iRealSMS iOS 7 QuickReply

The developer of iRealSMS contacted us recently regarding a new upcoming feature to its popular Messages app alternative. iRealSMS 3.0.6 brings a new iOS 7 inspired QuickReply theme to the fold, and it looks pretty interesting. Once QuickReply makes its way to iOS via an iOS 7 jailbreak, we imagine that this is similar to how it’d look. What say you? Check out our brief video preview after the jump.

Of course, this is just a preview, and you can expect a full in-depth review once the tweak update officially touches down on Cydia. So far, the developer has yet to provide a solid ETA for release, but I would imagine that you can expect it much sooner than later.

What do you think? Do you use iRealSMS, or do you stick with its more popular alternative, biteSMS? What made you decide to use one app over the other? Please sound off with your thoughts and comments down below.

  • Fevostone

    I just wish apple would bang it into one of the beta

    • mehrab

      Or ios 7.1

      • Arnaud Nelissen

        Or iOS 8…

      • Bob

        iOS 9

      • antoinehage

        iOS X

  • sl0wCydia

    Why Android devices suck

    2. not all apps are compatible with all Android devices.
    3. most Android phones have pointless and stupid features.
    4. ugly UI
    5. The software you get with the phone you usually stay with. Its very hard to update the software of a Android phone.

    6. most Android phones are made out of cheap hard plastic which makes it a #$%$ phone

    Example: dragging a video from the internet to the home screen is a perfect example of a pointless and stupid feature

    7. They don’t have a big selection of apps.
    8. unpatched vulnerabilities (security risk)

    • Willie

      ok cool.

    • Come on dude, you beginning to irritate me now…

      • sl0wCydia


    • SimonReidy

      That’s a swell list. Just one thing – what does any of that have to do with iRealSMS’s quickreply feature?

      • sl0wCydia

        nothing just love posting it

    • Damian W

      it seems like you have been asleep for the last 2 years. From what I know, Android is getting stronger and better with every single month. There are millions of people who switch from iOS to android and they are satisfied with it. Some claim android is the real deal.

      All the facts you listed were true 2 years ago. Now your list is very outdated. Get your facts right. Bottom line is, if you get one of the top quality phones for android, you won’t regret it.

      • sl0wCydia

        Do you have legit proof that every month millions of people switch from iOS to android?

      • Damian W

        I did not say millions are switching in a month. I said “millions of people switched and they are happy.”

      • sl0wCydia

        Do you have proof of that? If you say something without proof it is just your word.

      • Damian W

        You are funny with your proofs. Yet you don’t need to prove anything, right? Dude what proof do you want from me? Do you even read website that write about it. It seems like you were asleep all together. GO read some articles on how many people use android. Android is the most used OS at the moment. It is way ahead of iOS in terms of numbers. I don’t need to prove anything to you. Just google it yourself.

      • sl0wCydia


      • Damian W

        google . com or bing

      • sl0wCydia


      • Damian W

        Dude i am not gonna teach you how to do a research. Thats what schools are for. Go back to one, and come here for more discussion when you learn how to read.

        BTW, iDB writes a bit about android vs iOS usage. SO you should be able to find some interesting facts.

      • sl0wCydia


      • Damian W


      • sl0wCydia


      • Damian W

        who? how about you give me some link and see how learning progress is going.

      • iFonz


      • mehrab

        Android is GREAT! With its specs features and fragmentation and horrible apps and slowness. Best os ever! Best part”free customization” innovation to the MAX!

      • mnm221988

        I did it in May from an iPhone 5 to the Note 2. Never will I see an Apple iPhone in my hand again unless the phone fixes their idea to run small batteries in the phone, and it turns into a jet and fly’s me to an island.

      • mnm221988

        Totally agree. Run Roms on my Galaxy Note 2, and I have no regrets switching from an iPhone to an Android phone. I just hate the music app. I’ve been using my Touch recently.

    • Matheus Lisboa

      and this relates to the post in what way?

    • Mohammed Sahib

      Typical troll. Ban hammer incoming, I hope.

      • sl0wCydia

        That is not true. I am talking crap about Android products on a apple article. So that is false.

    • Soran Ebrahim

      This dude is really funny!

      1. “lag” also happens on iOS devices, especially jail-broken device.
      2. this is true, but also not all ios apps compatible with all ios device
      3. ios also has some functions not used by many people. if one function is preferred by certain group of people, you cannot say it is stupid
      4. taste is different for everyone
      5. have you ever heard CyanogenMod?
      6. so, kevlar is “cheap hard plastic”

  • sam445

    BiteSms is best

    • Matheus Lisboa

      I just wished they’d built in their tweak with stock messages

  • Beta382

    Why would they make the default theme look like iOS 7? I don’t care if you think iOS 7 looks better than iOS 6, but theming something to look like iOS 7 BY DEFAULT on iOS 6 makes no logical sense.

