The creators of the popular social networking app Checkthis recently launched a revolutionary new photography app that turns snapshots into stories. Gone are the days of landscape photos without a subject, or “selfies” that don’t offer much background context.

Frontback lets you take two pictures at once. One of yourself and one of the view you are looking at. Now, when you post pictures of yourself to Instagram, your friends won’t be asking where you took them…

The app is very simple to use. After registering and connecting to one of your social networking accounts, like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you can start snapping photos of the world around you. The first shot will be of what you see. After the picture is taken, the app will automatically turn the iPhone camera on you so you can get a reaction shot.

You can post your double-view images to your connected social networking sites and share them on the Frontback feed.

The app is simple to use and does not feature any filter or other photo editing tools. You simply tap the camera icon to take the two photos, add your location, pick which social networking sites you want to share it too, and hit “Done.”

To see other pictures that have been posted to the Frontback feed, just scroll down. You can vote other’s images up, share them on Instagram and Twitter, and save them to your own camera roll.

This app is more than just another way to show off pictures of yourself. It lets you tell a story. For example, if you take a picture of your favorite team scoring, and then one of yourself cheering, your friends will be able to see what happened and your reaction to it.

Frontback 3

When you are alone, you no longer have to decide whether to take a picture of your surrounding environment or how you look at the moment. Now, you can have both shots in one take.

Some users have already gotten creative with their ideas and are posting two-face photos, unusual perspective shots, and funny split-self action pictures. The options are potentially endless. Put your cat’s head on your body. Take a picture of your fancy dinner, and then of yourself eating said dinner.

Frontback is completely free and available for the iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 6.0 or higher. Download it in the App Store today.

  • Markus Hudobnik

    Reminds me of that one other app that was reviewed on here awhile ago. Double cam I think?

  • ??

    What can you do if you have an idea for an app but not the expertise to make an app?

    • Álvaro Morales Navarro

      Enjoy learning or paying some pro to make it for you? I opted for the first option and twas awesome.

  • So Geohot’s “Reactions” app, which was supposed to do the same thing, is still awaiting approval from the app store?

    • seyss

      yeah I always wondered wtf happened to his app….. it was the very first time I read about this idea of using 2 cameras

    • John Stanley

      Yeah. I like the layout of reactions pics better. Ill give this a try though

  • David Hvilivitzki

    Not going to make an account in order to take pictures, sorry

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  • Álvaro Morales Navarro

    Smells like sponsored stuff!

    • Wrong. Learn read our disclosure here

      • Álvaro Morales Navarro

        Slap! Ok, sorry. Anyway, just said it smelt like that, didn’t affirm categorically it was.

      • Álvaro Morales Navarro

        By the way of the disclosure, I didn’t want to “make you feel guilty for having ads or making money” on your own site. Differently, I was freely expressing my impressions about the post, which I think is very much legitimate and, after all, what comments are there for. Making money out of what you do for a living is not only okay, but fair and well deserved.

  • O. Bakerman

    Yeah, revolutionary bad ratings.