ios 7 garageband

Redesigned icons for Apple’s iPhoto and Garageband iOS apps popped up last night, suggesting that both are on the verge of receiving iOS 7-style makeovers. The icons are flatter, bringing them more in line with the update.

While Apple updated the look of its stock apps in iOS 7, most of its App Store applications have remained untouched. iBooks, iMovie, the two aforementioned apps, and several others are all still awaiting their UI overhauls…

The icons, first spotted by 9to5Mac, can be found in the iCloud Storage management section of Settings. To see them, open Settings > General > Usage > iCloud > Manage Storage. Obviously, you’ll need data from one of the apps.

ios 7 iphoto

It’s possible that the icons appeared prematurely, as Apple could be planning to debut new versions of its iLife and iWork apps at its iPad event next week. After all, the company is always pushing productivity apps for its tablet.

Alongside new iPads, Apple is expected to launch this year’s update for its desktop operating system OS X Mavericks. And it’s also possible that we could see new Macs as well. The event starts at 10am PST next Tuesday (the 22nd).

iPhoto is $4.99 in the App Store, and of course free to new iOS device owners. GarageBand is $4.99 for everyone, and can be downloaded here.

  • Σαλαη αββας

    Nice , I guess !?

  • Jonathan Liu

    I really hope this means that theyll release iLife & iWork ’14

    • Sigurd Boe

      Correlation is not the same as causation. Your logic is flawed. Even if they release iWork and iLife 14, it is not because they dropped some icons on the iOS App Store to early.

  • Finally, two good looking iOS7 icons.
    Now lets see if they redesign all of them.

    • John

      Really? I don’t know if I’m a huge fan of them, to be honest…but then I wasn’t really a fan of the “leaked” iOS 7 icons until I saw them on my iDevice.

      • They look, indeed, much better on an iDevice than watching them here, but still, I think they really need a re-design. Safari and Settings especially kill all the mood.

      • John

        For me, Compass looks out of place.

      • Jonathan

        The main one I don’t like is Camera. Gradient is so old now.

  • Sex in the city

    Wll I get Mavericks for free if I buy iMac today?

    • Sigurd Boe

      They have not announced this, but it is common for them to do this.

    • BoardDWorld

      Yeah, generally 30 days back from announcement/availability.

    • Eddie Leonard

      Maybe. They might do a “get a free update if you bought your Mac before Sept 1st/30th” or what ever

  • on3simpleclick

    Still waiting for iBooks to get the iOS7 makeover.

    • Eddie Leonard

      Same.. but im expecting an ugly ass Newsstand style redo 🙁

      • John

        Hmm…maybe but remember iBooks has more functionality the does…what I am hoping for is more functionality in iBooks (a little off-topic, but) if you have ever played with iBooks in OS X Mavericks, you’ll quickly realise how limited the App is and how much more useful it was to keep books [and PDF documents] in iTunes.

  • Freddy Born

    They look lazy

  • chumawumba


  • Thomas Flores

    If its just icon change, this is gonna suck. I would like to see more full version features added to the ios apps. Especially imovie.