    This would look great with iOS 6 elements, or would look great as-is on iOS 7. But it sticks out and looks crappy and out of place on iOS 6. The should have made it use the UI elements already present throughout iOS 6, and then made a separate iOS 7 theme to release to Cydia, to be applied with WinterBoard.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      They did and that was one of the biggest complaints and why people use tweaks such as BiteSMS instead. BiteSMS looks nothing like stock iOS 6 either but still functions well and doesn’t look out of place even with it’s different look…

    • Reznor9

      It’s not defaulted, its an option. There are 4 total themes. The classic, classic custom, iOS6 and iOS7. I actually designed all the themes and am especially proud of the iOS6 and 7 versions. Give them all a look.

      • Beta382

        If there are multiple themes, and you aren’t forced to use any one in particular, then I take back what I said.

    • RTFA. It’s just an option.

  • Riley Freeman

    Bitesms >. I really wish apple just bought them and built it into iOS. I NEED quick reply

  • Xin Chan

    3.0.6? The latest version available since March is already…

  • Naveen Thomas

    Can Apple listen and bring a quick reply feature over to iOS 7? It’s not that hard. They did so with Mavericks.

    • pauleebe

      It’ll be an iPhone 5S only feature … 😉

      • Naveen Thomas

        Awesome! I’m planning to get a 5S anyway, so the more exclusivity, the better. 🙂

  • SimonReidy

    Looks nice, but kind of irrelevant until there’s an iOS7 jailbreak, as it obviously doesn’t match iOS6 at all. I guess it could be good for themers who are trying to make their phone look like iOS7, but apart from that, there’s not much to be excited about.

    I’ll stick to BiteSMS for multiple reasons. iRealSMS has to be one of the slowest evolving iOS tweaks of all time. How long has it been at 3.x? At this rate version 4 will come out in 20 years.

    • Beto

      It doesn’t matter what version it is. What matters is being updated. It can very well be version 1. It has the one feature that bitesms lacks….nickname comparability.

  • Albert

    what does the reply look like? Is it anything like the jailbreak tweak Messages? is it quick reply there?

  • Linton Findlay

    I wish more quick reply tweaks were like messages+, i prefere seeing the conversation as im typing than just having a small box

    • Imahottguy

      BiteSMS allows the user to view the convo by tapping an arrow at the top of the message.

      • Linton Findlay

        Ive always found it fiddly to do. And it doesnt let you see what your replying to while you type the message, like messages+. Same with quick reply for FB, sucks so hard

    • Reznor9

      In iRealSMS You can easily double tap contact pic in quickreply to view the conversation history. Or access it via the more options menu.

  • Imahottguy

    Back when development was at a faster pace, I had iReal installed. I actually jumped on board after they released QR as a separate tweak, as I liked the messages app but wanted QR, but became hooked and bought the whole shebang. When I came back to iPhone with the 4S I thought I would try BiteSMS as iReal had seemed to be the exact same as when I left. I really enjoy BiteSMS, lots of options, themes for the app and QR. It would take quite a change and renewed commitment to developing features and whatnot to get me back on the iReal band wagon. They both have good products, but Bite has it right now.

  • All I want is a decent quick reply to the stock app, is it really that hard to make?
    (no offense though) but it makes you wonder by now.

  • Liam Mulcahy

    I keep the stock iMessage app and use intelliscreenX for quick reply

  • UnlimApps Inc.

    Just switched to this i’m actually liking it much more than i thought i would

  • cr0w_69

    I wish that BiteSMS could be used for the Facebook Messenger app

  • CMJO

    Apple disappoints me this time around. When will they innovate? They can’t even innovate their iOS, why would we think they are going to innovate with products?

    • nathan coffey

      Have u seen the new ios , let me say after a few months of usin it I went down to ios 6 for a few days long story short it was a little hack I needed ios 6 to do then “upgraded” back to ios 7 to keep it and ios 6 was to bulky and it’s feel was just OLD compared to ios 7 it’s hard to explain but trust me it’s different the only jailbreak tweak I need is quick reply like in bite sms all the other tweaks I used are mostly there except for the unified iPod (yes I had that working I ios 6 :p )

      • CMJO

        Yes, I’ve had iOS 7 since the first beta.

  • Beto

    I have been using bitesms since it became available. However, i have recently dropped it for irealsms for the simple fact that irealsms gives you the nickname feature. bitesms does not. It’s a simple feature that makes a hell of a difference. It gives you the ability to use the full name on your contacts and only the nickname on the message app.