper

      Odds are that Steve Jobs had alot to do with the 5c. I dont think we have seen an all Tim Cook idea yet.

      • Steve Jobs Era, when we had the plastic Macbook and the aluminium Pro, the price difference was huge, now with the 5C it’s not huge at all. No wonder why the sales are failing so hard with the 5C. For me, the 5C doesn’t make sense. Would make much more sense ending the iPod Touch and giving us an iPhone at the same price, because most of the people who wants an iDevice and can’t get one, buys the iPod touch, but as a smartphone, they use an Android device. So apple in this middle end devices are not hurting Google at all. In fact, Apple is losing in this particular area.

  • Beck Hoefling

    That’s what they said last year

  • Kenny Woodard

    I’d like to see an iPodC.. I wouldn’t mind having one, but iPods are so damn overpriced. They are just MP3 players that can have Internet only if connected with wifi. I don’t get why iPods are so expensive.

    • Matthew Cooper

      What u want sir is an ipod that can take a data Sim card. Young kids especially would love that.

  • Prasoon Singh


  • mrhs

    Apple iCamera, Apple iCar, Apple iPen and apple iWife 😉

    • Matthew Cooper

      I picture am iWife as one that wouldnt swallow and only do missionary. Id go Android on that cause then she would accept any filth u could throw at her

    • Yunsar

      I’d have to jailbreak the iWife

  • Max Rojas

    iPhone 6 anyone?

  • Freddy Born

    I smell gaming console

    • Matthew Cooper

      Consoles are dying out. Casual gaming is on the rise

    • Apple TV capable of playing games… that could be a success and AppleTV sales would boost very easily. They can’t compete with XBOX and PS, but they can kick Nintendo out of the game. Cheap games, similar graphics.

  • Christian Mejía

    TV, watch, and bigger iPad.

  • CreeDiddy

    Tim has gotten too predictable at times. His product categories are going to be the iPhone 6 larger screen of around 5″, iWatch with real time tracking capabilities, Apple TV refresh, iTV with 4k res, larger iPad version with close to 3k res, MacBook revamp possibly with MacBook Air going towards tablet and smart over keyboard. There is nothing else that Apple will come up with besides these categories. Wearable sis another category they want, but. Google glass is already here and they don’t want to copy that concept, unless they make a similar eye wear concept, but not noticeable near the ear and eye.

    This is future I see for 2014-2015. Strong sales, but predictable.

    • Matthew Cooper

      Thats the Apple formula step by step

    • Taf Khan

      What about iOS integration into the motor vehicle..

      • Yunsar

        It starts with small
        Apple accessories (like in the ferraris), then ios in the car, and then slowly other components

  • Nam Nguyen

    Wearable device or Console ? Or even Internet provider? Or telecom operator?