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It appears that the bad blood between Apple and Samsung isn’t enough to keep the two from working together. Despite previous reports that the iPad-maker is trying to distance itself from its rival, it has reportedly returned a large chunk of its LCD panel business back to Samsung…

ET News (via TechnoBuffalo) reports:

“The Korean thin glass market is turning around thanks to Apple resuming its LCD purchase from Samsung Display. The thin glass companies showed a clear sign of turn-around in the second quarter. The thin glass sales of four major companies, Soulbrain, Chemtronics, Global Display, and Avatec, this year is expected to reach KRW 534 billion, which is about 34% greater, year-on-year.”

The industry believes that one of the reasons Apple has decided to come back to Samsung Display is because of its ability to get its hands on thin glass. Thin glass is a major component used in LCD displays that can be found in mobile devices—Apple uses them in its iPhones and iPads.

Other than that, the report was extremely light on details, so it’s difficult to say whether Apple is only sourcing LCDs from Samsung until it can find another capable supplier, or if the newly-struck supplier relationship with the Korean tech giant is something longer term.

Of course, the two companies used to be extremely close supply chain partners before the court battles began. Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung in April of 2011 for infringing on its product designs and patents. That fight has since spawned ongoing litigation on multiple continents.

  • Cesar D

    LOL at the direction bar: “theyll-be-frenemies-forever”

    • Hyr3m

      Surely you mean the address bar ?

  • At

    I’m guessing the fact that LG screwed them over on retina macbook displays has a big part to do with is. Since apple wouldn’t acknowledge that the displays were bad they probably won’t admit this being part of the reason. Got my 2nd retina macbook after the first one went bad after 3 weeks and my new one has a Samsung display!

    • Om Soni

      Are there any major differences between LG’s display and Samsung’s display? Just curious.

      • Long story short, from my experience, there’s a big difference that I’ve just come to know every LG product as a Low Grade product.

      • At

        Search ghosting image on retina macbook lg displays.

      • Kurt

        Samsung makes the best screens. There used to be articles about being lucky if your iphone/ipad had a Samsung screen compared with the LG screen. Pathetic fanboys were happy about getting an inferior product when the rumors of Samsung losing its business with Apple. I hope my iPad 5 will have a screen from Samsung

  • Good move Apple!

  • TesticularFortitude

    Not a peep about D11.

  • Apples just keeping their friends close but their enemies closer…

  • Taf Khan

    Can’t live with em, can’t live without em.. .

  • Karl

    Here you see that Apple can’t do anything on ist own. Apple is just a Company putting components together. The best Software running on iPhones Comes from Google and the best Hardware components come from Samsung. The only Thing coming from Apple is iOS which is outdated and Fails to get improved since the Basis is bad.

    I forgot: they can do best Marketing.

    If this is Story is true, this would be the biggist face losing Story ever.

    • At

      Apple is not the only company that does this. iOS is not the only thing coming from apple, there’s OS X, cloud services, iTunes, Apple TV. Apple also uses their own chips in phones/tablets where Samsung is just now getting around too. do you think Samsung makes every component in their tvs, phones, laptops? Samsung, lg all those other companies use android and don’t have their own OS on either end, phones or computers. Do you think Chevy, ford make every component in their cars? Your theory is deeply flawed.

      • Kurt

        “Samsung, lg all those other companies use android and don’t have their own OS ”

        Samsung has bada
        LG has webOS

        haha…but it’s ok not to know that. Android is the main OS they use obviously

      • Dixon

        There is no need to know bada or web os or symbian since they all sux !! There is a reason why most companys use android .. The only os u need to know android , ios and ofc now ms 😉
        I remember my old lggd880miji .. Awesome looking little phone but the os was just weak !

      • Kurt

        webOS is known for being a great OS. It’s also the most beautiful OS. Has the best multitasking too. Wireless charging was first on webOS. But without apps, people will stay away. But to say it sucks is just plain bs. Unfortunately, iOS is weak.

      • Dixon

        Reply above cauae its all on the right side 😉

      • Karl

        Sorry, I think you are not familiar enough with OS. The OSX, actually that what makes Mac what it is is just a UI put ontop of BSD Unix. Apple did not even invent ist own OS. Before OSX they had their own OS and that was horrible, years behind every OS on this planet.
        What I told you was not a theory. Everything was fact: the most important Software which made iPhone popular was YouTube Maps from Google and all other Software from other providers.
        And the main components in iPhones were from Samsung: the CPU and the display.
        And do not forget what happened when Apple replaced Google Maps when they changed to their own, but not developed by themselves, product. If you look at iOS actually there was nothing that was added to the iOS since iPhone 1. Apple map just replaced an existuing, perfect running Map Software. And Siri was also an existing Software. Siri actually has nothing to do with the OS.
        The internals of the OS are still the same bullshit that it was in the very first evrsion. I sometimes wonder whether it was based on their own original, Prior OSX OS which lacked on Multitasking as well.

    • Dixon

      Correct me if im wrong but samsung never made any GPU …. Im not sure for smartphones but for pc its nvidia and ATI and also lot of smartpjones use nvidia gpu !! And for my PC i would never buy samsung any part from samsung .. for example RAM, cause latency its to slow ..better use GEIL for example !! And AT is right .. All companys does thos today … If u are arguing like this u can start at the point where the metal or plastic for the phone come from … Maybe ur samsung phone fas former my coca cola bottle !!! Lol

  • Dixon

    Samsung for sure has the better LCD’s so this is goods news … But besides this is just funny, one day u get news about apple or Samsung blaming each other for copyright stealing and the other day they work together again .. Lol … What about a new company “Samsapple”

    • Kurt

      How about “AppSung”

      • Dixon

        Haha yeah !!! Even better name !!!

  • Pedro Gonsalez

    Tommy hit Billy, Billy hit back… now they’re both ok. Why can we all just get along?

  • Gorgonphone


  • tee

    LG means lousy goods.

  • Dixon

    @kurt ios is great imo ! Ofc there can be some things be changed to make it bettet but its a great os .. Android i dont like .. I only have a older version in my galaxy w but even if i play on a friends galaxy s3 i dont like it ! I loved my gd880mini cause it had a awesome looking ( mini iphone 🙂 ) but if the os was web os then i cant confirm what u saying !! There wasnt even a structure in the os ..each menu had other button layouts and it was really confusing ( sorry cant really explain in english but i hope u get what i mean )

  • Vik Snavset Skjørte

    Its a shame to see Apple move away from Sharps exciting new IGZO technology to Samsung mass LCD production ability.
    My dreams of 5S have been crashed.. i might as well go for S4