Samsung patent (Galaxy Gear smartwatch 001)

Perhaps looking to spoil Apple’s September 10 iPhone 5S/5C party, Samsung of South Korea is reportedly set to make a major wearables-focused announcement six days ahead of Apple’s press conference. The South Korean conglomerate last week sent out invites for its August 4 Unpacked 2013 Episode 2 event to launch the Galaxy Note III.

As it turns out, the firm may have another surprise up its sleeve come August 4: a Galaxy-branded smartwatch designed to act as a companion device for its Galaxy smartphones and tablets…

SamMobile has apparently confirmed that Samsung will in fact launch the Galaxy Gear smartwatch (model number  (SM-V700) “on the same day it takes the wraps off its third-generation Note”.

The Samsung event is due on September 4 – that’s the first Wednesday in September – at 7pm local time / 1pm ET / 10am Pacific.

A pair of drawings in this post are taken from Samsung’s Galaxy Gear trademark filing which describes “wearable digital electronic devices in the form of a wristwatch, wrist band or bangle capable of providing access to the Internet and for sending and receiving phone calls, electronic mails and messages”.

Samsung Galaxy Gear trademark filing

With a Samsung-branded smartwatch practically looming on the horizon and the Pebble being readily available across retail outlets nationwide, small wonder that Google, Microsoft, LG and others are ostensibly working on similar products of their own.

It’s worth pointing out this seeming flurry of activity in the wearable space is happening amidst persisting iWatch rumors.

For those who can’t make it to Berlin to follow along Samsung will provide a live stream of the presser in New York’s Time Square and on YouTube.

We’ll be watching the event as it unfolds to bring you up to speed with Samsung’s announcements – because it pays to know your competition.

  • Didn’t they just get awarded a patent for this a month back? Interesting, patents that are actually made a reality in a reasonable amount of time…you should start doing the same Apple, patents aren’t just for sueing and putting an end to innovation.

    BTW Christian, what’s with the “August 4” dates?

    • Tristan

      August 4th is when Sammy sent put invites for the event.

    • dpacemaker

      Well obviously they’ve been working on it before they put in the patent. If not, and they had a month or so of design, development, and testing then this will be junk. It might only run their in house OS and they want to make a push to have new devices run it too for better compatibility. I prefer Apples way. Design, and patents a good period of testing and design critiques. Then they release it when they are comfortable with it being as close to the best they could make it. Then they have a year to perfect it more for the next model. That’s why I never buy first gen products. Always third or higher, but I would probably get a first gen Apple watch.

      • Yeah that’s my point; Apple patents an idea, lives it for years to come, others build devices that relate to that idea and get sued by Apple, who hasn’t even released anything. Call it “they’re doing testing for longer periods”, but if it’s still in testing, they shouldn’t even be allowed to patent it…

        “I thought of it first” shouldn’t be patentable, “I made it first” should be. Though, I do agree that the first gen would probably have new wrist-watch problems, but only time will tell.

      • dpacemaker

        A patent is a patent. You can have a patent for something and never build it. I hope there is no lawsuit from this. I think it hurts both companies. My comment is aimed at the fact the Samsung May have rushed this to try and beat Apple to the punch. In my opinion Apple makes better products because they take longer developing it. I really hope that no stupid lawsuits come from this, and I don’t think there will.

      • Rowan09

        Your not understanding patents. If you have a standard essential patent lets use Bluetooth technology, you can’t keep it to yourself and sue others when they want to use it without giving them the chance to pay your a fare price. Standard essential patents allows other to use the patent, but specific patents are different and those aren’t industry standard. You can patent a watch and say no one can make a watch but you can patent a special feature on the watch that others won’t legally be able to copy. Samsung sued Apple just as Apple sued Samsung, just as Google and HTC pays Microsoft for using its patents on every Android sold (not sure if this still goes on).

      • dpacemaker

        Yeah Samsung sued over a Standard Essential patent, that’s one of the reasons Obama threw it out, that and the fact that nearly all the phone carriers appealed to him. Apple is suing over a Specific technology patent, which they have every right to. It seems though that Samsung doesn’t care and will probably ignore any ban, just like they ignore patents. I have yet to hear anything about Apple having an issue with this Samsung product, but I’m sure it will have something from Apples patent. Possibly the battery packs they patented allowing the band of the watch to hold the battery. Anyone that believes that Samsung doesn’t copy anything from Apple is crazy, nearly every product is an exact copy except for some slight changes to buttons, and of course cheap plastic. Just like anyone that thinks the new features of iOS 7 are marvelous ideas from Apple are crazy also. Looking at this picture shows pretty much an exact copy except for different buttons. Now the only difference is screen size, but I’m sure Apple will make a bigger phone next year.

      • dpacemaker

        This is an exact copy of a older Blackberry. Samsung has never had an original design, or thought. Other than the bloat ware they have that ruins Android. A pure Android phone like the new Moto X is a far better than anything Samsung has made. I choose iOS because of its ecosystem and how all my devices communicate easily and it always works. My dads Samsung Smart TV took four steps to connect his S3, and then he could only stream his personal photos and pics. With my App,e devices I connect to my wifi and everything is connected. No registering devices, waiting for confirmation emails with codes. My stuff works and communicates with one another without me telling it. Android doesn’t have that type of connectivity. Even the Chromecast is a waste because it only works for YouTube and Netflix. Can’t use it like AirPlay, I’m sure it will get better though, it is a first gen.

      • Kash Gummaraju

        I’d like to point out the designs of the note 2, s3, and s4, and all of the gen 2 tabs. They are very original and don’t copy apple at all. Samsung stuck to a widely used design of for 2 gens and everyone freaked out and then at 3rd gen samsung pulled out a new design and yet you fanboys are still accusing samsung of copying.

      • Kash Gummaraju

        If apple has an issue with this, and sues and wins, the patent system can be proven broken. Apple shouldn’t be allowed to claim that samsung infringed the patents of a product that hasn’t been released yet by themselves. I think the patent system should be changed so that the person who first releases the product can claim any relating patents or be allowed to negotiate with anyone who holds the patents before action is taken. Because Apple has done nothing but try to stifle the very competition that caused it to open its eyes and give customers what they really wanted for once and also a design makeover to iOS for the first time in 6 years.

      • Umm, what’s your point of arguing? You gave examples of product patents that have been made into reality, so, what do you disagree with me on?

      • Sokrates

        What’s exaclty your definition of “made it”?

      • Built a functioning reality of it, not just an idea on paper.

      • Sokrates

        ok, so build a prototype. Or a selling product. How do you define if its a prototype or a selling product? The company can argue they’re selling a prototype. if you say it has to be a finished product, the companies are starting bringing prototypes on the market, just to be first, patent them, and then improve them once again.

      • True, that will be even more messed up as it would just encourage people to always boycott the first few releases. Guess a better way of doing it would be:

        – Company A has an idea and a functioning prototype
        – Company A is granted a patent, valid for 1 year (they’re given a deadline to have marketable product)
        – If Company A manages to meet the deadline, patent duration is extended for an additional 4 years
        – If Company A fails to meet the deadline, patent expires
        – If Company B manages to build a functioning product b4 Company A and b4 deadline, they can’t market it without a license from Company A
        – If Company B manages to build a functioning product b4 Company A and after deadline, they can market it without a license from Company A

        That will reduce the number of lawsuit trolls and reward the true inventors. Too bad it’s not gonna take effect for a few decades, the system is too broken.

      • Sokrates

        That’s a great solution. Strict guidluines and fair. The only thing left is maybe to define what a marketable product is. And that’s probably the key problem, that every company can decide for itself, what a marketable product is for them.

  • Sokrates

    I love this. Cold war atmosphere.

  • Brandon Weidema

    “because it pays to know your competition” since when are you in competition with Samsung lol? I thought this was an Apple Enthusiast site.

    • smtp25

      Apple fanboy vs Android fanboy, get it, GET IT?!??!

  • Chindavon

    Oh you so sneaky Samsung. Trying to steal the thunder. Didn’t see this coming.

  • Jason Dennery

    I still just don’t see the point of a “smart watch”. The ones I have played around with are so gimmicky that I just don’t see the benefit.

    Maybe in a few years when they actually have real, tangible benefits they’ll make more sense.

    • smtp25

      well if siri actually worked properly you could read and reply to txt, Do siri stuff, without removing phone from pocket or iPad from bag.

  • Question

    Something about Samsung that just pisses me off not that im an apple fanboy.

  • BearManPig

    Awesome! Cant wait, hopefully it will be considerably different and better than pebble.

  • Rowan09

    If this event is anything like the S4 event, Samsung is just stupid. The S4 event was the worst advertisement I’ve ever seen in my life. Cheesy acting that confused the hell out of me.

  • Umut Bilgiç

    I don’t want to be “that guy”, but without even seing what it will look and feel like, I would just go for an iWatch, if I had a decision to make. I just love how my Apple devices work in sync, without me doing anything other than having an iCloud account. And I have been liking the way Apple does software/hardware, and the ecosystem, which is a whole another topic. I am in love with the idea of wrist-band technology though, I would love to use it while I am running, swimming etc. (I hope they make it water-resistant ;P)

  • Dan

    Looking forward to this, if it looks good (unlike Pebble), I’d be interested.