iBooks for OS X Mavericks (iBookstore, Featured)

The fifth beta of the upcoming OS X Mavericks was released today, bringing with it for the first time the iBooks for Mac app.

Showcased during June’s WWDC keynote, iBooks for Mac brings the iOS reading experience to the Mac, down to turning pages with a swipe, zooming in on images with a pinch and scrolling from cover to cover. One developer took to YouTube to share his experience with iBooks for Mac beta, the video is right after the break…

Developer Nick Pomes posted a video tour (via 9to5Mac) to YouTube showcasing the reading experience in iBooks for Mac.

He takes us through downloading a free book from the iBookstore and demos the various tools, like search, highlighting, bookmarks and more.

Have a look below.


Needles to say, all your books downloaded through the built-in iBookstore (see the image top of post) automatically appear in iBooks for Mac and iOS. Speaking of the iBookstore in iBooks for Mac, you can browse free or paid books by title, author or genre, check out reviews, click to see details or read a free sample.

Other features included in iBooks for Mac: Collections, support for importing your own PDFs via drag and drop and a Purchased section to filter only the reading material obtained from Apple.

Strangely enough, PDFs open in the Preview app.

If Apple is reading this, I sure as hell hope they’ll implement iCloud sync for PDFs because I want to be able to import my own books once and have them automatically pushed to all of my authorized devices.

iBooks for OS X Mavericks (Multiple books)

By the way, iBooks – along with other Apple apps on the App Store that are not part of the stock iOS experience – is yet to be updated with the flattened iOS 7 look and feel. I also love how the Mac edition steers away from the wooden bookshelf design seen in its oft-criticized iOS counterpart.

According to Apple, iBooks for Mac brings feature-parity with its iOS counterpart.

iBooks for OS X Mavericks (Collections)

In addition to page turning by swiping and pinch-zooming, iBooks for Mac takes advantage of your screen real estate by letting you keep as many books open as you like, which is useful for students who need to reference and research multiple textbooks simultaneously.

The Notes pane seen on the below screenshot collects all your notes, highlights and thoughts in the lefthand column.

iBooks for OS X Mavericks (Textbooks 001)

“When you quote an excerpt while writing a paper, iBooks adds a citation for you,” Apple says in a press release. “And when you take notes, highlight passages, or add a bookmark on your Mac, iCloud pushes them to all your devices automatically”.

Of course, iCloud also keeps your progress synced across devices so you’ll be able to start reading a book on your iOS device and continue right where you left off on a Mac, and vice versa. And by enabling automatic downloads, buying a book on your iOS device  will automatically push it to all your Macs via iCloud.

By last count, the iBookstore had over 1.8 million free and paid books, from textbooks and classics to the latest bestsellers.

  • sl0wCydia

    Why Android devices suck

    2. not all apps are compatible with all Android devices.
    3. most Android phones have pointless and stupid features.
    4. ugly UI
    5. The software you get with the phone you usually stay with. Its very hard to update the software of a Android phone.

    6. most Android phones are made out of cheap hard plastic which makes it a #$%$ phone

    Example: dragging a video from the internet to the home screen is a perfect example of a pointless and stupid feature

    7. They don’t have a big selection of apps.
    8. unpatched vulnerabilities (security risk)

    • Jamie Tilden

      What does this have to do with OS X Mavericks DP 5 and iBooks for Mac? Please tell me.

      • sl0wCydia

        nothing i just love posting it 😀

      • Cesar D

        that andorid does not have iBooks? 😀

    • Guest

      android does not have iBooks? 😀

    • Kurt

      What you wrote is factually not true.

      1) Most of it was just opinion and unfair as it implies that iOS is different when iOS has lag,

      2) apps not compatible with all iOS devices-same for iOS (maybe it’s true to say iOS is better in this regards but I don’t know if it is.)
      3) having more features that you can turn on an off if you don’t use them is a plus. We have the negative as we can’t do much. To be fair Android wins on that point not loses.

      4) ugly UI (some hate iOS 6 as it’s ugly and others hate iOS 7 as it’s ugly)

      5) is a true statement when its about iOS and the user being older, not true overall though so that’s good for iOS
      6) when apple does plastic no one complains, and for good reason, who cares about “feel”. Why are those who complain the same who put cases on their phone? I don’t complain about feel of plastic and prefer plastic over metal (not glass though) and I have an iPhone 4S that is nude and I love it, but would never complain like a immature twit.

      7) Android and iOS nearly have the same amount of apps to select from. Soon Android will have more. But what you could have said is many apps that are on both OSes, iOS will be more beautiful and have more features-case in point, Yahoo Weather.

      8) I don’t know much about Android but I can only regurgitate what others say in Android defense about third party app stores being the real problem to all the security risks if your meaning was about malware?

  • Kurt

    @1:31 in the video you can see “start speaking”. I love this feature. I use it from time to time to read Zibreg’s articles, as they are typically long with lots of information which I like, if I’m doing something and can’t read off the TV. I use Siri on my phone but its too much work to highlight the whole article on the phone. Does anyone know if Windows has a program to install that we can highlight text on a website and it will read it to us? I can’t be the only one who would find this useful.

    • That’s been built into Windows since Vista. You can find more details here (http://bit ly/148cpR3). However, since the only place I find it necessary is in Google Chrome (when reading articles), I just use this Chrome extension (http://bit ly/148cJiD).

  • No pageturn animation 🙁 sigh..

    • Kaptivator

      Is it because this is still in beta…maybe?

      • I hope they add it, would enhance the experience. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Ksain

      Hope they won’t delete this animation from iBooks on iOS after iOS7 release.