iOS 7 (App Store teaser 002)

Ryan Petrich tonight posted an interesting picture to his Twitter account that appears to answer the long-standing question of “can iOS 7 be jailbroken?” The image is of his popular tweak Activator running on what looks like an iPod touch with iOS 7 installed.

Of course, it’s easy to speculate about something when there isn’t much to go on. But looking at the stock app icons in the dock, the flat text in the alert box, and the Activator icon on the Home screen, it certainly looks like Petrich’s iPod touch is jailbroken…

Here’s the photo Ryan posted to Twitter tonight. There’s been some speculation that maybe he’s just running Activator in some sort of simulator, but from what we’re hearing, this particular type of alert isn’t something that can be generated in that environment.

ios 7 activator

Not much has been said about an iOS 7 jailbreak thus far, which is weird, because last year iOS 6 was jailbroken within 24 hours. It’s unknown what method Petrich used here, but we’re assuming that, like iOS 7, it’s still a ways away from being publicly released.

It’s a great sign though. In fact, the future of jailbreaking as a whole looks very bright. In addition to whatever hack Ryan is using, planetbeing says the evad3rs still have several unused exploits in reserve, and p0sixninja says he’s working on something major.

  • Antzboogie

    This news just made my day! I have so many Apple devices waiting to be Jailbroken!!

  • arrontaylor


  • Ian Jackson

    Most likely a failbreak. But good news.

    • Well_Said

      Duh, of course it always starts with a failbreak

  • Casey Elisha Bailey

    i don’t know why iDB hasn’t covered the openjailbreak news yet with p0sixninja. he tweeted and everything. that totally changes the last part of the post lol

  • wonderboydave

    thanks but no thanks. iphone 4 will die in ios7.. its practically laggiing when I beta tested it. ios5 will stay.

    • rasengan720 .

      How was the iPhone 4 working in beta 2 was it laggy as well?

      • weztimonial

        My friends with iphone 4 lags very badly with iOS7

      • DarekSlaby

        It’s barely on the second beta. Wait for the final version before you judge. A beta is a beta for a reason

      • rasengan720 .

        you’re right i jus saw a video review of ios 7 beta 2 and it is significantly better than beta 1.. however i really hope we get the translucent NC and keyboards as well ๐Ÿ™ and some other features in the future beta would also be good

      • Matheus Lisboa

        I think it’s normal… same speed as ios 6, no complains here

  • rasengan720 .

    I sure hope he’s not playing a prank on us by giving a screenshot from a iphone in ios 6.x having a ios 7 theme ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Arthur Geron

      There`s no theme to make Banner`s messages look like iOS7

      • Junior Esco

        yes but then again i can do that in photoshop in under a minute

      • Arthur Geron

        well, nowadays that jailbreak celebrities told us they have something even bigger than jailbreak coming, your comment/argument just became invalid :3


    See ,, I was right

  • Yunsar

    This looks fake. The status bar clock is not in the iOS 7 font. Also in iOS 7, the PM is lowercase.

    • iPhone Gruru

      You’re wrong. Am/pm is in caps. I am on iOS 7 now.

      • Yunsar

        True my region is set to Australia so its lowercase for some reason. But if you remember or look at a screenshot of a previous version of ios, you will notice the font is the same.

      • christodouluke

        It is not. Look closer.

      • 3aloo1

        I understand what are you talking about


  • Like an endless treadmill it goes; jailbreak; update; lose jailbreak; regain jailbreak; update; lose jailbreak; regain jailbreak…….update; lose jailbreak; regain jailbreak…..

  • Imahottguy

    Exciting stuff!

  • mehrab

    Cydia needs a revamped look all flat and classy ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem

    maybe iOS 7 is easily jailbreakable ๐Ÿ™‚ remember Tim Cook said he will keep iOS open for third parties :p

    • ace

      you have a point there! i remember those comments from Tim!

    • Arthur Geron

      Maybe he finally noticed that most of the great ideas they implement into iOS come from jailbreak community..

  • 3aloo1

    i think cydia will have same design

    • Frozen Bee .GFKS

      better not

    • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem

      chk out my blog marcoazeem blogspot for some cydia concepts ๐Ÿ™‚ hope saurik decides to change it

  • steve00000

    am i the only one that can clearly see this is just the ios simulator? this isn’t ios 7 jailbroken it’s just Ryan testing out Activator in the simulator..

  • batongxue

    The iOS 7 icons just look so much better on a JailBroken device!

    • SimonReidy


    • greg

      haha! I have the pw5a29 theme and its updated almost every day. Almost everything is themed. Probably will hold on to the ios6 jailbreak until beta 3 or 4. Might not be able to wait until 4 though.

  • Mr.Ocean

    Cant wait to get back the old iOS icons with winterboard ^.^

    • Frozen Bee .GFKS

      f*ck skeumorphosm

  • Logan

    Couldn’t this just be the Mac iOS simulator?

    • Apple

      Maybe but I belive Ryan would state that

  • Gorgonphone

    if this is real then great

  • Tarak

    Simply awesome…

  • Autumn Leaves

    Good news!

  • Chris Longden

    I’m positive that the simulator from xcode doesn’t state “iPod”, it actually says “Carrier” as you can only simulate an iPhone or iPad and not an iPod Touch.

    • Bob

      There’s something called photoshop

  • J_W97

    Sorry to burst the bubble but that screenshot is entirely possible to be taken on the iOS simulator.
    Note, the lack of Cydia and the very limited of ‘stock’ apps on show as well as the blank background.
    All tell-tail signs that this is most likely the iOS simulator

    • Sirifl0w

      Damn, you beat me to it ๐Ÿ˜›
      Whilst it is nice to think that what Ryan tweets is legit (i.e. not just trolling), he merely said “system version too new?”. Always possible but don’t get your hopes up too high. Remember how long it took for the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak to be released?!?!

  • Bob

    I know its from petrich but….The black background is not so convincing

    • David Gitman

      If you tried beta 2 ios 7 you would see there is a bug with close apps that makes your screen to be black
      i have it too

  • ProfessorX1ยฎ

    Don’t tease us with your fail break Ryan. When you have something that is ready for Public release, then you can show off.

  • Toby Kazeil

    With not much being said about an iOS 7 jailbreak, I’m starting to get a bit worried. Almost EVERY iOS (from version 3.x) has had a jailbreak, and if iOS 7 doesn’t get one, that would be a HUGE disappointment.