byPass Hero

An upcoming Mac utility by jailbreak developer, Majd Alfhaily, (better known by his Twitter handle, @freemanrepo) allows users to outright bypass passcode lock protection on jailbroken iOS device.

Alfhaily sent us a beta version of the tool, which we were able to run successfully and unlock our passcode protected iPod touch. Take a look at our preview video walkthrough for more details.

Due to the obvious security problems that such a tool could bring to the table, Alfhaily is still debating on whether or not to release the tool publicly. Here’s an explanation directly from the mouth of the developer on how byPass works and what the future could hold for the utility:

‘byPass’ currently, has passed beta testing stage. It allows the user to access the device without requiring the passcode. It depends on MobileDevice framework which is used by iTunes for communicating with the device. The principle of this tool is injecting a dynamic library for tricking the device to not require an unlock passcode. I am currently confused wether to release it or not concerning that it could be used positively or negatively (a malicious attacker could reimplement the tool in a different way such as getting data from a victim’s device).

You can use the tool to easily patch or ‘dispatch’ the passcode protection. All it takes is a simple reboot to implement the changes. Using byPass, I was able to access a passcode protected iPod touch in less than a minute with nothing more than a Mac, lightning cable, and the byPass utility.

Granted, the target device has to be jailbroken and running Mobile Substrate, but there is a fairly big population of jailbroken iOS users out there. With that in mind, what do you think about byPass? Should it be released?

  • Boop

    Well if your idevice gets stolen regardless of jailbreak all the thief has to do is restore it and their good to go….

    • Dayton Lowell

      Pre-iOS 7, yes.

  • Chuck Finley

    How is “should it be released” even a question?

    Of course it shouldn’t be released. This is a massive security flaw for anybody on jailbroken iOS. What this guy should do is release it to the jailbreak community so this glaring hole in security can be patched!

    • Jeff

      Well, there is the question of it being useful, should you forget your passcode.

      • Peter Cao

        You should only be able to apply this patch if the device is trusted in iTunes? Problem solved?

      • dpacemaker

        Maybe he should look into a way to provide this service remotely and charge people for it. Like they contact him and he unlocks it remotely. Of course it could still be used negatively. I don’t know, it has it’s good with the bad.

      • JaeM1llz

        How would it be considered a bug if it only applies to jailbroken devices? If you reported this to Apple they would probably just laugh and say “guess you shouldn’t jailbreak your devices.”

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        I may be wrong but all this is doing is installing a mobile substrate tweak that bypasses the passcode. Nothing special it’s essentially the same thing that allows tweaks like the android passcode tweaks to bypass the passcode but still have the passcode there if the device is in safemode or substrate disabled mode…

      • Mokhles Hussien

        you deleted my comment ? WHY

      • Rak S

        But if you forget your passcode, it’s easy to get this problem rectified. Opening up a massive security hole in jailbroken iPhones is not the way to do it.

    • Cho

      Second this.

    • f1ght3r

      Are you serious? That’s like saying a new hammer shouldn’t be released because they can be used to kill people. Hammers don’t kill people, people kill people. This tool doesn’t steal iPhones, people steal iPhones. It should be up to an individual to do what he wants with tools, because they’re exactly that. Tools.

      • BiigBiscuit

        Except the release of a new hammer won’t increase the possibility of people killing with hammers while such a tool can increase the possibility of jailbroken device theft.

      • Rak S

        People steal iPhones… Yes, but a useless iPhone is a far, far less interesting prospect than one which is open for anyone to use.
        I run iGotya which prevents the phone being switched off (unless the passcode is inserted) if I lose it.
        This means I could potentially track it as long as the battery is alive.
        This tweak would totally bypass that!

  • Xuxa

    He should blackmail apple and get some money for his discovery while apple fixes the security breach.j

    • George Petrou

      It’s not a security breach if it only applies to jailbroken apps. It’s just gonna make apple have one more reason to tell us not to jailbreak

  • Mark

    I wonder if you could undo the patch just like nothing happened?

