LockBar Pro Featured

LockBar Pro is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that brings a little of the iOS 7 flavor to lesser firmware. A tweak that’s obviously been influenced by the Control Center feature in iOS 7, LockBar Pro is sure to satisfy those who desire to have some of the feature set from Apple’s newest firmware, but are relegated to iOS 6.

We’ve taken a little bit of time to go hands-on with LockBar Pro. Check past the break for a preview video that showcases some of its features.

LockBar Pro features quite a few settings to configure in its preference pane. We’ll be sure to come back with a full review highlighting each feature when the tweak goes live on Cydia. Stay tuned, and let us know what you think about what you’ve seen this far.

  • Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs: Resurrection


    . youtube(dot com)/watch?v=GXr1kmuqGcU

  • Chazy Ronnie

    Its ok i guess..but bulletin is so much better

  • Mike M. Powell

    But….why, theres “Ayra” that has the same thing but just placed on the top part of the screen w/ notifications .-.” I uh…yea…

    • kmlmzhr

      I prefer this over Ayra. I think the notification display is just redundant

      • Mike M. Powell

        True true, on the day of release i asked the dev via twitter can he maybe add some custom so i can get rid of some of the toggles, or maybe change how the notifications are laid out .-., still no response

      • PiraCee

        Same here!

      • Kamrul

        This is the reason why I’m going to stop buying tweaks now, Axis devs still havn’t fixed problems for it and I payed for it.

      • Steve Jobs

        you so right dude! i tired of all the shit developers that taken our money and comes with no respone or support to the costumers!!! i bought axis too and its a great tweak but with bugs and still no update till than!

  • Damian W

    this tweak will be sweet on iOS 7 if we could finally customize toggles and maybe more..

    • It really should be their new slogan: Choice, taken away from you by Apple…

      • SkyFall

        Remind me why you keep reading this blog, and commenting in articles you will write something negative. It is an iDevice blog, the people here like Apple stuff but you don’t. Now don’t start excuses like ” I have Apple products, that why I read/comment here” if you don’t like an article post your opinion but don’t be this offensive.

      • Ahhhh, someone got their feelings hurt…Can’t afford to see negative stuff about Apple? Consider finding an iTardsOnlyBlog; where the truth about Apple’s greed is forbidden. I promise you’ll never come across such negative facts about nor anything questioning your herd master Apple over there…

      • SkyFall

        Ahh, the over used reply. Dude I like Technology not Apple, I buy what suits me and honestly I think that Apple will loose the game unless they release an iPhone with major updates.
        P.S. I couldn’t care less for comments on this blog. And I am not an iSheep.

      • TeddyBearStand


  • Meh, got all the lock screen toggles I need with LockInfo 5’s widget drawer and NCSettings…plus it’s more transparent; i.e. if a regular person looks at my LockScreen, they’re less likely to realise dangerous system toggles like “Power off” are there.

  • Xin Chan

    Kinda redundant to have such tweak now with iOS 7 release…and just too many other options that offer more functionalities

  • Guest

    Prefer Battery Doctor Pro. Pretty much the same thing on the lockscreen just different design. (You make it appear by tapping the battery icon)

    • Kamrul

      Battery Dr pro fcks about with your phone btw.

      • Mike M. Powell

        It makes my phone go into safe mode sometimes “crash report app” n I’m on 6.1.2, but my other phone is 6.1 n it doesn’t crash on there…bastards>_>

      • J™

        i’m on 6.1.2 and i am using BDP for more than 6 months but i have no issue at all

      • Gurudas G

        Yup BDP seems to affect some devices while others are completely fine

    • Damian W

      very android-ish 🙁 . Nevertheless, great performance tweak.

  • Liam Mulcahy

    There are way too many lockscreen toggles tweaks. This tweak needs to be system wide to stand out.

  • Malan Raja

    Charge your iPod Jeff 😛

  • Malan Raja

    Does it play well with JellyLock?

  • Throndson


  • 2Vini

    Price and estimated release date?

  • Gorgonphone

    its UI looks ugly

  • Khis Ariasaif

    I hate cheap imitations, nothing like the original! Lol

  • This Guy

    If only this tweak could be used not only on the lock screen but also on the home screen as well as within apps. Doesnt seem like it would be too hard to configure… But im no programmer. If that happened though, combined with my other tweaks and themes, I would have a {near} exact replica of ios 7 on 6

  • Alex

    Dafaq can’t they release a cheap one for people WITH smart phone plans, but not on contract D: