When Instagram debuted its new video feature last week, one of the more popular hashtags on the social network was ‘R.I.P Vine.’ Many felt that the photo sharing giant’s—which boasts over 100 million users—entrance into the video space meant the end of Vine’s short-lived success.

Well according to a new report, the numbers are actually trending towards that sentiment. Using Topsy’s free analytical tool, the folks over at Marketing Land say that Vine sharing sharply dropped last week after Instagram’s announcement, and it continues to plunge…

From the report:

“Vine sharing went into a nosedive on June 20, the day of Instagram’s announcement. Topsy shows there were almost 2.5 million Vine links shared on June 19, then a little more than 1.5 million on the 20th — a drop of almost 40 percent in one day.

Vine sharing on Twitter has continued to drop over the week since Instagram video rolled out. Yesterday saw less than 900,000 Vine links shared on Twitter — that’s about a 70 percent drop from the nearly three million links that were shared on June 15th.”

And it’s not that Instagram has seen a huge uptick in Twitter sharing since last week either. Looking at the chart above, you can see that the number of Instagram shares have been steady through the month of June. But Vine sharing is way down from where it was a week ago.

Video on Instagram was announced at a Facebook event last Thursday. With the subsequent app update, users can shoot and post videos as long as 15 seconds with video stabilization tech and 13 custom filters. Over 5 million videos were uploaded during the feature’s first 24 hours.

Back on June 18th, prior to Instagram’s launch, Vine teased an upcoming update to its app, saying that we would see “some exciting new parts of Vine” over the next few weeks. Here’s hoping it has some cool new features coming that will get users sharing videos again.

Where do you stand on this whole Vine/Instagram thing? Which do you prefer?

  • LePlague

    It’s just easier to use Instagram for both photos and videos. Plus 15 seconds.

    • The 15 seconds is a negative in the eyes of many people (including me)

      • You know you don’t have to use the whole 15 secs right?

      • being restrained to 7 seconds makes for more creative videos, you can watch 2x the amount of vine videos in the time you spend watching Instragram videos.

        Combine this with the type of people that the majority of Instagram users are..

      • MarcPhilippeB

        Agree to some extend.

  • Yash Gorana

    JEFF !! Go to Apple’s website ASAP !

    Read the article : “Apple’s Commitment to Customer Privacy”

    It’s on project “PRISM”

  •  Rich 

    Well, It doesn’t have to be 15 seconds, that’s just an option. Instagram was before Vine, I personally like not having to go into another social app. So I stopped using Vine myself, and just stay on Instagram longer. Also, Vine Videos aren’t working on iOS 7 beta 2. Another reason some of the shares could have gone down.

  • Alec Allsop

    Already been said but since beta 1 of iOS 7, Vine hasn’t worked and I was a regular user so with others it would explain why it’s been used less.