Saurik Interview

Jay Freeman, also known as Saurik, is well known by iOS users for his work in the jailbreak community. Not only does he run Cydia, the definitive jailbreak store, but he also develops tweaks and handles a number of other aspects.

But Saurik is also making a name for himself among Android users as well. Back in May, he released a working form of his Cydia substrate for Google’s platform, and this weekend he’s posted a fix for a major security vulnerability…

The fix is for a bug known as the ‘Android Master Key,’ a vulnerability discovered by Bluebox Labs that, at the time, was said to affect a staggering 99% of Android users. And depending on the use, it was considered very dangerous.

“The implications are huge! This vulnerability, around at least since the release of Android 1.6 (codename: “Donut” ), could affect any Android phone released in the last 4 years1 – or nearly 900 million devices2– and depending on the type of application, a hacker can exploit the vulnerability for anything from data theft to creation of a mobile botnet.”

Despite its severity, though, most folks have chosen to ignore Android Master Key until a zero-day for the exploit exists. And since manufacturers rarely, if ever, update their firmware, there are many devices still extremely vulnerable.

And that’s where Saurik comes in. As noted by 9to5Google, the Cydia store owner has posted the Android Master Key vulnerability to his website this weekend, for anyone who wants to gain root access to their unpatched device.

“In true jailbreak fashion, the exploit runs from a Mac or PC and in a few steps gives your su/Root access to the infected phone/tablet. While it isn’t as plug and play easy as recent iOS jailbreaks, it is easy enough for anyone who wants to root their unpatched phone to do in a few minutes.”

The good news is, Saurik has also posted a fix for the Android Master Key, for those who want to manually patch the bug. More details are expected to be divulged next month at the annual Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas.

  • abdullah575

    Is there a untherterd iOS 7 jailbreak coming soon ???

    • Timothy

      Rolling out a jailbreak for iOS 7 before its official release would be stupid, as Apple would likely patch it before the fall. The jailbreak will probably be released after iOS 7 is launched for the public, so don’t be expecting it soon.

    • Guest

      are you being serious… cop on

    • HellrideR

      How about releasing iOS 7 first?

      • abdullah575

        But I am saying are the working on it the iOS 7 jailbreak

      • marcus1324

        Yeah they are working on one but keeping it quiet because they don’t want Apple to know to much

      • Lordthree

        You can install ios7 b1 and then update OTA to beta 3. Without a udid.

        It’s pretty stable but there are a few apps that simply won’t run yet on it (BBC news for instance)

      • abdullah575

        BUT. I Try it 10 times !! from iOS 7 b 1 OTA iOS 7 b 3 and my iPhone is rebooting and rebooting !!!

      • Lordthree

        First you ReStORe to a clean ios 6.x- then when you download and install the ios7 firmware you have to set it up as a new iphone.

      • HellrideR

        I’m not a developer… Why shall I install iOS 7 when it’s even not available for me?

      • Lordthree

        Why is anything anything? Why NOT install it when it IS available to everyone and works very well?

  • Joseph

    Thanks, saurik!

  • Matthew Cooper

    So he found a way to root an Android? Good thing this is a new thing or else this news wouldnt be news at all

    • RarestName

      It’s a fix, not a new find…

  • Bob

    Jesus, is that you??!!

    • Guest

      Pathetic loser is that you??!!

  • fatilumkin

    How about a TETHERED iOS 7 jailbreak? For old bootroms? iPhone 4 etc.? Is there one in the works? I know this isn’t the best place to ask, I really just want to know what others think. I am very thankful to those who put us first. The ones who take the tremendous amount of time out of their lives to put together a jailbreak, but with the developer beta for iOS 7 (IF POSSIBLE, I admit I have no room to talk, because most of us don’t know the work that goes in behind the jailbreak) shouldn’t we try getting a tethered jailbreak for the betas so jailbreak devs can work with it? Of course only for the old boot rom devices.

    • Michael Hulet

      The only Limera1n-susceptible device that can run iOS 7 is the iPhone 4, and it’s comically slow.. I doubt it’d do jailbreak devs much good

  • kadir

    He badly needs a hair cut and shave. Badly.

    • Kurt

      says the lion

      • kadir

        hahahhaha touche

    • slamfest

      Send us a picture of yourself and lets see what we can come up with 🙂

  • BearManPig

    Rumors has it that he is a wizard from middle earth

  • anthony

    there are basically two types of jailbreak of untethred jailbreaks which is used in all ios surface the first one is patched llb which basically uploads pwneds the file and does not check the firmware and make it boot up and it dumps the files the second one is uploads an unpwned kernel and both of them wont work with the new a7 chip and they mostly cant use limera1n expoit anymore and basically the first jailbreak would wor more and the android software has always have an expoit