Celest 2 02

The CocoaNuts’ original release of Celeste went down as one of the most hyped jailbreak apps in the history of jailbreaking. The fanfare of the release seem to rival some of the more prominent apps to appear on the App Store at the time.

I remember waiting up until 3:00 AM in anticipation of Celeste. It never lived up to the astronomical amount of hype it generated, but it was a decent app, if not a little buggy and complicated to use.

The sequel to Celeste, simply entitled Celeste 2, is a vast improvement over its predecessor. Whereas the original Celeste never quite lived up to its claim to bring simple Bluetooth sharing to iOS, Celeste 2, for the most part, just works.

The purpose of the app is to allow users to transfer files between compatible Bluetooth devices. These devices can include a fellow iOS device such as an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. It can also include Macs, and even Windows machines. Generally speaking, if the device supports Bluetooth file transfer, then chances are your iOS device can talk to it by means of Celeste.

Want to see Celeste 2 in action? Have a look inside at our full video walkthrough after the break…

Once you install Celeste, you’ll notice a new app icon on your Home screen. This app contains all of the configuration options needed to get Celeste working properly. There are basically two options that you can configure via the app: Show app on receive, and Import with Gremlin.

The show app on receive option essentially forces the Celeste.app to open on incoming file transfers. This is handy because the app provides you with a percentage status while the transfer is in progress.

Celeste 2 03

The second option, Import with Gremlin, is an option that, in theory, allows one to control how files are imported into the apps on your device. With Gremlin import disabled, files will be stored in the /var/mobile/Received/ folder, which is only accessible when using something like iFile. Gremlin allows you to bypass the need to venture into the file structure of your iPhone, and instead will import received files directly into their respective apps.

Unfortunately, I found the Gremlin import option to be inconsistent at best. With the toggle set to the off position, Music files were still automatically imported into the stock Music app. I also found that video files were not imported, regardless of how the toggle was set. Speaking with CocoaNuts reps, they acknowledge that this is a problem and are working on a fix in the next update.

Despite that main flaw, Celeste works well for Bluetooth transfers. Both up and downstream file transfers worked 99% of the time between my MacBook Air and my iPod touch. I could easily send files to and fro between the two devices.

Celeste 2 01

The best part of Celeste 2 is its slick integration with a variety of different apps. It works almost like a built in stock feature in iOS. You can share files from a variety of different apps, including Photos, Notes, Music, iBooks, Contacts, Safari, Dropbox, and more. The send dialogue is tightly integrated within each app’s “sharing” option, making for a fairly consistent experience across the board.

I should also mention that a large part of the Celeste 2 upgrade is the fact that the app now uses the iOS Bluetooth stack. This means that users can continue to stream music over Bluetooth while simultaneously transferring files. For someone like me, who often streams music via Bluetooth, this is a big deal.

As far as simple Bluetooth file transfers go on iOS 6, Celeste is a solid option. It’s a bit flawed when it comes to what happens after the files are received, but getting the files to your device or from your device works just as you would expect. If the CocoaNuts can tighten up the Gremlin integration, then this is an app that I can wholeheartedly recommend.

At $6.99 for the next few weeks, you may decide that it’s best to jump now. After 9/15, the app will go up in price to $9.99. Yes, there are other Bluetooth options out there like AirBlue Sharing, but Celeste is perhaps the easiest and most straightforward method for sending and receiving Bluetooth file transfers. What do you think? Share your comments down below.

Note: Celeste 2 is a free upgrade for previous Celeste owners.

  • RarestName

    It never worked for me even after rebooting/respringing, so I’m waiting for updates and fixes. I’m a sad person.

  • Jem Roxas

    Airblue Sharing ftw!

  • Burge

    Just a shame ios 7 is going to break it . And they want fix it till ios 8 ..this tweak was the biggest let down ever for the jailbreak scene..over hyped and over priced ..move along nothing to see here..thank you came again..

    • Burge

      Oh It’s a free upgrade because the buyers of the first one wouldn’t buy this ..

