Cydia Substrate Kindle Fire

Big news in the world of Mobile Substrate, but oddly enough, it has nothing to do with iOS and everything to do with Android. Yes, you heard right, Android. The creator behind Cydia and Mobile Substrate, Saurik, has released Substrate for Android, and he’s created a brand new website to document the new addition to the family.

What does this mean for Android users? It means many of your favorite jailbreak apps and tweaks could make it to Android, (WinterBoard is already available!) with the potential for many more…

To enable Substrate on your Android device, you must first, of course, root the device. According to the Cydia Substrate website, Substrate should work with a variety of Android devices from 2.3 through 4.2.

After you have gained root access to the device, you’ll need to install the APK, run the application, click Install, and grant Substrate Superuser access. After that, it’s all gravy, or in theory it should be. The APK can be downloaded directly from the Cydia Substrate website, or from Google Play.

Pretty wild, no? I mean, imagine going to the App Store and downloading Cydia. As much as people knock Android for its pseudo-openness, there’s no denying that being able to pull off stuff like this is nice.

What do you think? As we speak I’m trying to get this thing running on my old and crusty Kindle Fire (the original), but I can’t promise anything as of yet. I’ll let you know what I find.

WinterBoard Android

Update: I was able to get Cydia Substrate and WinterBoard installed on my rooted 1st generation Kindle Fire with little to no issue. Unfortunately, the themes that are available on Google Play are generally only for certain firmware compatibility. But now that WinterBoard is available, in the future we’ll be able to have themes for a wider variety of ROMS, e.g. TouchWiz, Sense, CyanogenMod, Apex, etc. Thanks to Majd Alfhaily for the clarification on this.

I’ll be back with a full video showcasing the installation soon.

Update: Some people have inquired about the possibility of having a Google Play alternative, sort of like Cydia is an App Store alternative. While that may sound like a good idea, it’s not absolutely necessary like it was on iOS. With iOS, Apple would outright reject any app or tweak submitted to the App Store. Google is much more lenient on what it will accept, and it has less strict rules about the openness of certain apps. That’s why it is possible for Saurik to submit WinterBoard to Google Play and get approved. There is no absolute need for an alternative like there is with iOS.

With all of that being stated, I think that an alternate store would be beneficial for a couple of reasons, but one sticks out above all others. I think that a Google Play alternative would be good simply for organizational purposes. On iOS, you know you go to the App Store when you want to download an App Store app, and you know you go to Cydia when you want to download a jailbreak app. The lines are rarely, if ever, blurred. With the Android situation, I can see things becoming a lot more confusing with everything being mixed in together.

What do you think?

  • workin

    Cool! Hope he works with the ‘droid rooting community as they’ve been the pioneers.

    Google glass is supported

    Works with Cyanogenmod?
    I didn’t get what Saurik meant: “Substrate has been tested fairly extensively. It is designed to work on Android versions 2.3 or above, but will work on any “equivalent” versions (systems like CyanogenMod or the Kindle Fire use their own versioning schemes). It is supported on devices that use either ARM or Intel CPUs and works on “strange” devices (including Google Glass).”

    • Bradley Wyatt

      they havent been the pioneers. the entire android ecosystem was based off the early JB community. Please do research

      • The Jailbreak community is way better

      • marcusmaximus04

        What? Early Android rooting(for the G1) happened primarily on xda-developers as an extension of the previous Windows Mobile modding that had been going on long before the iPhone existed.

      • Cydia is a one stop place with Android its all over the place…..not to mention as far as I’m concerned Cydia has better mods

      • marcusmaximus04

        Who, exactly, are you arguing with? I made no comment one way or the other w/ respect to the merits of cydia or its mods…

      • I’m not arguing with anybody. I’m just stating my opinion.

      • marcusmaximus04

        OK, let me rephrase that: why did you reply to *me*? Whether you prefer cydia or not has nothing to do with whether android modding started as a spinoff of it.

      • I think we have a lack of communication between us.

