iOS 6 Jailbreak

With iOS 7 on the horizon, many rumblings have been surfacing lately about the possibility of an iOS 6.1.3 jailbreak. First there was UnthreadedJB, who after releasing an obscure iOS 5.1 jailbreak for CDMA enable iPhone 4’s, claims to have an iOS 6.1.3 jailbreak. Those claims have never been solidified by any independent sources, so the verdict is definitely still out about its legitimacy.

But there’s still hope. iOS hacker winocm, well known throughout the jailbreak community, took to twitter this morning to confirm that he has a binary for an iOS 6.1.3 untethered jailbreak.

According to @winocm’s tweet, the basics are there for an iOS 6.1.3 untethered jailbreak. While he acknowledges that it still “needs some more work” this is probably the best hope we have for a real jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3.

What relationship this revelation may have with the ongoing efforts by UnthreadedJB, if any, are still unknown. It is interesting, however, that these claims are coming out so late in iOS 6’s life cycle.

What do you think? Will we eventually see an iOS 6.1.3 jailbreak? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Lé Andy

    altho I think an jailbreak out as soon as possible is good, but i agree with the hackers by releasing AFTER a major release. That way, they can support newer firmwares while also having backward compatibility to the unsupported ones (in this case, 6.1.3 and 6.1.4)

    • Kevin Osborne

      Well it may already be patched with iOS 7 betas, which is why he’s speaking specifically of 6.1.3. I think this will be great because the 3GS will not support iOS 7, and as of now, anyone with a 3GS on 6.1.3 has no hope for a jailbreak.

      • lemonhead

        Correct me If I’m wrong but isn’t a 3GS low level bootroom available, so it could be jailbroken on ios 6.1.3 any day ?

      • Kevin Osborne

        If that’s the case, I have a friend that’s gonna be very mad at me hahaha. I don’t follow old devices too well and I’ve been telling him he’s SoL…

      • Guest

        If it’s an old bootrom 3GS it is untethered jailbroken for life, if it’s new bootrom you can still jailbreak, it will just be tethered.

      • Kevin Osborne

        Looks like it’s a tethered Jailbreak only, which we have no interest in. This post is speaking of an untethered jailbreak.

      • JaeM1llz

        If it’s an old bootrom 3GS it is untethered jailbroken for life

      • Burge


      • Liam Mulcahy

        yes but the iPod touch 4G doesn’t have a unrthered jailbreak on iOS 6.1.3

      • bob

        yeah but it would be a tethered jb.

      • skylar

        when ios 7 is released evason is working on a ios 6.1.3/6.1.4 jailbreak for those on older models that ios7 isnt going on

      • Huntz

        I am using a 3GS untethered jailbreak on 6.1.3

      • chumawumba

        Prove it

      • Huntz

        How would you like me to?

      • Huntz

        Here’s some proof.

      • chumawumba

        Impressive! But how did you do that?

      • Huntz

        Run redsn0w > extras > select ipsw 6.0, say yes when prompted. Done. You could also use sn0wbreeze.

      • Jonathan

        That would be tethered jailbreak. That’s available to anyone with an A4 chip or lower. 🙁

      • Huntz

        But I am telling you my 3GS is untethered. This is only possible if it is Old Bootrom.

      • Raghav Marwah

        Hey @huntz:disqus , i too have iphone 3gs working on ios 6.1.3.
        and bootrom 85124*******
        can i jailbreak it untethered without any hassle ?
        Thanks 🙂

      • Huntz

        Hey there. Download the latest version of sn0wbreeze and follow the instructions and you will be able to have an untethered JB running ios 6.1.3. Hit me up if you have any other questions.

      • rickwr88

        Huntz his right!!! The 3GS old bootrom is working on IOS 6.1.3 untethered. Mine is working with baseband 5.13.04. Did it with redsn0w, ispw 6.0. But I had to downgrade baseband from 6.15.00 to to 15.13.04 but it working.

      • rickwr88

        Hello Huntz. Are you using a Sim card from the original provider? I got a 3GS old bootrom and I have tried everything I can to jailbreak it to make it work for different provider without any good result. My 3GS keep searching for ever or it said no signal. I have tried it with redsn0w and Sn0wbreeze with a lot of different baseband and it didn’t worked. Can you tell me what is your recipe please. IOS, Baseband, the software you used and the procedure you take to achieved it.
        Thank you

    • Liam Mulcahy

      I agree

  • Jacob Galea

    Save it for ios 7!

