Dropbox has released an update for its Mac client this afternoon, bringing it to version 2.4. The update brings about a number of improvements for the app, including the ability to auto-import photos from iPhoto directly to Dropbox.

The release also brings about automatic screenshot uploading—a feature users have long been asking for. Dropbox will now upload any and all screenshots you take on your Mac (or Windows PC) to the cloud for immediate sharing…

From the company’s release notes:

“Starting today, all the screenshots you take can automatically be saved straight to your Dropbox. And on top of that, Dropbox will also create a link to your screenshot and copy it to your clipboard — so your picture’s instantly good to share. Whether you’re capturing screenshots of websites, favorite dog videos, or video calls with your buddy in São Paulo, now Dropbox can help keep your computer a little more organized.”

Like the company’s automatic camera upload feature it introduced late last year in version 2.0, screenshot sharing can be turned off and on at your convenience. It’s a great addition and I hope that we eventually see it in the mobile app.

As for iPhoto-importing, I don’t really like using the app so it’s tough to speak to this feature specifically. But for folks who do use it, this would be an easy way to get peace of mind—knowing all of your photos are backed up to the cloud.

If you’re interested, the latest version of Dropbox for Mac can be downloaded from the Dropbox website for free.

  • Checklist

    They need to add version rollbacks to the iOS app. Also, it’s absolutely ridiculous that you can’t rename files & folders in the app and finally they need to change the settings info so it shows you how much space you actually used or have left instead of a stupid percentage. Telling me I have used 82.6% of 16GB is damn stupid.

  • Thanks but no thanks…gotta edit those photos b4 ever letting them off my SSD.

  • Bob

    I want auto Dropbox updates on iOS, when I take a picture I want it to go straight to my Dropbox as iCloud doesn’t really sync instantly.

    • :/

      What? Dropbox already does that…ages ago….

      • Bob

        On iOS? Really? I don’t recall there being Dropbox integrated into iOS? On my Android phone it auto uploaded but on iOS it wouldn’t have access to those kind of permissions.

        How do I do it?

      • :/

        Automatic Camera Uploads? It’s in the app. The second of the 4 tabs at the bottom? Isn’t thatxwhat you mean unless I misunderstood?

      • Bob

        Ok, what I mean is.

        On my HTC One, when I took a picture, it automatically uploaded to dropbox without me doing anything at all. I doubt that’s possible on iOS.

      • Modest

        It is possible. 100%, if not the app itself – IFFFT does that perfectly.
        Via IFFFT you can automatically upload the screenshot.

      • Bob

        You’re awesome, thanks!

        So we never have to open up any apps, IFFFT or Dropbox or anything, it auto does it?

      • Bob

        Tested it out. Just so you know it doesn’t actually automatically upload. You still have to open the IFFFT app lol.