Let’s Talk Jailbreak lives on with its original name! Join Sebastien and Jeff as they talk about their post-iTunes life, Saurik’s new Android interests, restoring an iPhone to stock using SemiRestore, uninstalling Velox, and of course, some of the top jailbreak tweaks from the last week. It’s an interesting look into all things jailbreak. Don’t miss it.

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  • Ian

    I love the podcasts you post! Keep it up. 😀

    • iosPixel

      Me to. I’m saving this one until I actually get an opportunity to truly listen – Great for a commute. People must think I’m crazy…nodding along, smiling, and generally acting like I’m in the room with you. Love it. Thanks!

  • ExRoot

    Just listened and I enjoyed it. I am able to work on other projects while I listen.

    As for Safari Blank page….I amazing that even needs a tweak. That should be a setting. It’s cool but I put a few tweaks on as possible and that’s not a must have although it is nice.

    • iosPixel

      Agreed. That and the ability to set a home page without a JB. Safari should have launch and close settings.

      Upon Launch – Blank/Homepage(s)/Last Viewed/Incognito…
      Upon Exit – Clear Cache/Searches/History.,,,

      Power options for power users nicely tucked away, that I would appreciate.

  • Is the jailbreak for 6.1.3 out a valid one or a fake one?

    • girish

      6.1.3 cn b jailbroken TETHERED only on iphone 4 n below,, 🙂
      ip4s n ip5 cannot be jailbroken,, 🙂

  • mav3rick

    Glad you could make it to keep this podcast, even its title,
    about what iDB is really about. If it was not to be about jailbreak, nothing to
    talk about jailOS: the most stupid featureless mobile OS giving the most
    dumbest and frustrating power user experience. It is ONLY about devices build
    quality and the eye candy smooth running OS and apps. If this iOS was running
    on Galaxy device, nobody will touch such freak!

    As you said, just be yourself, be a jailbreaker!

  • Brandon Downs

    Jeff / Seb – i’m on 6.1.2 on an iphone 5 (windows 7 comp)…a few months ago I removed mobilesubstrate thinking it would remove everything…i got stuck in a boot loop..long story short the ONLY thing that would fix my iphone is go against what evasi0n says, and I re-ran evasi0n, because it would recognize my iphone. This fixed the problem, but it still wasn’t working 100% right. tweaks not showing up in cydia etc. a few weeks ago i came upon iLexRAT and it fixed everything. I removed all tweaks/settings for cydia, and FYI there IS an option to remove ALL ios apps/settings..didn’t use it because i didn’t want to get rid of a bunch of App Store apps. It also has the option to reinstall cydia. If you get a chance could you play around with it a little more to see if there is much of a difference between these two ‘scripts’? You should prob get his latest release from his repo, you probably weren’t on his latest update when you tried it.
    My main question(s) are this:
    1. does semi-restore reset/restore the correct/reset the permissions for your directories on your ios device? I messed with ifile and permissions and i don’t know what the stock permissions for specific folders should be, and I’m not sure that iLex corrected this.
    2. After you ran semi-restore, when you first opened cydia did it act as if you were opening cydia for the first time? like..no added repos, etc. Thanks in advance, great podcast.

    • girish

      semi restore wil make ur iphone look fresh like when u bought it,,
      it wil appear same like if u wud restore it,,
      u wil need to jailbreak,,re add repos etc,, 🙂
      correct me if im wrong, 🙂

    • Ian

      Yeah, I changed permissions too. But it’s too late for me now… 🙁 *sigh* Now all I can do is hope for iOS 7.

  • ilex does remove everything including App Store apps and settings

  • Dmaez

    Its so funny you guys are talking about not listening on itunes I have never listened on itunes and always listened directly through the website.

  • Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal

    Hey Sebastien.. The “Let’s splash together” part was kind of awkward hahahaha

    • Yeah. As soon as I said that, I thought to myself “crap, that sounded really gay”.