    • samosa king

      the vuln is not compatible with ios 7.

      • Jacob Galea

        Fine then developers should be getting ready for ios 7… The jailbreak community is going to take a hit this season.

      • blastingbigairs

        How about you become a developer and YOU get ready for IOS 7. The JB community is counting on you guy!!

      • Jacob Galea

        I confess myself not suited for that job.

      • Lagax

        Propably. You can’t know.

      • samosa king

        He’s even said so. Don’t say that I’m wrong.

  • Acolz

    That would be quite awesome for my 3GS on 6.1.3. I love it but tethered kind of sucks

    • pegger1

      Why didn’t you stick with 6.1.2 then?

      • Sounding like you have the option to…

      • felixtaf

        Yes, you have the option to update the software or not. There is no automatics updates in iPhones and iPads like Apple TV.
        Still, cant question someone about why they dint stick to a firmware version.

      • Tell that to the people who restore their phone ’cause they need a fresh start for whatever reason…all they wanted was to start from fresh with the same iOS version, yet they’re forced by dictator Apple to install the latest firmware…

      • felixtaf

        Agree. But there is no automatic updates. Thats what I said.

      • That’s only for 1 situation. However, you were sounding like in every situation, the user has the option to install the iOS version they desire…

      • leart za jmi

        Than dont jailbreak, you can stay forever in that firmware, and restore directly from the device

      • I’d rather move to Android if jailbreak were to come to an end; iOS is nothing compared to the competition without a jailbreak. With jailbreak, it offers every software feature Android does, all without the security worries I have on my productive laptop. So, why bother carrying those worries on-the-go with me on such limited functionality devices when I don’t have to with jailbroken iOS?

      • leart za jmi

        In part your right, but cant forget the user satifaction from using idevices, ok android is getting better but still they cant provide that solidity that ios have, they still are feeling like toys in the hand. And the last one, there are even emotional choices, owning an android does mean nothing to me, personal opinion

      • Regarding satisfaction, that’s true with the average user. However, I’m a user, and have never been satisfied with official iOS; up till today, it still lacks basic functionality (like bluetooth file sharing, contact groups, etc.) dumb phones had out of the box, personal opinion. iPhone 5+ feel no less toyish compared to premium Android phones (like the HTC One), so, not sure what solidity you’re referring to in iOS devices…

      • leart za jmi

        Solidity of operating system, ok is a little boring but normally never crash and get viruses and offers a solid platorm for the apps

      • I’ll admit I haven’t had my iOS device ever crash on me, though, apps crash everyday. Haven’t experienced Android enough to believe it crashes on everyday use (and I doubt that), but I believe the App crashing is no different there; it depends on the dev to optimize it for the hardware…

      • CaffeinePizza

        iPhone 3GS can be downgraded whenever you want because the limera1n exploit can patch out the APTicket requirement.

      • Sorry but that’s just BS. You still need to have the SHSB blobs in order to restore to the firmware of your choice, otherwise it’s just a pipe dream attempting to restore to an older firmware…

      • CaffeinePizza

        Not BS. I believe you have to have blobs, but they can be extracted before restoring. If you are restoring to the same firmware. Look at the dev-team blog. >.>

      • chumawumba

        Reset within the phone.

      • leart za jmi

        Yeah but people like to jailbrake and once you did that you cant restore anymore from devic, itune is needed than your forced to the least ios aviable

      • Acolz

        Because I never was on 6.1.2, I went from iOS5 straight to 6.1.3

    • Lagax

      3GS is untethered. Man you got untethered for life and didn’t even realize it.

      • felixtaf

        No bro, only OLD bootrom 3GS devices have that blessing.

      • Lagax

        Aren’t like 80% of them old ones?

        Anyway idk What I’d give for a tethered iPhone 5 JB.

      • Arjan Vlek

        Nope not even 5% are old ones. They must have been produced between June 2009 and September 2009 but the 3Gs was sold from June 2009 to September 2012. So there are A LOT of new ones out.

  • Martynas Linkevicius

    I saw him post a comment to Jeff on a different article

  • Guest

    It’s too late. I’ll see my iDevices with iOS 7!

