Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour (Meltdown update teaser)

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour made its way into the App Store last December and today French developer Gameloft is teasing a forthcoming update. Titled ‘Meltdown,’ the content update is of course free to players who bought the game and will be available on iOS starting Thursday, June 19, and “coming very soon” to Android.

The trailer included right below the fold mentions three new maps (Fracture, Extraction and Backfire), two new game modes and a brand new specialization (Demolition)…

Oh, and there will be two new weapons, the portable 40mm Thor GLP grenade launcher and the SFS CTK-12 sniper rifle.

From YouTube description:

Get ready to be blown away by Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour’s Meltdown update. Discover tons of explosive new content: New maps from Antarctica to Barcelona, new modes, new weapons, and a new Demolition specialization!

Here’s the trailer.

Earlier, Modern Combat 4’s first update brought us the Tygr X3 automatic SMG and the Compakt-665 solid multipurpose automatic assault rifle.

Modern Combat 4, as the name implies, is the fourth installment in Gameloft’s widely successful first-person shooter series. Powered by the new Havok Engine, the game delivers life-like animations, dynamic objects and console-quality visuals.

Perhaps most importantly, there’s a redesigned multiplayer mode with all-new ranking and a new loadout system with more than 20,000 weapon arrangements.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour will set you back seven bucks via Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play store. In the case of Apple’s platform, the universal binary weighs in at a massive 1.54GB.

If you’re a fan of the genre, you may also want to check out an E3 trailer for the upcoming Modern Combat 5.

  • Gorgonphone

    great game but it really need controller support.

    • smtp25

      Agreed I find the controls unuseable, maybe if they could do a World War Z time control and firing system

  • Guest

    Awesome!! Can’t wait to get that new sniper!

  • Bobby

    Awesome! Can’t wait to get that new sniper rifle!!

  • omrishtam

    modern combat is like call of duty for ios…

    • GetOutFanboys

      Even down to the fact that they release a new game every year.

      • omrishtam

        Battlefield for ios…. I ment good and successful fps (I know cod is shit)

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        COD is shyt? GOML

  • Sad

    🙁 I want to play Gangstar IV but it crashes on my i4. Even in safe mode. I even cleared my ram to 365MB 🙁

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Absolutely cannot freakin wait. Best online ios shooter ever. Aside from the epic EliminatePro days.