iOS 7 (Redeem iTunes card 001)iOS 7 (Redeem iTunes card 002)

Last November’s release of iTunes 11 has brought out a handy new feature which lets you redeem a code found on iTunes Gift Cards by scanning the printed card with your Mac’s FaceTime camera. In iOS 7, Apple is taking iTunes card scanning to any compatible iOS device outfitted with a back camera.

Not only that, Apple states that new iOS 7 APIs for developers include barcode scanning as standard…

Hat tip to Beau Giles for spotting this new capability.

The feature is available in the App Store storefront app on the device. Just hit the Redeem button at the bottom of the Featured section.

The interface, depicted in the screenies top of post, offers you to either type in the code manually or use your iPhone’s camera in order to scan the card. iTunes card scanning requires “a gift card with a box around the code,” the prompt cautions.

I’ve noticed that scanning only works with the back-facing iSight camera as there’s no button to switch to the forward-facing FaceTime cam. Also, tap-to-focus functionality is disabled so you’ll have to bring in your card close enough.

iOS 7 (Redeem iTunes card 003)

This is a handy feature.

I’m loving how Apple is unifying the experience across devices with the little touches like iTunes card scanning via Mountain Lion Macs, and now through iOS 7 mobile devices.

According to Apple’s portal for developers, new camera-focused APIs include the ability to “scan and recognize barcodes with the camera” as well as video capture at 60 frames per second for dramatic slow-motion scenes.

Among other camera functions available to developers: zoom level controls and custom video compositing APIs for creating video effects and transitions by combining multiple video tracks.

  • Tyler

    I was wondering when they were going to do this. This would have come in soooo handy when I was 13-17 cause I didn’t have any debit/credit cards at the time. I still get a few around christmas though and when you have like 5 cards to do at once, the camera is a huge time saver

  • Ricky

    Nice just trying it out hahahaha. What happen if we write a number and draw a box

    • jdshorrock

      Should still work, even without drawing the box 🙂 Just uses text recognition.

  • Barry

    Ah, it’s like QR-code scanning. Cool, saves me a lot of time trying to type over those tiny numbers and letters.

  • This feature has been part of OS X for a while and it’s nice to see it implemented in iOS as well now — not so nice is the fact that this is one of those things that don’t work outside the USA…! :-/