Well known designer and Chief Creative Officer of Jawbone, Yves Behar, gave the world a preview of his next big venture last night. It’s called ‘August,’ and it’s an iPhone-connected digital lock system that promises to change the way we open doors.

Now, Internet-enabled smart locks aren’t anything new. But what the August brings to the table is a sleek design—which was fashioned by Behar (who designed the Jambox, Up)—and superior functionality. Think of it as the Nest for door locks…

Just as the Nest replaces your average thermostat, the August takes the place of your existing deadbolt lock. The basic installation involves taking out two screws and replacing your current interior lock turn (not the actual mechanism) with the new unit.

Once installed, you can do everything you’d expect from a smart lock. August connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth, and from there you can lock and unlock it. You can also issue virtual keys to friends and family with time limits and other restrictions.

Also worth noting is the fact that the lock is powered by batteries. That means that depending on your usage, you could have to swap them out every 6-12 months. It also means it won’t be affected by a power outage. And yes, it has a conventional key slot.

A launch date hasn’t been set yet, but August will cost you $199 when it becomes available. That’s a bit pricey for me, and I’m not thrilled about having to swap batteries on an annual basis, but there’s a lot of cool stuff here. I can’t wait for this to come out.

You can reserve one now by clicking here.

What are your thoughts on August?


  • Ben

    Quite impressive.

  • That’s the Future.

  • klouud

    OMG! This is like that faucet that you just have to touch to turn on – BUT WAAAAAAY COOLER!!

  • Amazing…ly pricey.

    So, your guests have to have a SmartPhone with the August App installed? Or, do you send them some kinda digital combo?

  • soso

    but change Blue-Tooth Mac address? hack is so easy

  • Hyr3m

    Why not have a sort of dynamo that charges the battery with the energy you put in when you turn the lock manually or through the key? Better yet, adapt a kind of jumbo-sized automatic watch movement to load the spring(s) every time the door moves? Or combine the two and have changeable batteries as backup or something…

  • David Hvilivitzki

    Dammit, I forgot my phone, uh oh…

  • lemonhead

    Isn’t this like a 1:1 copy of uniKey ??
    Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • f5faith

    I’m still skeptical about wireless locks they seem prone to hacking and malfunction. But that’s just me I’ve always had problems with locks. I am the sort of guy who got locked out of his own hotel room = /

  • Justin Thurmond

    I think batteries is a poor choice but it may reach a larger market as a result of such SIMPLE installation, though it seems like a gimmick in many ways, or rather a good idea with compromises made – I would rather have something that lays a little more flush in the door and has a hard wire for electricity and a battery backup .. but thats just my 2 cents

  • Gucciipad

    Cant wait to get this