    • lemonhead

      I’m pretty sure there will be airdrop extension tweak, when ios 7 gets jailbroken so don’t worry

      • Burge

        I’am not worried at all.. I was just having a dig at this because it was shit and it got over hyped on all the blog sites and that is what sold it ..but in the end it was a bag of wank..and i’am sure Jeff would agree..

      • lemonhead

        Gremlin kinda is a masterpiece.
        I mean it’s okay to send files but to actually be able to sync them is the other thing.

        So no I don’t agree with u.

      • Burge

        AirDrop is ios osx only..this was ment to be full on blue tooth sending as blue tooth should be.. But it was not

      • lemonhead

        So first of I was talking about a extension so I obviously know that.
        Second way to go to comment on a older post of mine, while u know Gremlin kinda is the shit haha

      • Burge

        Older post of yours ..wtf you on about I was replying to your last post..

  • seyss

    this should be native… apple sometimes pisses me off

  • aw81

    Great! And they will fix all the bugs and anything else that goes wrong in 2016…

    • Tardroid

      Celeste 3 will come in 2016, stupid.

      • aw81

        Haha! Silly me…

  • mkOS

    I’m gonna try it. I used AirBlue Sharing, but it didn’t work that well transfering to my girlfriend’s Nokia N8: I could recieve photos and files from her, but whenever I tried to send her a photo, it gave me an error when she accepted the transfer, and never even started to send the photo.

  • Asaf Moraz

    Airblue Sharring is much better …

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Bad timing by them. In a couple weeks we’ll all have this feature for FREE in ios 7 with Airdrop.

    • Asaf Moraz

      Not this feature becauae with airdrop you can’t share everything and it works only on iOS devices.

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        Doesnt it work on Macs too? I Thought airdrop was on Mac before it was on iOS? And it looked like from the preview you can share a lot with Airdrop.

      • Asaf Moraz

        Yep, sorry, it works on mac too, but it’s not like a regular bluetooth sharing service like celeste or airblue sharing.

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        It will use bluetooth though. lol I’m just saying its very similar and for them to charge 6.99 for something like that when iOS 7 is around the corner is insane!

      • Asaf Moraz

        Yes i agree that it is very similier but it’s not opened like celeste.

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        Keep in mind you can share anything with these kind of tools whereas Apple will definitely DO NOT allow anyone to share your songs from the Music app for many different reasons. I’m hoping Apple can prove me wrong though but I’m pretty sure that’ll be the case.

  • rasengan720 .

    2.0-23 seems to be working fine guys!! And is seems to be workin with non ios devices… Althought I haven’t tried with any android devices yet

  • rasengan720 .

    An important feature I’d like it to have is ifile integration.. I really need it 😛

    • Seriously? It doesn’t support iFile? That has been a feature of AirBlue Sharing for quite a while, yet it’s way cheaper and has been supporting the latest iOS version within a few weeks of release. If you just recently bought it, consider asking saurik for a refund and get AirBlue Sharing, these coconut head devs are so overhyped.

      • rasengan720 .

        Umm sorry I spoke to soon.. 😛 it seems there is ifile integration.. I was wrong and you’d probably hate me for saying this but i didn’t pay 😛

  • micro

    What it lacks is the option to send multiple files at once. Hope it would be included in the next update.

    • Diego Gastón Milano

      Good point. The author of this tweak is really slow so I wouldn’t expect anything for a few months.

  • Schalkb

    I’ll be better off sending files via Bluetooth from my 3310 to my 5210

  • Chuck Finley

    This sounds utterly amazing, but unfortunately my 4S has suffered the terrible WiFi/Bluetooth antenna death problem :[

    • Diego Gastón Milano

      That’s tragedy, man. Get rid of that device. Hopefully you have a good LTE connection, otherwise that phone is sort of useless. 🙁

      • Chuck Finley

        I’ve heard you can get the antenna swapped out for pretty cheap. There’s also a couple of home remedies you can try.

        Still, my next phone upgrade is in November so I’m just waiting for that, get my hands on a nice new 5S!

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        Haha, good for you, buddy! 🙂 Go for it!

    • micro

      What problem ? i have a 4s too and celeste works great.

