As expected, Motorola unveiled its new Moto X handset today at an intimate event in New York City. Though Motorola has unveiled a few new devices since it was purchased by Google last year, this is said to be the first true product of their collaboration.

Initial feedback on the phone has been positive. In line with previous leaks, the X has a 4.7-inch display, a number of customizable hardware options and some unique software features. But will it be enough to make a dent in the crowded smartphone market?


Let’s start by looking at the hardware. The 4.7-inch display is of the 720p AMOLED variety, and it’s capable of some cool tricks. One of them is a feature called ‘Active Notifications ,’ which shows information at-a-glance without lighting up the whole screen.

Motorola calls the X’s processor the ‘X8 Mobile Computing System,’ but it’s just a run-of-the-mill Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chip with two custom chips for the Moto X’s always-on voice recognition feature. It’s far from the most powerful setup available.

To round out the specs, the Moto X has a 10-megapixel “Clear Pixel” RGBC camera, and 2GB of RAM. Everything else is customizable—you can choose between either 16GB or 32GB of storage, and casing color: chose from 2 front colors, 18 back, and 7 accents.

As for the software, the phone runs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and sports a few unique features. There’s ‘Touchless Control,’ which brings up the voice assistant anytime you say ‘Ok Google Now,’ and there’s Quick Capture, a motion-controlled camera launcher.

I think it’s interesting that even though Google had a hand in creating the Moto X, it doesn’t come with the latest Android release (4.3) and it’s odd that there’s still some Motorola skinning. But I think the customizable aspect is cool, as are some of the features.

Overall, though, I don’t know if this will be enough to keep Samsung or Apple up at night. But if you’re interested in picking one up, the Moto X is expected to be available at all US carriers later this month for $199—though AT&T has an exclusive on color options.

So, what do you think about the Moto X?

Images via TechCrunch

  • Kevin Guzman

    I’m actually impressed. You can customize it to your heart’s content! Its still Android and last time I checked, I didn’t like using Android.

    • sivkai

      Android Jelly Bean provides an amazing experience. I was a diehard Apple fanboy at one point, however, the Nexus 4 made me into an Android convert 🙂

      • Zero

        What did the nexus 4 impress you?

      • sivkai

        Well not really the phone itself, but the software it is running: stock Android (aka AOSP).

        When I was in my Apple bubble, my only image of Android was Samsung’s TouchWiz, HTC’s sense, etc. However stock Android is a far cry from these OEM skinned Android software. It looks better, doesn’t have bloatware and generally speaking, runs far smoother (as smooth if not more than iOS).

        You really have to experience stock Android to appreciate it. It might not be as intuitive as iOS, but I find it far more sleek and sophisticated.

        On a final note, I also have to say that Android apps have come a looong way. I dare say, some Android apps are better looking than their iOS counterpart!

      • Hwang Lee

        Stock Android is gorgeous, thank god for the Play Editions of these phones.

      • Andre Grey

        yup,i’ve been a apple fanboy for a long time but i purchased thw htc google edition and i love it..stock android is the way to go

      • mehrab

        Y i woned many android only the nexus 4 impressed me but no in terms of app responsiveness and quality and web browsing ios is still a major winner

      • Tom García

        I have a Nexus 4, and I love it. I like Android, but nothing is smoother than iOS. And I really miss that.

  • Rowan09

    A little disappointing if you ask me. While it has some cool features, some of them are Samsungish and I don’t think people will switch over to Motorola from Samsung. Another huge thing I believe they messed up with is not having the newest OS, it’s a Google phone and its on old software. I don’t know about this being a big seller but time will tell.

    • Jelly Bean is old?

      • sivkai

        I think he was referring to it being on 4.2.2 and not 4.3.

        Kind of a moot point, 4.3 does not really bring anything new to the table compared to 4.2.2.

      • Hwang Lee

        Well, 4.3 is a under-the-hood update, but I think it helps alot with the smoothness of the OS, as graphical rendering is better on 4.3, but yeah, not a massive change.

        Since Google put all of it’s stock apps and keyboard in the Play Store, updates can be handled for those stock apps in the Play Store, so all Google can do is do under-the-hood improvements (till 5.0) is released.

      • Rowan09

        I say old because its a new Google phone that everyone was talking about the “Moto X” and it’s coming out with a old software instead of a new one. If I’m Google I would make sure my phone comes out with something other Androids don’t have at the moment. The specs on the phone aren’t phenomenal with all the hype over this phone. I’m looking at this phone from a customer standpoint, not for me but customers looking to purchase an Android. What would make me want to buy this phone over HTC or Samsung? I don’t see anything that would definitively get them to buy this phone.

    • Rupinder S

      Actually, they are releasing one with stock 4.3 (Google Version) and one with Motorola 4.2. The buyer can choose which software they’d like, which I think is very smart.

      • felixtaf

        That sucks and will confuse an ordinary consumer…

      • sivkai

        The Google version will mainly be targeted toward hardcore Android fans and developers. It will also receive less advertising so far from being confused, I doubt consumers will even know about the Moto X GE.

      • Rowan09

        This is why things get confusing. Your selling a phone made by Google with only certain companies get certain types according to the article and one with 4.3 and the other with 4.2.2, that’s too confusing. I’m predicting this phone will not be a big seller compared to Samsung phones.