    • Palmer Paul

      I believe you can, based on the video…

  • Fardeen Beharry

    well i guess its nice if u forgot ur password, but i think he should release it anyway because this app will be useless when ios 7 comes out. anyone who has ios 6 or prior knows that u could just put the iphone into dfu mode and restore which will allow to bypass the lockcode anyway. so release it.

    • Brian_M_CDN

      The difference is, with this you can access the existing data even if it is passcode protected (and Jailbroken of course).
      a non jailbroken device you can restore and use the device, but you couldn’t access potentially confidential information.

      • Fardeen Beharry

        u r right man

    • Palmer Paul

      How will it be useless when iOS 7 comes out…you’re a fool if you think the new and improved Find My iPhone is very secure. Once a jailbreak is released for iOS 7 (which shouldn’t take too long), Mobile Substrate will continue to be used, and this utility will be just as effective as on iOS 6.

      • Fardeen Beharry

        u r right abt mobile substrate, but it can be patched. also the whole idea of jailbreaking relies on flaws and exploits in ios . so jailbreaking the phone technically exploits bugs, so in turns apps that uses jailbreaks platform to unlock a lock code is no brainer

  • Burge

    Give it to jay freeman to fix the hole in mobile substrate.. this tool should not be released ..if you forget your passcode just restore your device ..

    • Abdullah Adhami

      restoring the dive well cause losing the jailbreak, so it’s useful for anyone who wanna keep his jailbreak

      • Burge

        And anyone who nicks a iDevice can now bypass your lock screen’s not about keeping a jailbreak it’s about keeping your private info to your eyes only….

  • Antzboogie

    Android is the same but easier so hush haters.

    • Joseph

      …But easier? How does it get easier than this?

      • CPVideoMaker101

        there is a glitch when the homescreen flashes on the lockscreen on some samsung phones. You just keep doing the glitch and press the play store. Then the mic in the search bar, search no locK. Do same thing and install it. Wait for it to finish. restart the phone. BOOM, lockscreen bypass

      • Joseph

        Samsung devices aren’t the only Android devices, that’s their problem with their TouchWiz GUI. I’d imagine it’s relatively simple to fix, anyhow.

  • George Petrou

    Of course this can be useful to some people but that’s like saying installous servers more good than bad. Installous said it was for testing apps before you buy them which was supposed to be good but look how people used it. This will just help thieves, I will be disappointed and actually won’t jailbreak anyone if this is released.

  • Antzboogie

    This is tricky only use if you forgot your password and dont release this exploit maybe they could’ve used for a future JailBreak. SMH….

    • Joseph

      Probably not. Given that it requires a jailbroken device and only aims to install a MobileSubstrate tweak (which isn’t even an exploit anyhow, as you can literally add the deb files to a directory and then restart), you won’t be jailbreaking your device with this.

  • Jailbrkr21

    A simple solution is to install another tweak that prevents a restart when the phone is locked, I have it on my phone but cant remember the name of it. As this requires a restart to work, there is no way that your password could be bypassed.

    • CPVideoMaker101

      power+home+10 seconds= your idea fails.

      • Jailbrkr21

        Granted, I didn’t think of that but maybe it will not work because doing that is not just a simple reboot?

        I can only hope because its not a tool that I would like to see in the wild, I have put security measures in place just in case I lose my phone or it gets stolen.

      • CPVideoMaker101

        It’s a hard boot, but still a reboot. I’m sure only like 10% of jailbreaks (which are the 10% of ios users) will know this. Most will forget in the coming weeks anyway. Like that restore app.

  • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem

    this would be very useful I have restored a lot of iPhones and iPads with no backup to restore from because they forgot their password, for every app like this there is a God and Devil side to it.

  • Rak S

    This should not be released under any circumstances. The potential for misuse is far greater than its potential for positive use. I can’t even think of a positive use.
    Fair enough things will be different with iOS7, but some people might not update and regardless of this, personal data could be stolen.
    I’m running iGotya, which could help me to identify a potential thief of my iPhone and prevents the thief from switching the phone off, by requiring the passcode. This tweak would totally bypass this.

    Please do not release this!

