ios 7 gui

Heads up all of you designers and concept artists. The entire GUI (graphical user interface) for iOS 7 has just been uploaded to the web.

That’s right, all of the buttons, menus, icons and anything else you can think of graphic-wise in the developer beta are now available for download…

The images come from the folks over at Teehan+Lax, a design firm known for its iOS GUI work, in the form of a 15.4MB Photoshop file.

The file is a well organized, labeled and layered PSD full of editable shape layers. Most people use it for doing things like mocking up applications, creating concept ideas, and designing custom interface elements to work natively with those found in iOS.

Just keep these licensing terms in mind:

“The sole purpose of this file is to help you pitch, design and build amazing software. It can’t be repurposed as your own, nor can it be broken apart and used to create similar tools.”

Also keep in mind that the PSD is based on a beta, so design decisions you’ll be making when using this file will need to change as the OS becomes more refined. And only iPhone elements are available, as Apple has yet to release an iPad version of iOS 7.

If you’re interested, you can find the iOS 7 beta GUI PSD file by clicking here.

  • Nice nice! 🙂

    • Kenrick Fernandes

      konnichiva 🙂

  • aaaa

    Great! Now samsung can easily copy it 😀

    • Ricky

      Good one

    • felixtaf

      Tizen 2.2 ???? lol

    • Supafly_Boy

      Sorry, don’t think even Samsung would copy this ugly mess. I love Apple, but it’s the truth. iOS 7 is a design disaster. Apple threw the baby out with the bath water on this one.

  • geekinit

    So this is for people who design. Developers just use Xcode 5 🙂

  • Biken Dangol

    iOS Radio is a beast, Plays awesome song. Only good thing about iOS 7 is radio. SInce it is in beta even opening app takes time and apps usually crash and it’s not as fluid as iOS7 but still i’m optimistic about it!

  • seyss

    that picture is so homosexual

    • javierE186

      You don’t say…

  • Naju Najeeb

    hw to dwnload ios 7 crack version

    • felixtaf

      There is no cracked version, only beta version. Its a developer only version as it is buggy, laggy and poor battery life for a normal user. Also, it may crash and some of ur apps wont work properly. But if u badly need it, you can get it from torrent sites. Jus google it, download the one for ur device and do a shift+update (not shift + restore) in itunes. Once again, its a BETA version, so expect the worse…

      • Aaron de Silva

        It’s not that hard to find. You can even find thr img, dmg & ipsw easily by googling

  • Asiz Koju

    Do I void the licensing terms if I use these element for creating winterboard theme?

  • Daniel Salloi

    hey somebody please help me! i downloaded but it does nothing!

    • Troy

      you need photoshop. its a PSD file

      • Daniel Salloi

        i have to download photoshop! okay i understand and after this? please give me the steps im stupid

      • bloodshed

        as you don’t use PS, and seems to me it’s the first time you install why would you want to open the GUI psd file?!..just great 😀

      • Daniel Salloi

        I want ios7, i dont know but i want it! Help me please!

      • bloodshed

        first, i don’t recommend installing ios7 now, many of your apps won’t work..and it’s buggy, crashes..shortly, a beta!..but if you insist, download it here: goo. gl/fdDYW
        torrent will help a lot.

      • felixtaf

        Also, do SHIFT + Update in iTunes, Not shift+restore (Option key for mac).

      • Tim

        That’s not how you get iOS7, you need to download the iOS7 .ipsw file for your respective apple Device first and restore using iTunes

      • Jimothy

        That link is probably so he can download the .ispw for his device

      • felixtaf

        You cant get iOS7 with this GUI file. follow the steps by @blo0dsh3d:disqus, if u badly need it. But remember its a beta, so expect the worse performance…

  • amjed

    when can we download ios 7 ???

  • Andrew ☜☆☞ Forbes

    Great Now Somebody Can Take This Psd File and Made a Complete ios 7 Theme for ios 6 Users Who Dont want to Upgrade lol

  • asa

    Waiting for samsung to copy it. Lol.

  • ℤ̵̪͊α̵̢͆ḉ̴̢̒Ħ̸͕̒α̸̺̌ḉ̵̭̆к̶̫͠

    Now jailbreak devs can make a complete theme for ios 7

  • Barklee Sanders

    Make This Into A Cydia Theme Already ;D

  • iapplestuffs

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