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Apple on Tuesday announced that users can now stream ESPN and HBO to their television through the $99 Apple TV set-top box. Available as a free software update for the second and third-generation Apple TV, the just-released Apple TV software version 5.3 enables the popular iOS apps, WatchESPN and HBO GO, on your Apple TV, as well as an additional three content providers, UK’s Sky News, anime site Crunchyroll and music concert streaming service Qello…

According to Apple’s media release, iTunes viewers are  ow purchasing over 800,000 TV episodes and 350,000 movies each day. As for Apple’s online-only content store, it is home to 60,000 movies and over 230,000 TV episodes.

Apple quotes its SVP of Internet Software and Services, Eddy cue, as saying:

HBO GO and WatchESPN are some of the most popular iOS apps and are sure to be huge hits on Apple TV. We continue to offer Apple TV users great new programming options, combined with access to all of the incredible content they can purchase from the iTunes Store.

The software update, per Apple’s support document, also includes “improves reliability of signing in to the iTunes Store and playing purchased content”.

Availability of the five new content providers varies by country and may require account subscriptions. For example, HBO GO requires a subscription to HBO through participating television providers.

HBO GO users get unlimited access to their favorite HBO shows, including HBO original programming, hit movies, sports, documentaries, comedy specials and more. This includes full seasons of the best of HBO, plus bonus features and special behind-the-scenes extras.

This is a major development which greatly enhances Apple TV’s usability.

The Apple TV also supports free and paid streaming content from the Wall Street Journal, YouTube, Vimeo,  Hulu Plus, Netflix, as well as live sports from MLB, NBA and NHL.

  • This makes me happy. Not that using AirPlay from my iPhone or iPad didn’t work fine, but having it nativity helps out a lot.

  • HBO Go without XBOX Live… So very tempting but not enough to make me kill my gen 2 jailbreak

  • Alberto M.

    Someone please test whether or not the Plex media server via the Trailer app is broken after upgrading the Apple TV.

    • Kaptivator

      Wish they would just allow the Plex App on Apple TV..That is the only reason I have not purchased one.

  • Gorgonphone

    apple TV is great is you have a JB ipad4 or iphone 5

  • jacobkwright

    Maybe a stupid question…but will this kill the jb?

    • iBanks

      Yes. For now at least…

  • Daniel Beecham

    ESPN and HBO GO are only for the United states??? i have Upgrade my Apple TV and i just got the Sky News, Qello and Crunchyroll!!!!

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Why! Just why! The rest of the world has ESPN too

  • klouud

    Is crunchy roll free? In the US?

    • idtso

      No. They give you a few shortened “sample” videos.

    • It’s free on the site (all videos are restricted to SD for free members, and some anime are entirely premium members only, but most are premium only for just the latest episode), but I guess there are only some Sample videos on the Apple TV. You can get a 2 week free trial on the website and then sign in on your Apple TV, though.

  • iBanks

    Cool. I had just turned my old iPhone 4 into a media device. All TV and movie apps downloaded to the device and AirPlay it all to my Apple TV.

  • Josh Cacho

    Need a jailbreak with it or no upgrade!

  • Josh H

    any idea when we are gonna have the jailbreak?

    • JT

      Expect it to never happen. No one isnt even close. And none of the big names are even working on it (gave up).

  • Anthony Antunez

    Finally! So happy they added HBO Go. No more having to Airplay lol.

  • Eddie Leonard

    Crunchyroll! The ONLY reason to buy an Apple TV

  • Daniel Beecham

    ESPN and HBO GO are only for the United states??? i have Upgrade my Apple TV and i just got the Sky News, Qello and Crunchyroll!!!! I’m from Chile South America!!!

    • JT

      Hbo varies from country to country

  • F P

    I have both the 2nd & 3rd generations and of course the 2nd is JB. I’ll update the 3rd and have the best of both!

    • jacobkwright

      What a genius idea! I’m going to buy a 3rd gen right now! 🙂