It’s been quite an exciting week full of Apple news, with the upcoming September 10th event, and the prospect of new iPhone hardware. Inside, Cody and Jeff discuss the long rumored budget iPhone, the iPhone 5S, iPads, and getting warranty coverage while running iOS 7. The duo also talks about the legitimacy of the Unthreaded jailbreak along with who might be behind it, and this week’s top tweaks.

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  • Alex Marwaha

    can someone tell me how to find this on the podcasts app? I would really like to download them and listen to them in my free time. how can I do that?

    • David Woje

      Click on the “open in the ios podcasts app” link below the embedded player. From there you can subscribe once you’re in the app.

    • Read the post. We have 7 different ways to subscribe to the podcast

      • Adedayo Ogunde

        Hi Sebastien, Is there any tweak that can forcefully make me stay on 3G and disable Edge. I use an iPhone 5, iOS 6.0, jail broken.

      • dedegarrido

        If you enable 3G… you will be on 3G only 😉
        The edge is only enabled too because if there is no 3G signal it will use edge; but when it’s connected to 3G, edge is disabled.

  • So I guess UnthreadedJB is not fake or what?


    What’s unthreaded ? I’m thinkin a typo

    • Melvco

      UnthreadedJB. It’s a group that has already released one working jailbreak for older devices, and says it’s working on one for newer models. Hasn’t happened yet though.



        Thanks for the info 🙂 Never heard of them b4 but then I didn’t get an iphone till iphone 4 was released. Got the 5 on release day and just wish I’d have waited till the 5’s. Once again ty.

      • Bob

        Hi you’re not a blog writer but you’re an iDB member I’m curious, what’s your job? Do you handle the technical stuff of the blog like seo optimization or do you do comment moderation

      • bob

        oh crap never mind I just realized that melvco is cody lee

  • blastingbigairs

    An untethered JB for IOS 7 would be better than Christmas Day!!!!

  • Adedayo Ogunde

    Guys, Is there any tweak that can forcefully make me stay on 3G and disable Edge. I use an iPhone 5, iOS 6.0, jail broken.

  • lemonhead

    I love how Cody ended the conversation with “peeeaaace”. A friend of mine does this all the time haha.

  • luis gonzalez

    Hi Jeff and Cody!!! I think you guys are ready to go live!!! I want to see you guys talk to each other on a video and yeah you can also bring in the French guy too… Lol just kiddin Sebastian! You rock

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    Jeff just fix your Retina Display MBP and keep it, why downgrade it would be a waste.