      • Objection!

        On Android, most of the apps exist in Google Play (or in the Kindle Fire’s case, the Amazon App Store because Amazon wants a locked-down device like Apple). The other app markets you install are purely optional, usually don’t work out, and tend to suck. Not to mention that Cydia and the Play Store are for almost completely different things.

        Of course Cydia has better mods. It’s modding a platform that is already refined. As Google refines theirs further (Android 4.3/5 Key Lime Pie is being announced at Google I/O, which is expected to refine a whole lot), it’ll become a better ecosystem to put tweaks on. Android has a bunch of features and apps that inspired iOS tweaks, as well (JellyLock, Atom, etc).

        Overall? Your argument is more or less invalidated, because you didn’t spend the last five months in the Android ecosystem like I did.

      • How is ‘long before the iPhone existed’ if the first Android-powered mobile was launched no earlier than 2008 and the first iPhone was launched in 2007? Something’s off on your statement. Anyway… Good news for those developers in the Cydia community as they may very well expand their consumers/users to the Android market. 😉

      • marcusmaximus04

        Because Windows Mobile(modding of which, as I said, being what android modding came out of) came out in 2000. Re-read my comment. Modding of windows mobile happened long before the iPhone existed. THAT modding directly led to the first rooting/etc of android devices, starting with the G1.

      • True, but modding is not exactly the same thing as rooting or jailbreaking. In any event, we know how easy it is for an Android or Windows OS to be rooted. Take a look at the Google Glass thingy.
        For some reason the jailbreak community is more mature than any others around when it comes to this. Certainly though, Android is ‘open’ whereas other OS are not.

    • Yes, he meant that Substrate works with CyanogenMod.

      • workin

        Thnk u, geez, passionate ppl

  • Interesting…

  • planetcoalition

    Best part on Twitter: Some people are asking if it is possible to install iOS tweaks on Android now that Cydia Substrate is on Android.

    • Mathieu Reid

      Ahaha ! What the hell !? Most Cydia apps/tweaks are already in the OS itself or in the PlayStore.

      • jp2002

        exactly. Jay is not gonna make any money from droid…play store just has it.. One thing is i do feel a lot of viruses are gonna creep in..Imagine the amount of piracy android already has..I can easily write a hook which caches all contacts info and send it to some server….Android just gonna go down..

      • if the device is not root than good luck doing that. It the same concept with the jailbreaking of an iPhone.

      • Except you can find a jailbreak on the Google Play Store within a month from the release date of the device…

      • Last I checked, Jay doesn’t make money from people buying tweaks, especially from outside repositories. Besides, you saw that iOS has innovation, and Android sure as hell doesn’t have most of the things Cydia has yet.

      • jp2002

        Have you developed any tweaks before. If you have surely you should have read the rules that cydia has make. 30% cut goes to cydia. And who owns cydia? apple? So hope you got the point that cydia is a good source of income for him.

      • Really? I never knew he got money from repositories that aren’t in the default list. Read my comment again.

      • counting that you have to jailbreak in order to have cydia on android its already there in google play

      • Did you reply the wrong person? Your post is completely irrelevant to what I posted.

      • Exactly, however having the possibility of NOT having unneeded or unwanted stuff embedded in the system is what the customization of rooting/jail breaking is all about. 🙂

      • But they are executed poorly

  • Jaye

    Hi Galaxy S4.

    • planetcoalition

      Gotta love the bluish over-saturated screen.

      • RarestName

        The iPhone’s screen is yellowish…

      • Markus Hudobnik

        No it isn’t.

      • @dongiuj

        If it’s the iPhone 5 then, yes it is.

      • Markus Hudobnik

        Mine isn’t at al

      • @dongiuj

        Really? Maybe I should take mine back then.

      • planetcoalition

        Because you’ve seen too much of the bluish screen that you think a normal screen is yellowish?

      • If the S3 also has the same bluish screen, I can safely say that is freaking beautiful compared to the slightly more washed out colors of my Nexus 7.

