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Apple has long been criticized by environmental organizations for its lack of effort to reduce its carbon footprint. The criticism got so bad at one point, that Steve Jobs himself felt that it was necessary to address the topic via an open letter on Apple’s website.

But things have changed a lot since Jobs’ infamous ‘A Greener Apple’ post. The company has taken several steps to become more environmentally-friendly, including constructing large solar farms, and apparently hiring the former administrator of the EPA…

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed the hiring during an hour-long interview last night at the D11 conference. Her name is Lisa P. Jackson, and she was the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency from 2009 until February of this year.

Jackson was appointed to the position by president-elect Barack Obama. And after serving 3 years in the role, she announced plans to step down in late 2012 after it was discovered that she was conducting EPA business using a private email address.

Nevertheless, it’s a win for Apple. Cook says she’ll be reporting directly to him, and oversee the iPhone-maker’s green initiatives, such as projects like the massive solar and fuel cell farm it has constructed outside of its Maiden, North Carolina data center.

  • knob

    This woman is a hack. She resigned after being exposed for conducting official business using a fictitious private email account “Richard Windsor” to circumvent FOIA requests.

  • Hyr3m

    Apple? Green? Unless we’re talking about the actual fruit the simple idea of putting those two words in the same sentence without a negation is preposterous.

    By now everyone knows “global warming” is a major hoax used as pretext to poison the air we breath and the soil our crops grows in… Which doesn’t mean corporations shouldn’t act responsibly regarding their use of finite resources, pollution and obsolescence.

    • EpicFacepalm

      Don’t agree with ‘Global Warming is a major hoax’ part but this guy knows pretty much. I will get dislikes but I don’t care much.

      It’s great to see true environmentalists or people who knows the truth about the environment.

      Just don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

  • Hyr3m

    – none of the above

    Sorry; by “everyone” I meant educated people… my bad!

    (paraphrasing)”Corporations use finite resources so climate change is very much real” -> Conjecture much ? I could try and argue against you but you’re not even trying… still I feel generous so I will give away “Climategate” (definite proof) and “HAARP” (explains everything we currently think of as “climate change symptoms/signs”)

    The electricity you see all around you accounts for a very small percentage of global energy consumption. I suggest you research “metal smelting” if you want to learn about humongous electricity consumption. Oh btw, Apple uses a lot of metal for their products. (not saying everyone else doesn’t, just stating a fact for the sake of my argument)

    Solar panels are extremely polluting to produce and very hard to recycle (at least for now). Research the methods of extraction of rare earth materials, feel free to educate yourself before answering if you don’t want to look like a moron again. Apple uses a lot of rare earth materials in their products. (again, others too, sake of argument)

    Fuel cell -> do you really want to talk about palm oil? (again, please don’t answer that if you don’t know what I mean, research it before you look like a fool)

    You didn’t mention it but what about hydroelectricity maybe? Ever heard of the environmental catastrophe that are dams ? Research Quebec’s and China’s scandals for example…

    Now let’s talk about planned obsolescence, shall we? Ooh… you don’t know about that either…

    Now I know other tech companies do the same… but my point is that tech companies can never be “green” as long as they make any kind of computers. Hard drives manufacturer’s idea of “green” is lowering RPMs to reduce power consumption… how ridiculous does that sound if the objective is to save the world from polluting corporations ? Gullible people like you allow these corporations to keep pretending they’re doing something good for the environment when they’re actually a big part of the problem!

    What else do you have up your sleeve ? Politeness maybe ? Oh no you’re lacking that too…

    Have a good night (and by “night” I mean the rest of your life… with your eyes wide shut) !

    • Jason Duong


      • Hyr3m

        I’m completely baffled by your argument. You must be right and Apple probably is a very righteous corporation that will save the earth…

        Effin’ insolent kids nowadays… Stay deep in your pathetic fantasy world made of rainbows and little flying ponies!

    • Kurt

      Tried to include you in my reply above to Jason ‘Dung’ but didn’t work.

      • Jason Duong

        dung. haha cute.

      • Hyr3m

        Thanks for the heads up mate 😛

        He does seem to love saying things he is not. “Cute” being the most obvious of them.

  • Kurt

    @Hyr3m is easy the brightest commenter on IDB. So you ought to learn how to read so your replies make more sense and go somewhere. He never mentioned he doesnt pollute. Instead of being rude, why don’t you go and eat some delicious, healthy GMO produce. Don’t worry, it won’t give you cancer, and never mind the studies saying its nutritionally dead. Just in case you missed the healthy dose of sarcasm-don’t ever eat GMO. But back on topic…Global warming is clearly BS. But chemtrails and the pollution and dying trees/plants are real.

    • Jason Duong

      Global warming is bullshit?

      Have you been living under a rock? CO2 is a green house gas, it’s a blanket that keeps the suns ray from bouncing back out to space, to keep us warm.

      As human civilisation continues to futher expand, so does the amount of products produced to meet the needs of these people, increasing the amount of CO2 emissions produced. Therefore further accelerating the effectiveness of the green house effect, effectively warming the planet because the green house effect is keeping more of the suns ray/energy.

      Where do you honestly think the CO2 goes after it’s produced? Do you think it just disappears?

      • Obviously photo-synthesis plays an important role here, but do you honestly think it can keep up with the amount of CO2 we’re producing, as humans civilisisation continues to expand and more land is being cleared for us?

      • Hyr3m

        So you agree that Apple is being very hypocritical about being “green” and is just making desperate PR moves to try and convince gullible hipdouches such as yourself that they’re in fact having an overall positive effect on the environment?

        The fact that you shifted the conversation to the specific “climate change” issue is proof of that…

        About that, have you actually researched Climategate? Have you even tried to look through the cloud of disinformation that surrounds and attempts to discredit this subject? Do you know anything about atmospheric aerosols and/or the High Frenquency Active Auroral Research Program?

        If more CO2 reflects more photons, that would limit the amount of solar radiation that gets in in the first place…Therefore decreasing… well, you do the math.

        But that’s not even really true; CO2 is actually very bad at trapping heat, unlike water vapor… But you’d know that if you had done some actual research and not just parroted the decade-old rhetoric used by zionist-owned media.

        We’ve all heard that propaganda before… Do you believe every bullsh*t story you hear? Apparently yes… But I can’t blame you because it’s very well done: they make you feel guilty and scared so you can’t think straight. I remember the teenage me falling for this method and I honestly hope you’ll know better next time “someone” tries to manipulate you (which is pretty much every single day of our lives).