    • Palmer Paul

      Find My iPhone in iOS 7 isn’t that much safer to tell you the truth…

  • Joseph

    Thank God that it’s only for jailbroken devices. What a relief.

  • Josh Venegas

    Ok this is stupid. why would a developer spend his time, effort, resources, and energy to think of and then make a utility, get it passed beta testing and then say “Oh it can be used positivity and negatively…what do you guys think? should i release it?” HELLOOO…the developer is playing a game….trying to make it controversial so everyone starts talking about it, gets it trending then releases it purchase to download and then makes more money then he would if he didn’t get a lot of people to start talking about it. DUHHHH. I say yes, release it. if your iPhone/ipod gets stolen just shut it down with “find my iPhone”

    • Palmer Paul

      The point of creating this utility was to demonstrate a vulnerability in a jailbroken iPhone, which can be used to compromise the device. The developer should not release it, because this utility has greater implications and can create more danger, than just bypassing an iDevice’s passcode, as once unlocked, sensitive information can be easily attained. Find My iPhone would be null and void in helping with that, because the passcode for that would be bypassed too, allowing the “bypasser” to easily disable it. As I said before, the developer is just trying to make jailbreaking all that much safer for everyone.

      • Rak S

        If that’s the case, and it’s only being done to make Jailbroken devices more secure, That’s fine by me.

  • Jason Bjerke

    This would be handy for me. I work for a major US airline, and the amount of iphones, ipads, ipods, Kindles, and even laptops left on board the aircraft is staggering. Its not as simple to say found in 24b and return to the Pax. Many times it is not discovered on the plane it was left, and then flies a couple more flights. I generally can return these products to their owners, but passcode protect makes it harder to do, and I’m honestly trying to return these products to their rightful owners.

    Dropping off 10 ipads at the apple store for them to return to the owner doesn’t always work out either, as its a pain for me to get to a apple store , etc, and then TRUST the apple employee to return to the owner, without charging them an exuberant amount of $ for shipping. I live in Canada so shipping with customs and brokerage can be tricky.

    But if I can get past the passcode, I can get onto the device, open contacts or email etc, and have the item on the next plane to get back to the owner quickly.

    I lost a (very expensive ) camera once after my Hawaii wedding/honeymoon, and it was returned to me, so I have always remembered the great feeling of its return, from an honest person. and try to re-unite personal effects to their proper owners

    • Rak S

      Nice comment man.
      Only problem is, this tweak is only supposed to work on jailbroken devices so I’m not sure how useful it would be to you for most devices you mind.

  • Palmer Paul

    First of all, yours was created 3 DAYS ago NOT months ago. This app is already on its seventh beta…so I don’t think you could have made yours first.

    • Mokhles Hussien

      3 DAYS LOL Check OUT i was preparing another app.. and i left Mac version until i finish my app.. so i finished it already and i uploaded it on cydia then i created the mac version of my Windows tool which was released 3 MONTHS AGO… 😉

  • Kyle Beroney

    Great tool for someone who steals idevices for a living. The guy who created this was and is an idiot

  • Kuji

    Hi, this comment is mostely for Rak K that thinks hes iGOTya can save his iPhone.
    I’m sorry dude but the movie you live in is over long time ago, even before they made iGotYa or any other tweak that supposly protects your iphone.
    there are simple steps that a thief, and yes even you, can do to bypass your “CAN’T-TURN-OFF” option. the first one, do you have SBSettings? if you do, did you disabled it at the lockscreen? nice, option 2: please hold your home power and home button for a few seconds.. what happend? didnt the iphone restarted? if you are a little bit more “PRO” on putting your iphone on DFU mode you could see that there will be no problem. which knowledge the thief should have for this? only search the google for a word says “DFU MODE” from there, the way restoring you iphone is really easy. this tweak SHOULD be released because there will be more benefits for it than disadvantages. information always could be taking out from the iphone, with or without you passcode screen, with many ways which i rather not get into specific in here.
    There are more than a few problems that causes your backup to be useless if you cant reach the unlock screen, and this tweak will be very useful.