iPhone 5 (white, three-up, Maps)

Apple has posted a new job listing today, calling for a Maps Web User Interface Designer. The inquiry asks that applicants be able to design, develop, and maintain complex front-end code for a new ‘secret project.’

The position is located in Santa Clara Valley, California. And according to the listing, it’s part of a smal team that is working on an advanced web platform that will be the backbone of many future Apple services…

From Apple’s job summary (via MacRumors):

“At Apple, we’re lucky to be working on projects that have the potential to change the world. We’re working on an exciting new system and need your help. You would be joining a small team working on an advanced web platform upon which many of Apple’s future services will be based. We are looking for an extremely capable front-end engineer who has a strong background in web services development, and who has built high-performance, scalable and extensible systems. In this highly visible position, the successful candidate will collaborate with cross-functional engineering teams to define and implement some of the web pages for the system that will power next generation Apple products.”

The listing also calls for at least three years of experience in building apps and web services, along with an understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, DOM, XML, JSON and various Javascript testing frameworks.

MacRumors speculates that while the job is referred to as a ‘Maps’ position, it’s possible that it has a broader focus on web development. I would’ve guessed it had to do with a web version of Maps, but that’s not very ‘secret.’

Apple launched its Maps app last fall, replacing Google Maps in iOS. And it’s extending the app to the Mac this fall, with OS X Mavericks. However, it currently still uses Google Maps for its Find My iPhone service in iCloud.

  • jocastro

    oh what now.

  • good

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    It’s the secret FIX APPLE MAPS project. lol

    But the answer is in the question itself. Apple is bringing maps to the web.

    • jocastro

      yep i can see it now, me driving, me asking for location, me following off a cliff

      • iBanks

        Only an idiot that can’t see ahead would fall off a cliff. Eyes on the road, not the map.

      • jocastro

        Omg I was being sarcastic, you are a idiots for even replying to it.. Figured people would have the brains.

  • Ben Barros


  • chumawumba

    If it is an “Apple secret” then we should know everything within two weeks.

  • Matt

    I love surprise from Apple. Makes me feel like a child on a Christmas morning 😀

    • chumawumba

      Apple has no surprise left.

  • Adam Bowman

    I’d like to see a navigation app that works on a 3D street view level. Imagine the navigation directions on your device surrounded by the actual, living color representations of the world around you.

  • Christian Mejía

    Has anyone notice that the iOS 6 maps app has the directions drive you off an overpass!

  • Perhaps they’re going use their maps for the web Version of Find My iPhone. Apple is still using Google maps for the iCloud web version of Find My iPhone.