iOS 7 (slide to unlock teaser 001)

The highly-anticipated iOS 7 update just started hitting iPhones and iPads yesterday, and already a major vulnerability has been discovered. Just like iOS 6.1 before it, the exploit involves a sequence of touches that allows a user to bypass a device’s Lock screen.

The bug isn’t easy to reproduce, but I was able to replicate it on my iPhone 4s. And despite having a passcode, it gave me access to a number of apps that contain personal data like photos, email, text messages, and both my Facebook and Twitter accounts…

Forbes credits the finding of the exploit to YouTube user Jose Rodriguez:

If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, we’ve listed the steps below:

  • Swipe up on the Lock screen to access your device’s iOS Control Center.
  • From there, open the Alarm Clock app
  • Then, hold down on the power button to bring up options to ‘Power Off’ or ‘Cancel’
  • Tap Cancel and then quickly double click the Home button to launch the multitasking screen

From there you’ll notice that you can access almost any app you have running in the background—pretty scary huh?. Luckily, AllThingsD says that Apple is aware of the problem and working on a fix, so that means we should see an iOS 7.0.1 update shortly.

In the meantime, if you want to protect your iPhone or iPad from the exploit, just disable Control Center access on the Lock screen in your Settings app.

  • Guest

    Okay! Let’s tell everybody how to do it! 😀

    • Casey H.

      Yeah the post could’ve been called “How to mess with someone’s stuff on iOS 7”

    • CryptoCoin420

      Articles like these are to show people that the vulnerability exists. Ya lets just not tell anyone about it other than people that know how to do it. Good idea…..

  • chumawumba

    I’m amazed how people learn to do these things

  • Jonathan

    *sigh* there’s one in every iOS..

  • TripleXero

    I did this and could only open Camera from multitasking

    • Tobias9413

      It’s because even though other apps were open on the multitasking, they weren’t running. Some apps close down after a time and still show up on multitasking but doesn’t mean they are running.

  • veda99

    it happens if apps are running in the background..what if we close all apps as we use them!

    • Blade

      You can still access the calculate and alarm clock app from control center wan it’s at the lock screen and even if you Disable it you still can access camera from lock screen so you will just be able to access the photos

      • veda99

        camera and photos is something they made it available!

    • lemonhead

      So all coments were just kinda right so, I figured I would explain it once for all people.

      The risk is that you can open the camera from the lockscreen than do this trick and get full access to all of your photos because it runs in background when you have acces to that you can send them via sms so you basically have access to all contacts too…
      Also you could post stuff on Twitter, Facebook, write sms etc.

      So that’s a big bug !!!
      Access to Photos and Contacs & also abilty to send sms an post stuff on social networks if configured.

      A permant fix is to just disable control center on lockscreen.

      Have nice day everyone…

      • veda99

        Nice clarification!

  • Crunchy

    This is great. How great.

  • Kevin Guzman

    It only opens the camera app. Nothing else. Luckily I always close all my apps thanks to good ol’ OCD!!!

    • Om

      LOL. I used to close each and every single app that I used to open, but then I tried leaving apps open, and I didn’t notice any difference in the battery life. None at all. JS.

      • Kevin Guzman

        When I close my apps before locking my iPhone, I get a sense of relief… I get agitated when I leave them open haha

  • chepeloni

    what i don’t get is … all the time testing betas and no one, no one tried this before, they waited after the final release to tell the world “hey, there’s a problem, and i am the coolest guy because i discovered it” .. FFFF this

  • Lol, now that didn’t take so long…

    • Piyush

      it took 3 months for it, ios 7 betas.

      • Osama Muhammed

        or the founder just waited for the final release

  • RV

    I tried it to my ipod touch. It doesn’t work. Maybe i suck lol

    • Blade

      After you press cancel you don’t have to double click home button fast just press cancel and wait a second then double click

  • Stefano

    Who sits there and figures this out lol

  • Gus Me

    This is Apple’s version of an “Easter Egg” like the ones found in DVD’s and Blu-Rays.

  • Rickm_jr

    I can’t seem to reproduce the glitch on my iPhone 5. I do notice that when attempting, whatever app was open when I locked the device was closed to the home screen

    • lemonhead

      You only have access to the Photos App and all photos + contacts if u send a pictures & social networks

  • Hank Scorpio

    Can’t reproduce. The multitasking actually shows up, but you cannot acces any apps. iPhone 5 with iOS 7 GM here. But still, Apple should fix this ASAP.

  • Question

    Does not work on ipod touch 5g

    • RV

      same here on my ipod!

  • Cesar D

    It was obvious that we’ll found a lot of vulnerabilities in iOS 7. That’s the why of hackers to have hope of Jailbreak to iOS 7.

    In addition to new features, those “new features” still in beta, so is even more easier to find exploits in those betas.

    That’s probabily the because of Jobs not-redesining. He was knowing that new iOS features will affect the way the phones are being selling “iPhone 5C, 5S, for example, the market is more big, more products, more older-affected products” we use it and the way hackers use it.

  • jellyfisshhh

    Doesn’t let you open any apps. fail.

  • Om

    I tried it, and after opening the multitasking screen, I’m unable to open any running app on my iPhone 4.

  • Oliver

    While we are waiting for Apple to address this bug, there is a simple workaround that will keep this from happening: revoke Control Center access from the lock screen. To do that, you can simply hit Setting>Control Center and toggle the “Access on Lock Screen” off. That’s it, your content is now safe

  • abdullah575

    This bug/glitch will be fixed it the future firmware !!!

  • Sumeet Gandhi

    i have just disabled the control center during locked screen. its really not a good place to access it during the locked screen.

  • Patrick

    its shows me the apps im running but doesnt let me click on them

  • O Al Marar

    how can i downgrade to iOS6?
    i didn’t like iOS7, it seem like the color is not real and it is color with out life, you feel that no life in iOS7 color (white and black or white and blue or white and green) very simple and bored color

  • @dongiuj


  • Well we can always off control center access on the lockscreen.

  • critiq

    i’ll be expecting, “it’s a feature! you’re unlocking it wrong.” LOL

  • Dan Keaveney

    good job i close my apps once i’ve finished with them

  • Jordan Carter

    On my iphone 5 It shows my app switcher and running apps but doesnt give access to any of the apps beyond seeing which ones are running, definitely not as bad but still not great

  • seyss

    You ppl still dont get it huh.. There will be a bug to bypass the passcode on every iOS version

  • Äppleefan

    OMG!? Because of this major glitch I feel so insecure that I gonna switch to Android.

    said no one, ever…

  • James

    Except this doesn’t seem to be the case if the phone has been put into Lost Mode via Find My Phone or if you’ve triggered the phone to play a sound via Find My Phone. So, that’s good.

  • James

    “The bug isn’t easy to reproduce” – that’s the truth.

  • ashish

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