  • Clinsmman Herbete

    Too late. iOS7 coming next month.

    • Core

      there is a million iPod Touch 4 users and another million 3gs users that are going to be locked out of a jailbreak

      • Clinsmman Herbete

        Yeah! It’s true. But I mean about new iDevices like iPhone 4S-5, iPad 2-3-4 and Mini…

      • Core

        so people that know this is coming wont upgrade. that simple

  • Chris Holden

    this is probably a stupid question.. but when the ios 7 jailbreak is released… will it work with devices on 6.1.3?

    • Andrius

      It’s not just stupid question, it’s also illogical

    • TeddyBearStand

      So what you’re saying is: If an iOS7 exploit is found, will it work with iOS6.1.3… Not a bad question, I don’t have an answer for it though. I am guessing it won’t because with iOS7’s new features and such, there is a higher chance of a new vulnerability.

      • Michael Hulet

        p0sixninja claimed to have an iOS 7 jailbreak before iOS 7 was announced, therefore he had a 6.1.3 jailbreak working smoothly and simply assumed his exploits wouldn’t be patched in iOS 7.. It’s likely they weren’t, so I’m betting on reverse compatibility

    • Rowan09

      I don’t know but why not just upgrade to IOS 7 unless you have a device like a 3Gs which I believe can’t update.

      • Perhaps ’cause, like Windows 8, iOS 7 isn’t an upgrade to every device it supports just ’cause it’s newer…

      • Rowan09

        So you expect Apple to release IOS 7 for a 4 to 5 year old phone? To compare a phone and computer device is just stupid they are not the same. Please let me know who else is doing what Apple does in regards to release a new OS for a 4 year old phone which is IOS 6 for a old device. I’m sure Apple can do it but it wouldn’t be optimal and that’s why they don’t do it and plus companies actually want people to upgrade you know. Windows didn’t make devices until the surface so they didn’t care about computer hardware.

      • Lol, sounds like you lack english comprehension skills. I said iOS 7 isn’t considered an upgrade to every device it supports. Since you lack english comprehension, I’m saying iOS 7 isn’t considered an upgrade to my iPhone 4S (not to talk about the iPhone 4), more like a downgrade (just like Windows 8 is to my Windows 7 laptop)…

    • Ted Forbes

      Yes for A4 devices this will be possible and as long as you have upgraded to ios 6.1.3 or have saved your shsh before Apple stop signing 6.1.3

  • iavengers

    Who wants jailbroken ios 6.1.3??

    • Andrius

      Who has idevice with 6.1.3 probably..

    • leart za jmi

      My ipod touch 4g

    • Tavish Satrom

      A lot of people….

    • bob


    • Joseph liong


    • Ted Forbes

      Those who will not upgrade to ios 7 until there is a fully functioning untethered jb for ios 7 and those who are still on 3gs new boot and ipad2 etc

    • Antzboogie

      iPad mini on 6.1.3 🙁 Need JB

  • leart za jmi

    in january claimed that he can make a tool to downgrade to ios 5.1.1 since the ios 6 was not jailbroken for month, and nothing come out, now this,, i dont belive him

  • Tetra

    If they can by some miracle get it out between 7-9 September that would be brilliant. Just enough time for people to upgrade to 6.1.3 and leaving apple no time to patch it in ios 7 which means they’d have to do it in 7.0.1 at the earliest. So there’d still be hope for a fast iOS 7 jailbreak.

    • Ted Forbes

      Apple will patch it in minutes

  • Preben Faarkrog Hansen

    need a downgrade tool….. make that please

  • leart za jmi

    he is working the most with A4 devices

  • abdullah575

    but iOS 7 will come soon

  • FOFF

    soon it wont matter

  • Burge

    If true I would love this just to give Celeste 2 a go and see if has improved ..but could do with it before ios 7 is out..

  • Defective Detective


  • Curt

    Does that mean 6.1.4 also? I don’t really know the difference.

    • Rowan09

      6.1.4 came out for the iPhone 5 while 6.1.3 was for the other devices.

      • Michael Hulet

        6.1.4 is also latest on the iPad mini, if I’m not mistaken

  • JaeM1llz

    He just posted that it is only working on iPhone 4 GSM and that it is “barely working”

  • Bobby

    What about ios6.1.4?