      • sivkai

        I agree. I don’t think this will even put a dent in HTC sales let alone Samsung’s. I can only see people buying this phone for the customisability it offers.

      • Rowan09

        I know what is Google trying to accomplish here, I’m very confuse. Most really Android fans will say Nexus is the best Android phone yet still Google doesn’t promote this at all. Personally I don’t think they care and this is why I think this phone will be a failure.

      • sivkai

        I think you overestimate Google’s role in the Moto X. Sure they own Motorola, however, the two still operate as separate entities and though they converge in some areas, I think its safe to say that Motorola is in charge here.

      • Rupinder S

        I agree with Sivkai. And the main reason Google bought Motorola is so that Motorola wouldn’t sue or ask for OEM’s from other companies, because they patented a lot of what’s on Android. They didn’t completely buy it to make a profit off of phones. With the moeny they have, I would assume it’s just “side/pocket” money. So don’t you worry about them not promoting it right.

  • Jay Kay

    What a fail.

  • Julio Cesar

    Looks like an decent android smartphone to test the apps that I develop 😀

  • Boss

    Can;’t believe Google wasted 10+ Billion on this company they should have purchased Nintendo and made a good console

    • Falk M.

      Oh God no. Not Nintendo.
      One of the last few companies with true faith in the base principles of gaming and gamers.

    • Pitchy

      They wanted the patents. Motorola basically created the whole cellphone market.

  • sivkai

    As an Android enthusiast, I have to say, I am majorly disappointed with the Moto X. It all comes down to price and what you receive for it, $199 ON contract for a phone with last year specs (at best) is a joke.

    Moto X should either be a high end smartphone for that price, or a medium spec smartphone at a much cheaper price. Think Nexus 4.

    It’s a shame. I really wanted the Moto X to work and I must admit, the customisability is awesome, but the hardware and price are totally incompatible.

    • Mustang5Oh

      Couldn’t have said it better myself…well except the android enthusiast part lol.

    • felixtaf

      Its a nice looking customizable phone. But as u mentioned too much asking for a phone with midrange specs as off 2013 android flagship standards. Totally agree with your points about hardware and price. This and Nexus 4, I wud pick Nexus 4. Lets see what the camera offers in real life…

    • Hwang Lee

      Agreed. I mean, specs isn’t everything. The Nexus 4 works beautifully and is probably one of the smoothest Android phones, yet it has mid-end specs. Yet the Nexus’s price was way lower than the Moto X’s.

      • Kash Gummaraju

        nexus 4 doesn’t have mid range specs check your facts

      • Hwang Lee

        My bad, I always thought it had lower specs. It just doesn’t have LTE 😛

  • Andy

    Well, that certainly was underwhelming. Definitely not the phone that I expected, and at that price there are a lot of better choices available.

  • Hwang Lee

    The big thing that might make me buy this is if it has what is claimed to be 24 hour battery life. Hopefully the price goes down on this phone, it’s way too much for so much less (kinda).

    • sivkai

      Yup, the battery life (if true) and customisability are the only two main selling points. Pretty strong ones if you ask me, but at this price, I just cannot justify it. You are better off buying a Nexus 4 and installing a custom kernel to improve battery life.

      • Dalian barons

        Or galaxy s3 and 7300 mah battery

    • Dan

      It’s not that much of a big deal imo, I have a Note 2 and the battery lasts me easily 24 hours

  • Liam Mulcahy

    damn that’s the thing to beat

    • Pitchy

      They need a much higher end version if they want to be on top. 720p screen isn’t the thing to beat, plus the inside guts are like last years top phones, not this years.

  • pauleebe

    Sorry but the customizability aspect of this is just awesome.

    • Pitchy

      not sure why you got the downvotes… but then again, I guess some people like having a phone that looks exactly like everyone elses.

  • blastingbigairs

    You can’t polish a turd.

    • Nipasaurus

      False. Mythbusters proved that it’s possible to polish a turd.

      • blastingbigairs

        But even then it still smells. Fail.

  • Stephen Hagans

    I do like the always on feature.

  • Dan

    I like android, but this phone doesn’t interest me in the least. I don’t really care about the colors, and it doesn’t bring anything special to the table besides that.

    If it was priced similarly to the Nexus 4 (350-400$), that would be fine. But this thing is going to be the same price as high-end phones on contract.

  • Pitchy

    I dig the the color options, that is cool. I wish they showed off more the flip of the wrist camera trick. That seems like something that could be pulled off and installed on other devices.

    It seems like a mid range phone, even nearly low end with it’s specs.

    I don’t understand Google’s logic with not pushing it out with 4.3. Motorola is a Google company now, so they should treat it like a skinned Nexus.

  • Guytano Law

    I love ios and androids many versions of its OS. I had an iPhone and got bored with it. Jail breaking wasn’t worth it. I now have an htc one and love it! Some of the customizing features of the moto x are nice, but Apple,Samsung and htc will mimic them and we will all be happy. Gogglorola has a decent phone, but with ios 7 coming and pure google versions of the best phones already available. X doesn’t mark the spot

  • Gorgonphone

    lolololololololo another BS android phone