Apple starts training support staff on OS X Mavericks ahead of impending release

By , Oct 2, 2013

OS X Mavericks hero

The AppleCare support staff has begun official OS X Mavericks training in anticipation of the looming OS X Mavericks release, a reliable blog has learned. The upcoming Mac desktop operating system release should hit the Mac App Store before November and will bring a host of improvements and new features, including Maps integration across desktop and mobile, better handling of notifications, and several new features for power users. Apple first demoed OS X Mavericks at its summer developer conference in June 2013…

Mark Gurman, writing for 9to5Mac, learned from “several sources” that training has begun today.

Support staff will be required to learn about the operating system’s new features, installation process, and troubleshooting options for at least six hours over the course of the next few weeks.

This is Apple’s usual modus operandi.

For instance, the company had begun iOS 7 training about three weeks ahead of the official October 18 mobile operating system release. If that pattern repeats itself, OS X Mavericks should be out before October wraps up.

There have been eight developer previews of OS X Mavericks so far, the last one arriving a little over two weeks ago. Mavericks is a tenth major release of the desktop operating system powering Macs.

The software focuses on performance improvements and power efficiency, especially on MacBooks, while bringing out such noteworthy end-user features as a standalone Maps and iBooks (see below) app and improved Notification Center where reading a notification on an iOS device removes it on the Mac, and vice versa.

iBooks for OS X Mavericks (Multiple books)

Other features include Finder Tabs and Tags, improved support for multi-display setups, Safari enhancements and lots more.

Mavericks should be distributed through the Mac App Store exclusively and I heard from several credible sources that Apple will price it under twenty bucks.

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  • Rowan09

    I hope when Mavericks comes out Apple will release the quick reply feature to the iPhone/iPod/iPad. While I understand it may be a security risk and will indeed need a bug fix if released, they should allow people to have the option to keep it on or off.

    • Roboter

      Where is there a security risk when youre quick replying? If your iDevice is still looked after you answered your message and all notification are gone, there is no risk on my opinion. … There is only a risk when your chatting about your personal data. Also there could be an abuse of your contract (depends on your country and provider ect.)

      But anyways, I want it as well *_*

      • Rowan09

        If you take a look at the lock screen bugs that had to be plugged you’ll see what I mean. If you have access to a quick reply with a phone being locked you can send messages to other and probably access your phone book. I’m just assuming but it’s a good assumption according to the bugs they had to plug since the IOS 7 release.

  • richrich

    I hope there will be more changes than the ones mentioned in June. Tabs and etc is not really an upgrade worth paying for.

    • Dany Quirion

      All the upgrades are mostly under the hood

      • richrich

        I know, but still

    • Roboter

      There is another half legal way to get os x. Found it today. Its easy, you will have to find someone with a macintosh that has mavericks preinstalled. (Maybe some new MacBook Pro that will hopefully launch this month.) Then you will need to deal with Terminal a bit (not that hard, just 3 lines which you have to type in. You can find them on the web.) Afterwards youll be able to get inside the Recovery Partition on that Mac. Launch the hidden Installer and tell it you want to install Mavericks on an external HDD. It will then download the files from Apples servers. When the installer tries to restart your Mac you’ll have to force-quit it, otherwise it will delete all downloaded files. There you have it. You get the Installation DMG for free.

      As I already said. This method is half legal, but it is legal if you’re doing it with your own machine, like I did it with my MBA 2013 and Mountain Lion.

      If someone is interested in this method, google for: “extract os x from recovery”.

      I found it on Macworld and it worked like a charm for me.

      • Nate McKelvie

        That’s awesome little trick thank you, and yeah it’s legal on your own machine, but anything other than that would not be half legal, would be full illegal lol. But thank u again that’s a nice trick to add to the arsenal, and if someone CHOOSES to use it illegally that’s on them

      • Roboter

        Thats why I called it half legal, because there are two sides of the medal. Also its a pretty nice way. This way no one can track that AND you get the Soft you also paid for when you purchased your machine. 🙂 Now you can freely erase the recovery partition if needed and you have your Os x saved for reinstalling.

      • Nate McKelvie

        Yeah it’s a great thing to have available

  • Ricky

    Really nice if its under $20. Way cheaper than windows8.1 hahaha

    • Dany Quirion

      Windows 8.1 is free if you already have 8

      • Ricky

        Yeah if you have windows 8 not of you have windows 7. Its $100

      • Roboter

        If your a Student you’ll maybe get it for free as well. I do, cuz my Uni is part of Dreamspark Program by MS. (Already have 5 Activation Keys xD) Just for that case.

      • Sam Khan

        well not everyone is in that program, neither in that university.

      • Roboter

        Never said it. But its still a possibility for some ppl.

  • Roboter

    Cant wait *_*

  • Tony

    I’m looking forward to it, just still holding out they some how change the interface. The Mac OS needs a facelift.

  • Blake Nguyen

    Typo “had begun iOS 7 training about three weeks ahead of the official October 18” Sept 18