iOS 7 beta GUI PSD file now available for download

ios 7 gui

Heads up all of you designers and concept artists. The entire GUI (graphical user interface) for iOS 7 has just been uploaded to the web.

That’s right, all of the buttons, menus, icons and anything else you can think of graphic-wise in the developer beta are now available for download…

The images come from the folks over at Teehan+Lax, a design firm known for its iOS GUI work, in the form of a 15.4MB Photoshop file.

The file is a well organized, labeled and layered PSD full of editable shape layers. Most people use it for doing things like mocking up applications, creating concept ideas, and designing custom interface elements to work natively with those found in iOS.

Just keep these licensing terms in mind:

“The sole purpose of this file is to help you pitch, design and build amazing software. It can’t be repurposed as your own, nor can it be broken apart and used to create similar tools.”

Also keep in mind that the PSD is based on a beta, so design decisions you’ll be making when using this file will need to change as the OS becomes more refined. And only iPhone elements are available, as Apple has yet to release an iPad version of iOS 7.

If you’re interested, you can find the iOS 7 beta GUI PSD file by clicking here.