      • Chuck Finley

        It’s hardware, not software. Apparently the 4S’s have a particularly dodgy WiFi/Bluetooth antenna that’s susceptible to breaking.

        Though saying that, I’ve had my 4S for a couple of years now and it’s only just broken.

  • Bjay O

    I’m sticking with Airblue Sharing. It just works for me. No point shelling $6.99 again.

    • Diego Gastón Milano

      Yeah, not sure what’s up with all these developers selling stuff so expensively. It reminds me of IntelliScreenX, too damn expensive and it’s not even that worth it.

  • poxitee

    never understood why apple won’t put this feature on IOS.

    • Diego Gastón Milano

      Probably because it was not a selling point, in other words, they still sell phones regardless of it. Hopefully they will still introduce it, but even if they do, I’m sure they will limit it to certain amount of things; kind of do not expect you’d be able to share songs. 🙂

  • Finaly I can use bluetooth damn apple doesnt even fix bluetooth sharing only bluetooth for speakers work…

  • Mark

    I’ll stick with carrier pigeon thanks.

  • Orlando

    This works just fine with me. I think for the guys who said that it doesn’t work, they’re using a fail cracked version. The guys at CocoaNuts have been known for their tight security on their tweaks.

  • Amit

    I used Airblue Sharing a long time to ago. it.s better than celeste 2

  • Jeremy

    How about AirBlue Sharing? It is cheaper.

  • sam445

    Celeste 2 can send file with iphone to iphone?

  • Dave Gendreau

    Just downloaded Celeste 2 to my iPhone 4S – Best thing since the invention of “canned beer” 🙂

    It transfers files to my iMac & MacBookPro perfectly after I confirmed popup window with the code numbers.

    I need help here. I have a polaroid pogo printer that I desperately want to print with my iPhone 4S.

    Celeste 2 searches & “sees” the printer but continually fails to connect because no “pairing window” comes up that would initially allow me to put the “6000” pairing code in the first time. Am I missing a setup process step ??

    • Rachid Ilhilali

      same here, any help plz

    • David Cawthorne

      Hi, see if it is listed in Settings, Bluetooth, then forget the device and try to pair from Celeste again.

      • Dave Gendreau

        pogo was listed in iPhone settings-bluetooth. I had deleted it twice before. It shows up because it had paired perfectly with iMac & macbookPro because a popup “pairing” window comes up to put the 6000 pogo code in. But celeste does “see” the printer but (no pairing window) so it tries to transfer the file and fails – wrong code. bing-bang -bung 🙂

      • David Cawthorne

        My pogo appeared as Misc, not Polaroid when I paired it!
        Can’t pair to my windows PC at the moment, the pairing window appears but only stays for about 1 second. I will give it till the weekend for an update, otherwise I think I will put Celeste 1.1g-2 back on.

      • Dave Gendreau

        Mine says Misc also, but selecting IT brings up the pogo windows – no pairing thou.

      • David Cawthorne

        Hi, I have now uninstalled Celeste 2. Alot of posts are saying it works fine, but I couldn’t pair to my XP laptop which uses Bluetooth 2.1 and Celeste sends a different picture/file to the one I selected when sending to my iPad. Maybe it’s because I have an older iPhone 4 on iOS6.1? Anyway I have put Celeste 1 back on now and all is working again fine via iFile.

  • Lol, what an over hyped bitch tweak. Less features and much less customer support compared to AirBlue Sharing ($4.99), yet still much higher price tag…fckn greedy bitches, you don’t deserve over $0.99 for this late piece of shit.

  • mkOS

    ¿Is this suposed to work for sending files between an iPhone and a “non-Apple” device?

  • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem

    purchased it since it was on sale and it works good on my i4S 6.1.1 but i still have Airblue sharing on i4 and iPad 2, Celeste uses the Bluetooth stack in iOS and that is an added advantage i think 🙂

  • HckMad

    Im using cracked Celeste2 on my iPhone 3GS and 4S and it works great…Before Celeste I tried AirBlue Sharing,but I got some problems (Respringing/Rebooting)…If someone doesnt have a credit card to puchrase Celeste2,contact me on hckacc@gmail.com and I will give you that for free