    • chumawumba

      6.1.4 is only for iPhone 5. It doesn’t fix anything else 6.1.3 hasn’t.

  • I bought a 3GS Used with 6.1.3, and was hoping they would develope a jailbreak, since I can’t downgrade, or update.

  • leart za jmi

    your an idiot

  • Matthew Cleveland

    New tweet by him

    “(Before you all go out and think I’m magically supporting all devices,
    the iPhone 4 GSM version barely works. And it’s the only one I made.)”

  • Brandon Miranda

    hey guys remember ryan petrich posted a pick on twitter of activator on iOS 7 with alert of “Software to new” some features may not work”

    • chumawumba

      I hope he’s saving that exploit until iOS 7 public release

      • Brandon Miranda


  • Nadir Khan

    Cool can’t wait to see it

  • Liam Mulcahy

    Save the exploits until the iOS 7 untethered jailbreak. Share them with evadi0n. That way the iPod touch 4G will have a jailbreak forever.

    • chumawumba

      I think you mean evasi0n

  • kevin chang

    he is working only in the iphone 4 GSM

    • Chenda Ha

      I think should wait for iOS 7 is better

    • 3aloo1


  • Justin Stein

    I hope not, we don’t want Apple finding out about more exploits and patching them before iOS 7!

  • K1ngLe0

    Unleashed on 11/12/13… For a $$$$

  • H5ire

    Untethered Jailbreak – Always Welcome.!! 🙂

  • Kyle Beroney

    random, but why tinyumbrella telling me i have a saved SHS blob for iOS 6.1.2 when i don’t have it in the first place?

    its hard to see, but its there

    • Arjan Vlek

      That blob’s probably missing its APticket so you cannot use it.

      • Kyle Beroney

        Cant downgrade my 4S anyways -.- wish apple would “randomly” starting signing iOS 6.1.1-6.1.2 like they did back in June with 6.0.x

      • Kyle Beroney

        Dammit lol

  • benz_85

    I dont know what’s all the jazz about, i have ios 7 beta 6 jailbroken. 🙂

    • Tony Klapatch

      And how do you have it jailbroken then?

  • iavengers

    He tweeted I regret my tweet


    Yes there will be a untethered jailbreak for 6.1.3 read this article

  • Dharmik Kothari

    i will as i am on iphone 3gs… Please do it fast. Thanks a lot

  • Joe Benning

    This will be great for all if the older devices that can’t run iOS 7. Thank you winocm!!

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    This is great an all, specially for older iDevices. I can’t help but feel this is Jailbreak a little dated already. An iOS 7 would be promising at this point in the iOS cycle.

  • Robert Mathews

    I think it would be cool of that was released sooner better of later of course but hey you can’t mess with perfection.

  • Mark Lee

    I think the central issue as being whether there is a driving need for a jailbreak. Your comment about it “… coming out so late in iOS 6′s life cycle.” would lead one to believe that iOS 6.x is going to expire, without regard to backward-compatibility. Isn’t there a definitive support schedule for iOS 6.x, and is that drop-dead date nigh? That would put a bow on this story.

  • Gell Flores

    can’t wait to jailbreak my iPad 4!!!!

  • rickwr88

    Huntz his right!!! The 3GS old bootrom is working on IOS 6.1.3 untethered. Mine is working with baseband 5.13.04. Did it with redsn0w ispw 6.0. But I had to downgrade baseband from 6.15.00 to to 15.13.04 but it working.

  • Ny44n

    couldn’t they just modify a .ipsw file and add cydia as a base app. JUst modify the baseband a little

  • brianhunter

    The fastest unlocking site I have ever use for AT&T stuff is attiphoneunlocking, never took them more than 2 hours to unlock any of my phone.

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    I hope this is real.Anyone who is stuck on an iPod Touch 4g like me hopes this is real 😛

  • Tomas Sanchez

    If there is, it will affect a lot of people. Lots of people have pre-A6 devices that cant run ios 7 and want to jailbreak iOS 6.1.3

  • At that time, hackers confessed that several exploits would not be used. However, all those claims and rumors were not exemplified or cleared, in a way or another. Therefore, the rumor failed to take form. Apparently, he noted that he has a binary that untethers 6.1.3, but still needs some extra work.