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Square Enix director Takashi Tokita recently confirmed to the gaming blog Kotaku that Final Fantasy VI will be hitting iOS and Android this winter.

Though the exec dropped hints about Final Fantasy VII being considered for mobile, he was quick to stress that no definite decision has been reached yet.

It seems now that a mobile Final Fantasy VII edition may be “years away” due to space limitations. I have the full story right after the break…

Takashi clarified in today’s interview with Shacknews that it could take years before the team tackles Final Fantasy VII for mobile, here’s the full quote:

Unfortunately, it’s not that it’s not impossible for us to develop Final Fantasy 7 for mobile. It’s that currently, space will be an issue. Phones won’t be able to contain the space it takes. It’s over a gigabyte. People are probably going to have to wait a few years.

That’s a funny remark from a company behind The World Ends With You, a video game that weighs in at a massive 2.4GB.

I’m not sure if Takashi was referring to app bundles or on-device storage/RAM. Either way, someone should tell him that graphics-intensive triple-A games on the App Store often come in at over a gigabyte.

Case in point: Chair Entertainment’s Infinity Blade III is a 1.5GB download.

According to Apple, iOS apps can be as large as two gigabytes.

It is possible Takashi meant RAM – the speedy random-access memory accessed by the main processor to run code – rather than the much slower flash storage (16/32/64GB on current iPhones) which holds user data, media, app bundles and other assets.


Apple’s A7/A6 chips powering the iPhone 5s/5c/5 feature 1GB of RAM – clearly enough to run a killer game such as Infinity Blade III. Therefore, there should be no constraints in terms of either RAM or storage to run a mobile Final Fantasy VII port on the current-generation iOS hardware.

Anyways, when Kotaku last week asked Takashi about the state of Final Fantasy VII on mobile, he said his company was well-aware it had “tons of VII fans”, including those sitting in its offices, and hinted Square “would like to one day be able to work” on the mobile edition of the VII provided the mobile edition of Final Fantasy VI “works out well”.

The seventh installment in the Final Fantasy series was originally published way back in 1997 for Sony’s PlayStation system. It had 3D animated characters on pre-rendered backgrounds, a first for the series (see above and below).


A year later the game hit Microsoft Windows, then in 2009 appeared as a digital download on the PlayStation Network. Last year, Final Fantasy VII was released as a digital download for PCs and earlier this year surfaced on Valve’s Steam.

  • Tex

    Square Enix…don’t screw with me…Also where the hell is Chaos Rings 3…

  • Dear sweet baby jesus, please provide us with your cloud strife shaped gifts. Share your mako energy with us and let us rejoice before jenova on our ipads and iphones. Please dearest magical baby jesus, with your soiled holy diaper and golden pacifier, grace us with this game and its glory.

  • The Q

    I’d rather Square Enix drops everything and puts all resources into making Agni’s Philosophy an actual game for PS4. That demo looked divine. It needs to happen.

  • Combi

    Man! You just broke my heart again with that last image… That’s how I lost my first love! T ^ T

    • Ahuuu

      Hahahahahaha thought the same thing!

  • BS

    Lol what is the bs square Enix is saying? As stated in the article TWEWY dimes in at a staggering 2.4GB that’s the top 3 largest game on the App Store. Plus jailbroken iPhones been playing all the way til FFIX already. SE is such bs on this lol.

    • AdriaanDR

      Been playing FFIX on Android for some times as well, runs veeeery smooth.

  • n0ahcruz3

    FF IX <3

  • bigtalk

    lol um who wants that old ass game abby way?? what a mess

    • AdriaanDR

      I think more people want this game on their phone/tablet than you can imagine. Not only for nostalgic reasons but because it is one of the best games ever made.

  • Actually Takashi Tokita comment seems about right. If I remember correctly, the game was originally released on two discs in Japan. Almost a year later the North American and European versions had additional content with a total of three discs. Then some time after that a “special edition” was released in Japan only that featured even more additional content and a total of four discs. Considering this will be the version we are talking about that is 2.5G’s and well over the 2GB App limit. Factor in higher resolution graphics for retina display iPhones and iPad and that number could increase. Even just the smaller three disc version is pushing 1.9GB’s without a graphics resolution increase.

  • Sigurd Boe

    So we can actually run a PS1 emulator with FF VII running without any problems (on Jailbroken iP4), but Takashi Tokita is saying that the iPhone 5(s) has to little Storage or Memory (Depending on translation)? He clearly does not know what he is talking about, with some work the graphics can be optimized to take far less space, and for god sakes the PS1 had the sum of 3 MB of ram (2 system and 1 video). Lies lies lies, or stupid moron speaking about things he does not know.

  • Jax

    GTA: SA is now on ios and you’re telling me FFVII is ”years away”?? Lol.