Folks looking forward to the release of BlackBerry’s Messenger app on iOS will be happy to hear that the long wait may almost be over. A new report suggests that BBM will hit the App Store this Saturday, September 21.

BlackBerry first announced that its popular messenger app would be landing on iOS and Android back in May. And earlier this month, one of its developers confirmed on Twitter that it had been submitted to Apple for review…

Here’s the report from CrackBerry:

“The latest rumor has the event pegged for Sept. 20th in Jakarta and even has an official looking invite to go along with it. However, we’re not posting this information solely based on that. We’ve received quite a few emails that do suggest the date is correct and here’s how it’s all going to go down by order of launch timing:

  • Friday, Sept 20th, 7am EST: Android version published on Google Play
  • Friday, Sept 20th, 7am EST: goes live
  • Friday, Sept 20th, 7am EST: CRM messages sent out to pre-registrants
  • Friday, Sept 20th, 7am EST: Follow-up CRM message sent out after full App Store deployment
  • Saturday, Sept 21st: BBM on iOS becomes available 12:01am EST in local time zones.”

For those unfamiliar with the service, BBM functions similarly to iMessage. In fact, it was one of the first proprietary mobile messaging services and, despite BlackBerry’s struggles, it still sees 60+ million active monthly users.

Stay tuned, we’ll let you know as soon as it hits.

Update: BlackBerry has just confirmed that BBM will be landing in the App Store on September 22.


  • Ahmed Ali Masseri

    man i started feeling that this App will never reach Apple store ! ,, been hearing about it for so long!

  • Jonathan

    Smh, we’re talkin’ iOS 7 here!

  • omrishtam

    can someone explain me what is the difference between this massaging app and between other apps like whatsapp (no sarcasm)

    • It’s another option to prevent other platforms from getting greedy. Never complain about competition, live that to the patent trolls…

  • Linton Findlay

    Will there be a subscription required still, like there used to be?

  • Adedayo Ogunde

    Who cares. I love whatsapp!!!

  • Quang

    now they must redesign their app before launching 🙂

  • Luis M. Maldonado

    Blackberry always took so long to release something.. that’s why they’re dead now!

    • Uhm, last time I checked, they released it to the AppStore some time last month. It’s Apple’s verification process that’s taking forever.

  • 2008crna

    I’m trying to understand why anyone uses BB messenger nowadays!!!

  • Jae. Just J.

    About time. Only thing I missed about my Blackberry.