Red iPhone 5C running Safari

This past weekend, a set of blurry photographs sourced from China claimed to have showed us the plastic iPhone 5C packaging along with color-matched wallpapers and the Quick Start manual.

As we approach Apple’s September 10 reveal, a suspicious looking video has now surfaced online showing what looks to be Apple’s plastic iPhone running the Safari browser.

Needles to say, the clip is making rounds and has already prompted a pretty heated exchange among the Apple watchers, have a look below…

The short and suspiciously low-quality video was posted to the Chinese tech blog C Technology.

From what I could decipher, that looks to be the stock iOS 7 Safari browser navigating the online Apple Store.

Here it is.

This is to my knowledge the first video showing off the plastic iPhone fully assembled and powered on. Note he never flips the phone over to show us the plastic back.

I’m thinking this could be just an iPod touch or even the existing iPhone 5 encased in one of the iPhone 5C shells floating around. We’ll let you be the judge of that so meet us in comments and share your two cents.

  • MatD97


    • Chris Wagers

      Yup totally!

  • Marly Marl

    Why are the picture and videos of leaks always blurry? Thought all phones have atleast a 4MP camera nowadays

    • Victor

      Once you upload a video the quality usually decreases and you’d be suprised with all the cheap droids out in the market

      • Maxim∑

        unlike iMessage Android cuts down quality a lot even if your on Wifi

      • Lol, comparing a messaing platform to an entire OS. You mean Google Babble? There are tons of alternative messaging platforms…

    • Joseph Thebigragu Plaza

      It makes it easier to hide if it’s a knock off.

  • BS, more like an iPhone 5 with a red case…unless all rumours were wrong about the front part of the 5C being the same color as the back.

    • SJobs

      Why would they make the front the same color??! Use your brain you idiot.

      • scoobs

        SJobs – the rumor is the default wallpaper would be in the same color as the back….Do you have to be so rude??? Use your brain you idiot.

      • Ain’t that what they did to the white/black iPhone 4/4S/5? What makes it impossible for them to do the same here numbskull?

  • brooks whiffen seale

    Hey guys this is a bit off topic but i need help. Ok, so i am on ios 7 beta 6 with an unregistered UDID. Last night, i decided to mess with the stop watch and change the time stamp to january 1st, 2038. I guess that told apple that i was using an expired beta. It now tells me that activation is required, but the activating server never comes on. Itunes tells me my version is expired and needs to be updated. I have “updated” to beta 6 twice to try to fix this. I am trying to avoid restoring… HELP!

    • ɑղժɾҽա

      Only way is to restore. People like you should stay away from beta software.

      • SJobs

        Agreed. Can’t stand normal people using it and then commenting on our apps saying “Not compatible”…

      • brooks whiffen seale

        My problem is that the time stamp is passed the expiration of ios 7 beta 6. I was pissed off that i did that and tried to see on the off chance that there was a solution to fix the time stamp from my computer.

      • brooks whiffen seale

        Trust me, I know the type of person you are talking about, i know tons of them. Im not like that.

      • Bill

        You pretty much proved otherwise.

    • Franck Kamayou

      You have no choice but restore your device to iOS 6.1.3/4 activate then go back up to iOS 7

    • mehrab

      Lolbro good going hahahahha. Restore via itunes wait for public lauch which is due 9-14 days

  • Sokrates

    This is getting ridiculous.

  • Jerry

    Dark interface in Safari iOS7?

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Dark interface means that Safari is in private browsing mode…

      • FOFF

        my whole IU is dark..

    • Guest

      private mode

    • SJobs

      Porn Mode

  • ɑղժɾҽա

    What if this video was recorded with the iPhone 5C? o.o

  • bigzjoseph

    I’m pretty sure that’s an iPod touch 5 generation because it does not have the speaker grill above or under the front facing camera

  • Its an ipod everyone can see that if you dont see it your blind.

  • Arjan Vlek

    This is iPod touch 5G with iOS7 beta on it. Fake!

  • laszlo gaspar

    It just looks like a 5th gen iPod. Unless someone shows and video that includes a showing of the back, then we can’t be sure its legit.

  • MyFlammingSkull


  • Alejandro Maximo Marez

    Blurry videos are how I know that Bigfoot exists, so this must be legit too!