Apple again leads the pack in Greenpeace’s 2015 Clicking Clean report

Greenpeace released a 2015 update for its 'Clicking Clean' report this morning, and Apple is once again leading the pack. The report gives tech companies a Clean Energy Index score based on factors like commitment to clean energy and energy transparency, and the Cupertino firm received a perfect score.

Apple scored 100% CEI, with A's across the board for its energy efficiency and deployment of renewable energy at its data centers and facilities around the world. Other companies didn't fair so well, though, with Google scoring a 46% CEI, Microsoft at 39%, Amazon at 23% and eBay all the way down at 10%.

NBC’s ‘Today’ offers peek inside Apple’s North Carolina data center

Continuing with its recent 'green' marketing push, Apple offered folks a rare look inside its Maiden, North Carolina data center last night. The company paired up with NBC chief environmental correspondent Anne Thompson to do a spot on Thursday's edition of the 'Today' show regarding its various environmental initiatives.

The piece is fairly short—just under 3 minutes—but it's interesting because it gives you a peek inside Apple's data center operations, and details some of the equipment used to power the large buildings. Also, it features a brief appearance by the company's newly-appointed Vice President of Environmental Initiatives Lisa Jackson...

Greenpeace praises Apple and others for helping build a greener Internet

Apple has quite the history with environmental organization Greenpeace. The outfit has panned the iPad maker several times over the years for using toxic chemicals in its products and other non-green practices—it even staged a protest outside of its Cupertino headquarters back in 2012.

A lot has changed over the years, however, and this week, instead of protesting Apple, Greenpeace took to the skies to praise it and other companies for helping build 'a greener Internet.' That image you see above is of a blimp that the environmental advocacy group flew over Silicon Valley...

Apple set to build solar panel farm for Reno data center

According to a new report, Apple is looking to team up with the Nevada utility company NV Energy to build a solar panel farm next to its Reno data center. The farm will span 137 acres and, like the company's two North Carolina arrays, the Reno one is expected to provide somewhere between 18 and 20 megawatts of power...

Apple hires former head of Environmental Protection Agency

Apple has long been criticized by environmental organizations for its lack of effort to reduce its carbon footprint. The criticism got so bad at one point, that Steve Jobs himself felt that it was necessary to address the topic via an open letter on Apple's website.

But things have changed a lot since Jobs' infamous 'A Greener Apple' post. The company has taken several steps to become more environmentally-friendly, including constructing large solar farms, and apparently hiring the former administrator of the EPA...

iCloud is now completely solar

Apple's data farm - which powers the company's cloud-computing efforts - is completely solar. That's the word from the iPhone maker, which Thursday released its annual Environmental Progress report. The progress comes only a year after Apple received a failing grade by Greenpeace International, whose members charged the iPhone maker used coal to power its cloud.

Apple also announced 75 percent of power to its worldwide corporate offices come from renewable sources such as solar, wind and geothermal. That is more than double the sustainable energy of two years ago, when the company announced 35 percent of power in its corporate suites was renewable...

Apple drops to sixth in Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics

Apple's environmental credentials lost some of their luster in the eyes of watchdog group Greenpeace. The company ranked #6 among consumer electronics firms, a slip in stature largely blamed on lack of transparency. While ranking high in product's energy efficiency, the gadget maker from California lost points for not providing information on its greenhouse gas emissions that could be externally verified. Apple also received poor marks for not setting a target for lower emissions, the group announced Monday...