      • kaka

        iphone sucks

      • RarestName


    • It”ll run tweaks horribly the iphone 5 will run them smoother and better

      • @dongiuj

        How do you know? Got an S4? Nahhh, I didn’t think so.

      • No, everything runs better on the iphone 5 then th
        Htc one and gs4
        The iphone5 is faster then any other androids atm.
        Everysingle speed test i have seen the iphone 5 wins whether web browsing gaming or booting
        And thisnis lame but take the harlem shake tweakmfro example it runs soo much better on ios devices even tho they have been made by the same dev

  • jp2002

    It wouldn’t be of any use, except if you had to modify the inbuilt apps or other apps. It will be useless to mod the OS, when there are millions of launchers available already.

    • RarestName

      It’s not like you can’t combine 15 features from 15 different launchers into one launcher. Oh wait, you can’t.

      • Could be Anyone

        Oh wait you can if you know where to look but i’m sure you wouldn’t know that.

      • RarestName

        Getting a different launcher is so much more difficult tbh. I personally like the current TouchWiz launcher, so I don’t think I’ll switch to another launcher any time soon.

      • Could be Anyone

        Well it depends on the launcher since I used to use Nova than Holo but I got bored with the standard launcher with the stadard app drawer so I checked out Action Launcher and never looked back, I highly suggest it.

      • It’s apparently very difficult to go onto the Play Store and install GO Launcher EX or Nova Launcher, people!

      • RarestName

        Nova Launcher is the best third party launcher for me because I like the look of the stock Android launcher as well.

      • I mostly like Next Launcher and GO Launcher EX because it can mostly preserve the look of iOS icons, with how they’re formatted. I’m really not sure, I just don’t really prefer the default launcher.

      • …Make your own? Request features?

    • I never knew that Cydia consisted purely of launchers, and didn’t modify anything but the springboard.

      • jp2002

        You din read my comment properly.

      • Tell me how I didn’t. All you said was that it was hard to install other launchers. It obviously isn’t.

      • jp2002

        Ok lets stop the sarcasm and get to the point. I am confused by what you mean. Can you tell me, what you understood from my post?

        My view is:
        Modding OS is already possible and is easier from the custom ROM route.
        The only addition that cydia substrate would give is, tweaks within apps. Like yourtube, protube, download managers, etc.

        So conclusion, It doesn’t really make a difference in android. Probably for glass it will make a huge difference. Because glass ecosystem is somewhat similar to iOS. Read saurik’s article on that.

      • I responded to the wrong comment, apparently… My bad.

      • jp2002

        lol ok…

  • Interesting, it will take time however to get as much content on there as iOS cydia.

  • Gorgonphone

    Soooo will this let me run IOS 6 on a GS4 or HTC1??????????

    • Hmm possible now that porting will be available

      • Gorgonphone

        if a dev gets IOS running smoothly in the HTC1 i will definitely

      • ya but itll take a while and it will have imperfections

      • Actually? It’ll be pretty much impossible because of the system differences. I mean, take a look at the project porting Android to iOS. They still have barely made progress since the iPhone 3G.

      • That’s because they didn’t have the android files yet so they just made their own. It’ll be easier now that they have the possibility of cydia on android.

      • Not at all… Android is open-source.

      • Lol ok believe what you want but it’s impossible to tell what’s in the future so we both don’t know

      • I don’t need to know what’s in the future if we’re debating devices that are out today.

        Okay, listen. Stop typing like a dumbass. Use proper grammar and all. And stop replying, because you’ve lost!

      • Lol ok if you feel good that you “won” that’s ok with me

      • Yes, it comforts me that you’ve also felt I’ve won.

      • Notice I said “won” with quotes bendejo

      • Yep. Quotes don’t normally imply sarcasm, though, which you showed quite obviously. Don’t see why you’re continuing. The fact that you are still shows that you are trying to “win”.

