ipod touch teardown 2

Earlier this week, Apple released a new version of its fifth generation iPod touch. It features 16GB of storage space, and no rear iSight camera or lanyard hook. But other than that, and a few minor cosmetic details, it looks fairly similar to its larger siblings.

And it turns out, the new touch looks familiar on the inside as well. The repair experts over at iFixit just finished up their usual new device teardown ritual, and found very few notable internal changes…

ipod touch teardown 3

Perhaps most interesting in their findings was that the spaces where the iSight camera and wrist strap hooks usually go have been left empty. The ribbon cables located towards the top of the device have been rerouted though, because of the missing camera sensor, and the microphone has been moved from the back of the device to the top.

ipod touch teardown 4

Apart from that, the iFixit team didn’t find any other differences between the new 16GB version and the higher-end models. The device has the same thickness of 6.1mm (though it does weigh 2 grams less), and it still uses all of the same components, including Apple’s A5 dual-core processor with 512 megabytes of Mobile DDR2 RAM.

Apple first unveiled the redesigned fifth gen iPod touch during its iPhone 5 event last fall. Until this week, it only offered the device in 32GB and 64GB flavors. But with it finally killing off its fourth gen 16GB iPod touch model, it obviously needed to fill in the gap.

If you’re interested, you can find the new 16GB iPod touch on Apple’s website for $229.

  • Cameron Nelms

    Why did they remove the camera for it? I bet it would only cost them like 10-15 dollars

    • Ian

      Well, it is a budget iPod after all.

    • n0ahcruz3

      Because apple is one heck of a greedy company. Just because removing camera pricing it at $229 alot of people will buy it. Stupid move, even though its a budget iTouch they shouldnt have removed the camera. The ipod touch is the gateway to iOS ecosystem and the iPhone and this move will compromise the iOS experience specially for the 1st time iOS users.

      • remember the first ipod touch didn’t have a camera while the first iphone had one.

      • n0ahcruz3

        Im sorry but this is 2013 not 2007. And apple is using old processor on the ipod touch.

      • Canchume

        well thit you know the ipod touch its no at camera, its a media player

      • shadyside4fyr

        Agreed! a bad experience first time product = hate for the brand. i remember my first experience with a windows phone. many companies forget that many consumers may need to test the waters first.

  • Bogdan

    Sorry but who wrote this article ? Did the person who wrote it actually read it before posting it ? 16 GB hard drive ? Really ? MP3 player… ?
    “pretty much the same on the inside as well” and “notable internal changes” are exactly the same thing for this guy.

    “the iFixit team didn’t find any other differences”

    • SirPsycho

      Welcome to iDB where quantity of articles trumps quality every time and leaves you scratching your head as to why…

      • Kurt

        Christian and Cody are good writers…the one who makes mistakes and HUGE ones is Ed.

      • SirPsycho

        I have been ignoring anything with his name on it for a looong time now. Although his attempts at being a financial analyst are quite humorous if not totally agravating.

        If it is not from Jeff it is just filler.

      • Kurt

        Who have you been ignoring?

      • jo

        That rarely happens.

      • Kurt

        I think the quality of writing on here is excellent. What I like about Christian’s posts are how low they are. I used to go to iFans, before IDB came along. They are terrible. Ziberg writes long posts, lots of info. Cody’s are typically non-biased and an all around good read. Except for the one writer on here I already mentioned, I like the others: Jim, Oliver, Lory, etc

      • jo

        Yeah I totally agree!

    • Jackson Grong

      Yeah. I was like WTF for a sec 😀 lol Hard Drive in an iOS device.

  • Victor

    This Cody guy needs to leave if he gets payed at all

    • TeddyBearStand

      He’s doing fine.

      • jo

        Yeah he’s doing great.

  • Benchmark Apps

    Everyone makes mistakes in articles, it happenes.

  • Dante Arellano

    Rining low on front cameras? Stupid cook!

    • Joseph

      Only the rear camera was removed, smartass.

  • Ricky

    Waste of money

  • It isn’t a bad move on apple. Not everyone uses the rear camera and the front camera should always be their so people can use facetime.

    • n0ahcruz3

      I disagree, alot of people are more into social media FB, instagram, vine, twitter. Those apps require rear camera for better image quality not front which is i think 1.2mp. And removal of the rear camera will result in poor sales of the said device. This is my opinion ofcorse.

  • Richard Borkovec

    Budget devices are usually made for teens, who are Instagram, Vine, and anything social/pictoral in nature obsessed. Why in the world would you get rid of the back camera for these people?

  • Royce Otero

    These are signs of the world coming to an End.

  • shadyside4fyr

    LOL last year Tim cook said there was no space that’s why there is no ambient light sensor this year i wonder what the excuse is.