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During our iPad event roundtable on this week’s Let’s Talk Jailbreak, we noted how surprised we were to see that Apple is going to continue selling the iPad 2. Why does the company insist on keeping the two year-old tablet around?

The answer, according to marketing research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, is because the device is still selling extremely well. Their data shows that the second-gen iPad made up 22% of Apple’s tablet sales this quarter…

Here are CIRP’s numbers from the quarter (via MacRumors):


The figures are pretty interesting. Ignoring for a moment that iPad 2 sales were down considerably this quarter, look at the past 9 months. The tablet outsold the Retina iPad during the June quarter, and the mini during both March and June.

CIRP’s Josh Lowitz says the tablet is starting to show its age though:

“Despite this quarter including back-to-school sales, the iPad 2, which accounted for a third of sales for the prior six months, seems to have started to show some age, after several strong quarters,” said Josh Lowitz, Partner and Co-Founder of CIRP. “Yet, the iPad Mini continued its relative share in the past few quarters, as customers seem to continue to like it as a low-price tablet alternative.”

It’s hard for me, as a gadget addict and early-adopter, to imagine so many folks are willing to spend $400 (16GB iPad 2 is $399) on two-year old technology—keep in mind the iPad 2 doesn’t have Retina or a Lightning port. But clearly they are.

Perhaps the bigger story in all of this though is Apple’s growing tablet family. You have the iPad mini, which starts at $299, the upcoming iPad mini with Retina display at $399, the full-sized iPad 2 at $399, and the iPad Air will start at $499.

  • Dontwannaknow

    I wonder how iPad 2 perform with ios 7 running.

    • iiku

      pretty well.

      • Armando Ferrero Rocher

        In fact, it’s smoother than the 4th generation iPad.

      • bigtalk

        FALSE.. please dont say silly stuff like this.. you are making ignorant folks more ignorant..

      • Armando Ferrero Rocher

        Don’t try to be a know-it-all and bullshit before even trying it out.

        Try to pinch to go home on an iPad 2 and an iPad 4.
        Buttery smooth on the iPad 2. Stuttering on the iPad 4.

        Turn on Reduce Motion on an iPad 2 and an iPad 4.
        Buttery smooth on the iPad 2. Stuttering on the iPad 4.

        Have you tested this? Probably not. Who’s the ignorant one here?

        I’ve actually tested this and it’s the cold, hard truth. I’m sorry that your “perfect” iPad 4 on iOS 7 isn’t as smooth as the iPad 2 on iOS 7.

    • Singed

      Perfectly. You have to be a fool to believe that all those high benchmarking numbers actually mean better performance.

  • Sean Clark

    I’m curious if any people who purchased it mistakenly thought the iPad 2 was newer than the iPad with Retina.

    • chumawumba


      • bigtalk

        haahhhahhahahhahahh true

      • Sean Clark

        What about the elderly?

      • chumawumba

        I’m pretty sure the elderly aren’t that dumb. They read the news like any other person.

  • Roland Adi Nugraha

    it is quite absurd, they should place ipad 3 or ipad 4 at 399 , not iPad 2.

    • Guest

      No considering it has the exact same price as the iPad Mini 1, having rather similar specs but the latter using less materials.

    • chumawumba

      True, but they shit down iPad 3 production

    • bigtalk

      ipad 3 was discontinued long ago cause the GPU specs were wrong and game would lag terribly on it

  • TinTonB

    Bought my iPad 2 when it first came out a few years ago. I would like the retina display, but there has been no iPad released so far that makes me go “TAKE MY MONEY!”…

    Just waiting on that really. 🙂

    • dz11

      The new iPad Air looks good. Fantastic screen, much faster than ipad 2 and much lighter. What else do you want?

      • bigtalk

        is the ipad air screen any different than the ipad 4 screen?????

      • JulianZH

        if it running every apps smoothly and lag free, why upgrade? i mean why spend $500+ for no improvement on what you do on the ipad.

      • Singed

        Exactly, if people are willing to shell out 400$ so that Infinity Blade III would load 2 seconds faster, the society has nowhere to go.

      • Raashid

        Hahaha, here have like.

    • bigtalk

      dud ipad 4 was a take my money device it was the perfect iPad until now

      • Singed

        Dude, but the iPad Air is the perfect device!!

        Until, of course, they launch iPad Air 2, or something along those lines. Then it would totally be the perfect iPad, like, hands down 100%.

        For one year, until an even newer iPad comes out, at least.

  • Joseph Thebigragu Plaza

    The iPad 2 may be old, but you need to remember, just a year ago they released the mini with the same internals. The have to support it for a while now or else mini customers will need to upgrade too fast and will start complaining.

    • bigtalk

      yes and thats why i didnt get the mini either

  • Armando Ferrero Rocher

    This is getting ridiculous. If you want to get an iPad, I suggest that you save up more and get the iPad Air or just buy the iPad Mini 2.

    I mean really, it’s going to be 3 years old and is only $100 cheaper than the latest model that’s smaller, lighter, faster, better, has a better screen, and probably more software upgrades from now on. It’s more worth it to save up $100 more to buy the iPad Air.

    It’s no argument at all. The iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air are literally 4x more powerful than the iPad 2.

    • Jeff Maxwell

      I think that’s true for individuals but I think the iPad 2 is being marketed toward institutional markets. When you’re buying thousands of devices, the money adds up. Plus, they may be offering discounts on the iPad 2 when purchased in mass that they don’t on the newer models. Additionally, for those institutions that already have a large number of iPads, keeping them all the same model is likely beneficial for simplicity.

      • bigtalk

        oka yeah but ipad 4 needs to become the new “ipad2” in that sense … ipad 2 is old and slow and looks bad

      • Singed

        In whay way does any other iPad look better than the iPad 2.

  • bigtalk

    thats sad cause it will encourage apple to create crappy spec updates knowing that folks will still buy them..

  • Tom Brady

    I have a nexus but I kinda want all my devices to match OS-wise. Is this new iPad much better than the competition

    • mehrab

      Yes in terms of OS AND APPS 475,000 of them just made FOR TABLETS design wise the ipad air and mini are the best designed tablets others are not close. Screen wise they are crystally sharp has the brightest most color accurate screens has better cmearas then any other tablet and is the FASTEST TABLETS right now.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Specs dont matter! So i’ll buy an old ipad even if it’s old tech at high price! Cause i love apple.

    • Singed

      No, you will buy an old iPad because you don’t want to shell out 100$ for something that is almost exactly the same.

      • n0ahcruz3


  • David Cawthorne

    Hi, at the time of buying my iPad in February 2013, I considered the Pad 2 or 3 as I wanted one with the 30 pin dock. In the end I went for the iPad 2 on price, battery life and running cooler than the 3. The Retina display on the 3 was nice, but the more pixels needs more power and backlighting. Also, the current wifi only 16GB iPad 2 (version 2.4) is not a 3 year old model. Apple refreshed production by moving from 45nm to 32nm wafer fabrication which extends the battery life by some 15 to 30% over the original iPad 2 (version 2.1).

  • Christian Mejía

    Time to sell my iPad 2 64gb to get iPad mini 2. Such a beast ipad

  • Ted Forbes

    I like my iPad2, to me its no problem. I’ve seen and use them all, I even repaired them all. It seems some ppl here have a problem with iPad2, well if you have a problem with my iPad2 heres a simple thing to do for me, just send me the iPad you like then i’ll decide what I will do with it. But I like my iPad2..