      • As are you

      • Meh. I just like to get under people’s skin and humor other people.

      • Lol me too bro

      • jp2002

        LOL nooo. android is open source and they have all the files. BUT THEY DONT HAVE THE HARDWARE DRIVERS TO COMMUNICATE WITH ANDROID. AX processors are closed source within apple. So they wont have the spec sheets and drivers. THe only thing they could do was to port camera and other stuff that are more general and not apple specific.

    • jp2002

      Facepalm, facepalm, facepalm, facepalm………………………………………………………………HOW IN THE WILDEST THOUGHTS CAN YOU THINK LIKE THAT. Installing ios on iPhone is a big f***in deal..(i mean with all those security checks from apple server).

  • Gorgonphone

    this actually sounds like surik is preparing for the downfall of IOS lol so he can easily jump shit to android when it finally takes over..lololol

  • RarestName

    Guess who may be switching because of this 🙂

    • steve jobs ?

      • RarestName

        Me :/
        I’ll just wait for someone to port iOS scrolling (already possible as demoed by rpetrich) and I’m going to use both OSss together.

      • Wait, what is iOS scrolling (as opposed to Android scrolling)? What did rpetrich demo?

      • The bounce effect

      • RarestName

        Google this: j18ltnnkjufhjitlqvhaiqayz
        Click on the first link, that’ll give you the video that he uploaded.

  • Boss

    iPhone 5S ain’t no good S4 or HTC One here I come

    • planetcoalition

      Yeah, like it’s already been announced.

      • Boss

        Screen too small like your dick

      • Couldn’t think of a better argument so you chose to insult his genitals? How will ever recover from that?

    • The iphone 5 is faster then Them both and is superior to the htc ones and in some conditions (as shown in all camara tests on youtube) superior to the s4
      Also you can jIlbreak it
      Nice design
      Nice screen
      Amazing apps

      • The iPhone 4S was defeated by the S3 in tests. Considering the minimal hardware improvements to the iPhone 5 except for the new processor, there’s not much new. The S4 made some seriouschanges, so if it ddoesn’t outright win, it’ll sure as hell give the iPhone 5 a run for it’s money.

        Android is ultra-customizable. I can make it whatever design I choose it to be without rooting/jailbreaking (except on Kindle Fire devices, but that’s because Amazon wants to have a closed ecosystem like Apple).

        The S4 screen is amazing and is larger. But yes, the iPhone 5 screen is still one of the best I’ve seen.

        Amazing apps is a personal opinion. There’s a ton of amazing apps on Android as well, though.

        Android is progressing to be faster thanks to Project Butter. Somedevices already match and surpass the speed of iI devices, like the Nexus 7, Galaxy S3, and Galaxy S4.

      • The nexus 7 is a shitty piece of crap its slow as hell eveyone says so. What tests? Geekbench 2 doesnt mean a thing see speed comparisons of the gs3 and 4s oh and the 5 is already faster then the gs4 sure androidnlets you customise but its buggy and full of viruses test the stuff i said by urself if you dont believe me or you can always go to youtube and see

      • I can see that you trust benchmarks compared to actually trying it yourself.

      • Umm no my point is benchmarks dont mean a think. Try real world testings then u”ll see

      • Real-world testings are benchmarks.

      • Benchmarks are a number based on your cores and stuff
        Listen you have no clue how much faster the mini is to the nexus 7 for e.g where as in geekbench 2 its said to be wayyyyy faster

      • Get your shit straight. You’re telling me that benchmarks don’t matter compared to real life tests, but you’re trying to enforce your point with GeekBench 2, a benchmarking tool.

      • Omg i mean like benchmarks are lies for e.g the gs4 scoreslike 2555 the iphone 5 scores half that but in real world testings the iphone 5 is nuch faster smoother and responsive

      • Because the hundreds of people that do benchmarks are all lying. Believable.

      • I’m not the one that mentioned Geekbench originally. I use the device itself and I’m typing this from it right now, so I think I would damn well know if it’s a shitty piece of crap.

