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Anemo — the quick reply tweak that we previewed some time back — is now available on Cydia. It’s been a long time coming, but for those of you desperate for a simple quick reply solution, the wait was well worth it.

Instead of a full fledged Message app replacement, Anemo take a more anemic approach. Using existing banner notifications, it provides a simple, yet extremely handy quick reply solution for jailbroken iOS users.

Some may consider Anemo to be a bit steep in price ($2.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo) for what little it does at the moment. You should probably keep in mind that A3tweaks — the team behind the release — promises to provide updates to flesh out the tweak.

In fact, the 1.0 release will bring a quick compose sheet, quick reply via Lock screen and Notification Center, and many other additional features. The team behind Anemo is looking to take a MiniPlayer approach, in that they will release loads of incremental updates over time to provide lasting value.

But make no mistake — Anemo, even in its current form, is a great tool for heavy text message users. For those who have yet to go with a Messages app replacement, Anemo is a release that’s sure to please. It has the looks, the stability, and the outright practicality to make your $2.99 money well spent.

  • Sean

    Byte SMS is free with ads

    • f1ght3r

      And a much better tweak in general. Nice concept with anemo here, but it’s not worth more than $0.99 IMO.

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        I agree. I’m hoping A3Tweaks developers don’t take any offense on this but this tweak is definitely not worth $2.99.
        I do agree it’s well designed and probably well coded BUT we have to use criteria and be realistic when it comes to tagging something at a certain price. This is just a tweak, guys. The average app in the AppStore is less than a dollar, I know the comparison is a bit shade but… again, developers should use criteria and be objective, this is not worth three dollars.
        Just my humble opinion.

      • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem

        if only this tweak was somehow integrated with Whatsapp and Viber quick reply I will be happy to buy it for $2.99 but only with iMessage and SMS not worth even though the looks of it is awesome like all their tweaks.

      • With support for WhatsApp I’d buy this tweak IMMEDIATELY

      • Oscar Webber

        They are working towards WhatsApp compatibility.

      • Steve Jobs

        downgrade whatsapp to 2.8.7 and than install the cracked version of quickreplay4whatsapp from the sinfull repo and you have a QR function for whatsapp.

  • Looks great. A feature iOS7 should have implemented. They should’ve had this feature in iOS by now.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Who knows maybe whoever is demoing the new iPhone will go “Oh and one more thing watch what happens when I receive a message” and show us the quick reply feature we all want,..

      • “They say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…” We can always dream. That would be fantastic if that did happen, but not seeing it in any betas leads me to believe it’s not happening. Maybe in 7.1?

      • Nipplesourus

        7.1 will probably analy rape all the bugs with the initial release. I’d say 7.2 if it’ll happen.

  • Adithya Sairam

    I want to review this badly.

  • Willie

    It’s a good bite SMS replacement.

    • Beta382

      It does something totally different than BiteSMS. They achieve different purposes, and therefore aren’t comparable. BiteSMS contains a QR, but that is just a small part of what it is.

      Anemo cannot “replace” BiteSMS, no matter how much better designed and implemented it is, simply because the two pieces of software do different things.

    • Steve Jobs

      bite sms is so much better because you have quick compose!!!

  • TuNuT

    iOS 7 is around the corner. Why shouldn’t we wait until then to see whether it will support the new OS or not? Buy it now and the devs stop updating to 7 = waste, $2.99 is not cheap IMHO…

    • Albert

      iOS7 is missing one of the biggest feature many people jailbreak for. QuickReply. Dont you just hate to constantly switching between messages and whatever app your using?

      • TuNuT

        You misunderstood me. Just FYI, I bought almost every messages apps, BiteSMS, Messages, Messages+, iRealSMS,… My concern is when iOS 7 to release, which one will be updated to compatible with, which one will be stopped? We just wait until iOS 7 to be jbroken then make decision. It’s not late, right? :))

  • Sean Clark

    I’m definitely going to get this once it has those features that they promise. Until then I need to stick with biteSMS because as-is this isn’t really a full replacement.

    Design is beautiful though. I hope all that they promise comes to fruition!

  • rasengan720 .

    It’s written in the description in Cydia that more features are to come in version 1.0.. I hope on of them is support for what’sapp and / or hangouts

  • jjk454ss

    No QR from lockscreen yet? I’ll wait

  • Jeff Ramirez

    Messages tweak still blows this out of the ball park. Without quick compose, I wouldn’t pay 69 cents, let alone 2.99. I’ll wait till that update comes out, and even then there are still better options out there. Thanks, but no thanks.

    • Albert

      Messages is expensive though for what it does. but man, its probably the most used tweak on my list. +1 for Messages!

  • SimonReidy

    I’m happy to pay a high price for a tweak that is packed with features, but this is just too bare bones at the moment. $2.99 is a lot for a quick reply tweak, no matter what is being added down the road, and with iOS7 just around the corner, it might be a case of “too little, too late”. I also presume this isn’t compatible with Diet Bulletin, which I don’t really want to give up for the sake of a nice animation.

  • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem

    Jeff you didnt say anything about the price of it…also does it support for DietBulletin? so i seriously hope more features include QR for whatsapp/viber/hangouts

    • ConduciveMammal

      It stated near the top in between brackets that’s $2.99

      • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem

        no no its not what i meant actually the price being too much since when BiteSMS is free with ad-supported 🙂

  • wonderboydave

    if this tweak has a quick reply from like how bitesms does it, press vol up or down, tap on the HUD, im sold.

  • kahlil velayo

    Testing it right now, good, stable, lightweight usage. Just like messages. But this looking forward for an update. Be waiting tho…. Recommend…

    • Al

      Do you recommend it over BiteSMS?

      • kahlil velayo

        Bitesms is also good and stable. I have 4 messagapp, bitesms, irealsms. All this app are pretty stable. Bitesms is kinda bloated for me, somehow heavy to use. Then i switch to irealsms again since i have it long time ago and took sometime before an update, with now updated to io7 features. It’s so fun to use. I also use messages, good also for the stock message. Lightweight to use especially when your on other app or doin something. Also Good when replying to a message. Using it when was first introduce.
        Anemo somehow is also lightweight i think, cool animation on the top of your notification bar. I only hope their update should follow soon. For easy on quick reply and quick compose.
        Wait for the update before buying, for you to able to enjoy anemo functionality.

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        Testing it right now, good, stable, lightweight usage. Just like messages. But this looking forward for an update. Be waiting tho…. Recommend…

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        Do you recommend it over BiteSMS?
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        Agreed! I know Saurik puts a ton of work into developing and maintaining Cydia which I’m truly grateful for, but please Saurik – just hire a designer for a few …

        Clark replied | Sunday, Sept. 8th | View on iDownloadBlog
        Why the hell would he want to match the butt ugly UI of iOS7. I don’t think he’d ever be that drunk.

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  • David Hvilivitzki

    Does it work for Whatsapp and Facebook messenger as well ?

    • ConduciveMammal

      Nope. Possibly in the future. Email the devs and ask them.

  • Tarun Verma

    Just bought this and it won’t work at all. I don’t even know what’s the issue. Anyone having the same problem?

  • Freddy Born

    Another great tweak without iPad support….. What The?

  • Matt Taylor

    The thing to remember when purchasing tweaks is that they become less valuable towards the end of an iOS cycle! In this case especially! iOS7 is literally around the corner and we don’t know if this tweak will be updated to support the new UI and the code overhaul or even if a Jailbreak will be available, and if it is, after how many months! My guess is that this tweak would need a complete rewrite for iOS7 and would not be a free upgrade being that it would be a completely new tweak.

    So my opinion is this… Is Anemo worth $2.99? Six months or more ago, yes! Now, no! This should have been done before now to be successful and profit! If the purchase price came with a guarantee of an iOS7 version at no extra cost it would be a different story… I may be wrong but just how it’s looking from where I’m sitting!

    • Al

      Good point. Hopefully the dev can clear the air… And give people some insight into what plans they have in store.

      I’m currently using BiteSMS and as far as I’ve been reading, it’s not on par in terms of features. I like how it looks, but since I paid for BiteSMS…. At this time, I don’t see a point in paying for Anemo.

  • Steve Jobs

    A3Tweaks comes with new tweaks but never updated and fixed the axis tweak. In my opinion that sucks and before a developer comes with new tweaks they have to fixed tweaks with bugs!!!

    • Steve Jobs

      and by the way 2.99 for anemo is definitely to expensive i think!

  • Tim

    Seriously, how hard is it just to swipe to go to messages to reply? How much lazier do people want to be?

    • Tim

      And… why does everyone want quick access to things right on the lock screen? I don’t understand. The point of the lock screen is that it locks your phone so other people can’t see information.You start putting everything on the lock screen and what’s the point? Why not just leave your frickin phone unlocked?!

      • takitus

        quickreply is nice because you dont have to leave the app you are in to send a simple text message.

        also the initial use for the lock screen is to lock your phone so you dont hit buttons while it is in your pocket. a secondary benefit for some people is the ability to lock their phone to prevent others from getting in to it. primarily however, it is to prevent assdialing and the like

  • Adithya Sairam

    Compatibbel with iTouch 4G?

  • onebyone_

    About design (in my personal opinion):
    Are bloody fantastic!
    Is the way that iOS7 must to go. I know many people love the iOS7 design right now, but I wanted something more hide-elaborate with minimalistic and awesome details, like an evolution of skeuomorphism, because skeuomorphism is based in old real things. may be they will need a new vision.

  • M M

    I have to admit its worth it despite the cost. It’s better better than bitesms where it works with the native SMS app and not a separate one. I’ve had issues with bitesms and messages+ so this has been a great alternative so far. Looking forward to updates!