Alleged red iPhone 5C running Safari shown off in blurry video

Red iPhone 5C running Safari

This past weekend, a set of blurry photographs sourced from China claimed to have showed us the plastic iPhone 5C packaging along with color-matched wallpapers and the Quick Start manual.

As we approach Apple’s September 10 reveal, a suspicious looking video has now surfaced online showing what looks to be Apple’s plastic iPhone running the Safari browser.

Needles to say, the clip is making rounds and has already prompted a pretty heated exchange among the Apple watchers, have a look below…

The short and suspiciously low-quality video was posted to the Chinese tech blog C Technology.

From what I could decipher, that looks to be the stock iOS 7 Safari browser navigating the online Apple Store.

Here it is.

This is to my knowledge the first video showing off the plastic iPhone fully assembled and powered on. Note he never flips the phone over to show us the plastic back.

I’m thinking this could be just an iPod touch or even the existing iPhone 5 encased in one of the iPhone 5C shells floating around. We’ll let you be the judge of that so meet us in comments and share your two cents.