      • Want to have mods and customise your ios device
        Okay just jb it the jb commnuty is better and heck itsbsafe and heck you can even get paid tweaks for free
        Im so sorry but the nexusn7 is one of the slowest devices i have seen its sooo uber laggy. Nexus 4 is good tho.
        The 4s is faster! Compared gs3
        So is the 5 compared to the gs4
        Specs dont matter on different os”s and also ios is very integrated with the hardware on ipods ipads iphones dont trust me? Check speed comparisons between this devices

      • Give me one good reason to trust a pirate.

  • kevin butler

    This is awesome. There are tweaks that I want on Android. Activator is one of them.

    • jp2002

      Something more powerful than activator is already ther. I forgot the name.. Friend has got it.

      • Tasker has some overlapping features. Not exactly the same idea as Activator, but it might be what you’re thinking of.

    • Mathieu Reid

      Most Cydia apps/tweaks already exist in the OS or Google Play Store.

      • jp2002

        You are right..I dont find the point of this..

      • Im an ios and android user what you just said it kinda right
        And what i found was these tweaks work better on ios idk why maybe bcos of the smotthness? It gives you a richer expirience and if your device gets slow/crashes that means you downloaded some shit app recently
        Cydia and google play is special in their own ways
        Best paet about cydia i can get paid apps/tweaks for free

  • LIKE.

  • Thi Han

    What?? I’ll switch to android then. Just to see what it has to offer

    • planetcoalition

      Apparently you don’t understand what it does. Oh well.

      • Thi Han

        Ummmm.. Yes I do. I go on cydia daily to look at new tweaks

      • Gorgonphone


  • Might sound a bit paranoid but is this where Jay sees that it’s going ? What I mean is does jay think that jailbreaking a iDevice will soon become a thing of the past ? And he is now looking to see where he can take Cydia ?

    • Well it’s possible since apple exploits are getting rare while android probably has 100s of exploits

      • That’s true, but I’d like to add to your comment. For iOS devices to have “root”, hackers needed to find vulnerabilities in the system. However, for Android devices, it could be crazy secure or unsecure, it still allows you to have root. That’s what is nice about it. That’s the other good reason that Saurik is extending his tweaks onto Android – there is no need for exploits to root the device.

      • No u need exploits to root

      • only need exploits on the systems with locked boot loaders and such.

    • Gorgonphone

      yup he is getting ready for android to take over…lol i can see it already..

    • it nvm a bad thing to have backup is not it? There always a rise in a company and than fall back. No tech company going to stay on top forever.

  • Imo this can change something in the game .. If Cydia on android will crow up like the jb community in the early days of the iPhone, android become more and more interesting

  • This is great. I’d love to have many tweaks on my Nexus4. However, that adrenaline when a new jailbreak is released can’t be overcame by no other thing.

    • RarestName

      Finally, someone calling these things tweaks. I’m sick of Android users calling all of the tweaks “apps”.

      • We do that because of the fact that unless you download an app like TricksterMod, all of the ‘tweaks’ are literal apps that run at startup.

      • RarestName

        I’ll check it out, thanks!

  • queen_ir3ne

    Android doesn’t deserve it.

    • RarestName

      But the users do.

    • Gorgonphone

      if apples stays boring and stubborn eventually android will take over…

      • say that to their sales……

      • AndroidSucks!

        Thats the sad part theu have programmed everyone to accept anything

  • Sahil

    This is a very nice move.. This way the developers stay occupied even when there is no jailbfeak for iOS

  • Dylfo

    This means that I have no reason to keep my iPhone anymore…

    • Not all of the tweaks are on android yet it’ll take years like the apple tweaks first started

      • Dylfo

        Wrap android already had most of the tweaks built into their os so they all won’t need to be ported to the android

      • Go for android we”ll be here when you come back! Bye!

