Sync.ME 1Families are always moving. Friends are always getting new jobs. Everyone’s lives are changing so often that it is hard to keep track. Now that mobile phones are so common, it is much easier to get in touch, but also much more difficult to stay in touch.

Sync.Me is an app that automatically syncs with your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts so you will always know your brother’s new address, your co-worker’s new job title, and your high school friend’s new last name…

The app was recently redesigned for iOS 7 and now includes Sync.Me Widgets. Users can take advantage of the app’s multiple features by way of a set of widgets for each contact. The widgets include social network connectivity to contact profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Those social networks actually feed the app with up-to-date information. The widgets also allow Wi-Fi or 3G calling right from within the app. You can take a picture of a physical business card and turn it into a digital contact, add notes, reminders, call recording, and more.

Sync.ME 2If it is someone’s birthday or anniversary, send them best wishes using the “Send Greeting” widget. Share your location with your contacts using Waze or Google Maps. Send a picture of your new home using the “Share Photos” widget. You will see full screen profile pictures from your contacts when you call them or when they call you.

The app updates your contacts with current pictures, phone number, email, company, job title, address, and website information. If someone’s information changes, the app will automatically be updated with the changes. If your best friend just took a new job, you won’t have to ask what the new title is. When your mom wants you to help her move, you won’t have to tell her you lost her new address already.

Sync.ME 3If you want to control what you contacts know about you, create a ME Card with fully editable contact information, including the profile picture. That way, your boss won’t be exposed to the late night “selfie” you took the other day, but your friends can all laugh at you.

The app will also remind you of friend’s birthdays. You’ll never have to apologize for forgetting your grandmother’s birthday again. You can create and share greetings for any occasion. is available for the iPhone for free. Download it in the App Store today.

  • Matthew Cleveland

    I’ve been using this app for awhile, and I highly recommend it.

    • iBoy

      I totally second it. Awesome app.

      • Giel Konink

        It is the BEST ! it wase gone for a while and i mist it !

    • rosssimpson

      Agree so much!

  • Stefano ‘Graziani’ Polo

    I’ve been using this app for nearly 2 years. It works great if you want just the profile pics. However 9 out of 10 times whenever they update the app, something breaks. They have a horrible QA team and more importantly, they try to shove more down your throat with additional features that no one wants. The watermarks (since removed from all the backlash), making you believe you have to share this app with friends in order to sync and now their dumb widgets. All we want are the profile pics and maybe some additional info (address and work info). If you tweak the app each time they update it, then it works just fine like it should.

    • Matthew Cleveland

      Definitely true about them breaking it all the time. I’m surprised the last couple updates haven’t destroyed it again yet. 😛

  • its great app i recommend it too

  • Adan

    I wish it did copy the Facebook ID of friends… strange it would miss this kind of thing