Budget iPhone (FCC markings)

Here’s a nice little nugget naysayers should chew on. A photograph that surfaced on a Chinese website earlier today appears to seemingly depict a plastic chassis, presumably belonging to Apple’s rumored less-pricey iPhone model.

Now, we’ve seen these things previously shown off extensively in a high-resolution video, hires close ups and a bunch of  previously published photographs. What distinguishes this particular “leak” from others are the certification markings on the back – and that’s an unexpected treat in my book…

As first noted by iPhone5Skopen.com, the photo emerged in a post over at Weibo, China’s popular micro-blogging service.

As you can see for yourself top of post, the plastic backplate shows the iPhone logo as well as notices and markings from the FCC and other certification authorities.

The previous leaks only had the iPhone logo imprinted on the back, have a look below.

Plastic iPhone vs iPhone 5 (Michael Kukielka 001)

Here’s another one.

Plastic iPhone vs iPhone 5 (Michael Kukielka 002)
The plastic iPhone vs iPhone 5 by Michael Kukielka on Instagram, via Chris Herbert.

You’re advised to take this with a grain of salt.

For starters, the iPhone typeface on back (the shot top of post) looks a little bit thicker compared to the previous leaks, though it’s difficult to tell for sure due to the sharp angle of the shot.

For all we know, this could be a 3D-printed practical joke of someone with too much time on their hands. Also worth mentioning: the markings suggest certification bodies such as FCC had already approved the device.

We’re expecting both the iPhone 5S and the rumored budget iPhone (sporting a tweaked CPU with 1GB RAM) around the September-October timeframe. Now, some watchers speculate Apple might drop the iPhone 5 after the new models arrive so the simplified lineup should include only the ‘iPhone 5S’ and the ‘iPhone lite’, each apparently available in several different colors.

This makes a lot of sense to me.

The ‘iPhone lite’ (or budget iPhone) is thought to be a mid-tier device rather than a a bargain basement cheap iPhone. As such, it should effectively replace Apple’s older devices – the $450 iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S – to become the new entry-level choice tailored to budget-minded consumers.

  • jocastro


    • Maxim∑

      No, its real at this point

    • TeddyBearStand

      That first picture in the article looks fake: the “iPhone” label is bold, unlike the others seen in other leaks (but then again those other leaks could be fake as well hmm…….)

      • marcus1324

        The pictures were taken at different times, they are both real but Apple just decided to make the font bolder.

      • ReanimationXP

        You must be new here.

      • marcus1324

        I have been reading iDB for years and Apple doesn’t have to stick with one font.. They are changing a lot of stuff in their company.

  • TeddyBearStand

    I wouldn’t mind getting this as my first phone.

  • Huey Benitez

    This needs to stop tbh

  • n0ahcruz3

    Looks like a chinese knockoff.. Oh wait.

  • cesar velasco

    Hope this doesn’t come true
    It’s a cheap iphone!…. Are you copying samsung in this move?

    • marcus1324

      Apple needs to do this to get people away from Android. It needs to come true its a very smart move.

      • cesar velasco

        Well, if it does come out it should really be a lot cheaper, but A LOT, in order to make android users change to ios.

      • marcus1324

        Yeah I would think it would be cheaper, people would buy the budget iPhone and would really like it so they would switch to the normal iPhone.

    • Yunsar

      It’s not intended for people like me and you. It’s mostly intended for people in countries like India and China.

  • eXvoLution

    first i missed the chance to JB my i5 now this come-on Apple

  • Bobby

    Wtf? Please no cheap plastic backing a apple X:::::: (
    Or sumsung will sue you.

  • Martynet

    why is everyone going crazy about those leaks? I think it’s great idea to make more models. Lots of people will actually prefer the plastic one with better grip and lower price. Great for kids too. iPhone 3G/S is plastic too, if I don’t count the metal band around and it still looks great.
    Anyway, those leaks seems pretty real to me and I’m happy that Apple is spreading the wings a bit. It definitely doesn’t look as cheap as other plastic smartphones on the market.

    • OhSixTJ

      People are going crazy because they’re stupid.

  • Perry Tanko

    A budget iphone would be a great choice; cut the Ram way down to appeal to user who don’t download many apps or music/videos.

  • leart za jmi

    i am sure that this plastic iPhone will sell, but for sure i am not buying one of those

    • Gorgonphone

      its fro the same folks who bout the ipad mini and think its great..lol

  • Steve Jobs

    I didn’t read the article … but i think apple knows about it and it’s the same thing with the iPhone 5 leaks …. they want to know people opinion about the now design.

  • Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal

    People is losing their minds about a plastic iphone. What about people getting really expensive iPhones and putting a cheap plastic case on it?

  • Joshua Catimpo

    That would be stupid ifthey made the cheaper iphone specs better than the i5, but the i5 would be more expensive. Atleast make the budget one have like one or so less features in i5. and for the 5s, stay expensive… User like it when its expensive, i mean lets face it, we precious things because its expensive, and thats what makes us love apple( expensive= be careful
    Be careful= take care of it
    Take care of it= love it
    love it= praise apple)


    • anshul agarwal

      Really!? We love it coz they are JUST expensive??
      Try loving a Galaxy Note 2 or S4 for that matter, and you will hate yourself.

      • Joshua Catimpo

        Shut up, anal. You probably didnt get what i meant because you cant read properly. Plus, im asking opinions, not some guy being a total fuckhead answering my questions, asshole

      • anshul agarwal

        Well well, pussy-imp, looks like we got a pimpo for apple’s design team.

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