      • Dylfo

        I never said I was switching a jail broken iPhone is >any android I’m just saying Cydia and tweaks from it aren’t needed for android users

      • most? lol

    • This is useless it will just be another Android store from the 100s already available. Jail breaking an IOS device and adding Cydia to an Android device is two totally different experience. The Cydia store won’t make any money Android users in majority like to pirate.

  • Android probably has so many exploits

  • yes! I actually googled this last week (cydia for android) and read an interview with him where he said he had no plans to ever bring Cydia to Android! So awesome!

  • Joe Hanson

    says use the “Browser” app or Substrate settings app to view the Featured Extensions on my Nexus 7…. They replaced “Browser” with chrome so…. I can’t participate. Oh well.

    • SpongeBob SquarePants

      Flash CM 10.1

  • SpongeBob SquarePants

    Time to reroot my N7

  • Reya Huang

    I don’t like it. Not at all.

    I didn’t really react that much as other people when Instagram became available for android, but that’s just another app. It’s normal to have it become cross-platform. But Cydia is another story. Cydia is made for iOS! It feels weird and definitely not pleasant to have it on android. Something not expected at all that’s for sure. Well, it’s not like I can do anything about it.

    • This isn’t Cydia. I was in IRC with saurik last night, and he and others were debating to port Cydia over to list tweaks, or just add tweaks to the Play Store which show up when you search ‘substrate’.

      Substrate isn’t Cydia, my friend.

  • wow wow wow !

  • jp2002

    In my opinion the only use of mobile substrate in android would be to hook into apps. To mod the os custom roms are already there. Th easier route would be custom roms. Else your just gonna get stucky tweaks like velox. Things like protube, yourtube which could have never existed before in android will now exist. Thanks to saurik. (But trust me android division is just gonna run into a loss for him) No one android will be ready to shell out money for tweaks! The market survey shows that for apps. So yea devs can just do it for more viruses!

  • bonde

    it’s hard to jailbreak an iphone because there are so few, but there are so many different android devices so there will be many exploits but there are many phones to be rooted. but interesting

  • Lol android did nt need this all its look shame less what winter board can do themes u already have on android tweaks work n look awesome on apple ecosystem … Totally no use

  • I hope having android users on Cydia won’t combine their packages with iOS in the same sources. There’s already too much :/

  • Liam Mulcahy


  • I wonder will the Android Cydia tweaks or any mod for that matter cost?

  • disk Latvia

    OMG imagine if android rooting got all the features of iOS jail breaking on top of all the current ones

  • Finally. Something that iOS got first, THEN coming to Android. I can finally yell at my Android-fanboy friends about this.

    • Dylfo

      Every app ever comes out for iPhone first……

  • Some people are still in ios because of jailbreak tweaks apps mods and themes.. Now that its coming to android in sure iPhone will start to loose its love.. Heck even I might move over!! 😛

  • How about installing JellyLock on an android device? Dude, androidception.

  • its a great news

  • jp2002

    All in all i just feel this is very very very very dangerous for android and google as a whole…I could just hook into a system function and mess it up..The point is, it could be done on iPhones too, but hackers generally target the OS with the highest market share. As such android is crippled with all those spam apps on play store. Now pirated tweaks would just make android worse. However this is my opinion. Saurik should have put more effort on osx. Mobile substrate tweaks look really good on apple products.

  • Dan

    thanks for the info, it works on Note 2 4.1.2, but nothing good as of now

  • After running the substrate .apk I dont get the install option only restart and contribute option?? Anyone else have this problem? I have the HTC EVO 4G LTE

  • Everyone who jailbreaks on iOS always tells me how buggy their phone is after. Hopefully this doesn’t carry over to Android.

  • For any of the people who say that this is useless and we can already do this. We can, kinda. People can theme with custom roms and other ways as well but others cannot. Just installing a launcher is not theming like on ios. Ive been using winterboard on my android tablet witch is so cheap there is no roms for it. But using winterboard im able to use themes designed for CyanogenMod on a stock rom. So this is in fact very useful.