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Apple’s proxy fight against Google and its Android platform has just taken an interesting turn as the iPhone maker asked the court to force Google into turning over Android’s source code. The request is part of Apple’s ongoing California patent fight against Samsung. Bloomberg reports today Apple is dissatisfied with Google’s handling of the request.

According to Apple’s lawyers, the search giant in “improperly withholding information” related to Android’s source code documentation. Google’s mobile operating system, Apple argues, “provides much of the accused functionality” and argues the Google platform is used in all of Samsung’s allegedly infringing products…

Bloomberg has the story:

Apple Inc., taking its patent fight to Google Inc. through its infringement litigation against Samsung Electronics Co., is asking a judge to force Google to turn over documents related to its Android operating system.

Apple told U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal in San Jose, California, that Google is improperly withholding information about what terms it’s using to find the documents Apple has requested in pretrial information sharing.

A lawyer for Apple argued that it’s a “question of transparency,” arguing his client has “concerns that they’re not doing a full search” for the requested documents.

Google is a third-party to the case.

A lawyer for Google – who also happens to represent Samsung – responded that Apple made a “strategic decision” in filing its case “to keep Google off the complaint.”

As a third-party to the case, Warren said, Google doesn’t have the same legal rights that Apple and Samsung have, in particular with respect to “reciprocal discovery.” Agreeing to Apple’s request, Google’s lawyer said, would give the iPhone maker “ideas about how to proceed that they wouldn’t have had.”

Back in November 2011, Samsung demanded that Apple hand over the iPhone 4S firmware source code. along with the dark details of Apple’s iPhone subsidy agreements with Australian carriers.

A year later, Google filed a motion complaining that Apple was withholding the iOS 6 source code, arguing Apple’s stubbornness prevented Google from performing some important infringement analysis.

And just this January, Samsung similarly put putting pressure on Apple to reveal the iOS 6 source code to a judge in South Korea. Apple’s lawyers dismisses Samsung’s request as “insane” and argued the Galaxy maker was trying to force Apple into revealing its “most important data”.

And the plot thickens.

  • Now who copycat whose…. LoL

    • Not Apple. If they know what’s best for themselves they’ll use the source code to find a major Android security flaw that can be used to advertise the superiority of iOS.

      • Superiority my butt. When other people ask them to turn there over they think it insane and when they ask other people it not insane but transparency. You still think they going to use that forbsuperiority? Unless you just being ignorance and dont think about anything at all but apple is always right

      • I laugh when fandroids say that “Android is open-source, that’s why it’s better” and now we all see Apple asking Google, Androids source code…

        See the new (Google) definition of “Open”? If it was “So open” Apple didn’t need to ask them the source code.

        That’s the biggest point that some fandroids are missing here.

      • Dude I’m my talking about open source or I’m my talking about the fact that apple believe it okay for them to ask other people for their source code but it insane for other people to ask for their source code back. Int3nsive make sure you understand what I’m saying before you reply.

      • Samsung ripped off Apple, that’s why they’re asking Android source code to prove that the copy was not only with the interface but also the apps behavior.

        If other companies have solid things against apple to ask them about their source code, why not?

      • Android being open isnt about releasing the source code. Its the fact that anyone with proper knowledge can make their own custom made roms and mods. Which i think is brillant.

        And about android being laggy. It is. I dont know why most fandroids (im a fandroid. But im open minded and also use ios alot) claim there is no lag. The animations does look awful about half the times and unlocking the phone to fast can be a sore for the eyes (using an s3 lte). Vanilla android works better since there is no bloat. But its still not lagfree by a longshot. Ios does work better in terms of lag. About twice a week i notice a slight lag when i move about on my paddie. So yeah apple did a good job optimizing it.

      • Yeah, I’m sure apple have interest of copying the source code of Android to make the scroll laggy!

      • And upscaled user interface. It’s great for giant fingers. And how to make a phone with 3 buttons instead of 1 … poor iPhone..

      • Now we on the same topic. Next time learn how to read other people comment throughly before you reply with stupid thing

      • If you didn’t get what I just said it’s not my fault. Unfortunately I replied to you instead of making a normal commentary. Yes, Google BS it’s everywhere…

        “Andoroid open-source” once again… demystified.

      • Have you been using the current android. Like note 2, htc one, droid DNA? maybe the old one that run on single core or first generation dual core are leggy. If you have not use it yet don’t just jump out and say it laggy

      • Your crazy my htc one and note 2 lags in comparison to even my iphone 4!!!

      • No

        I can almost guarantee you have probably never even touched those phones. You probably watch YouTube Vlogs about it and instantly jump to conclusions without trying the device it’s self.

      • No

      • Yaa also apple will copy everything..make there devices laggy..

        As soon as we will install some 3-4 apps it will start lagging as hell and we will enjoy it so much man..yupppyyyyy

      • Are you talking about the single core android and also the iPhone 4 or are you talking about the quad core and current dual core one? Go try use the current android before you saying those word. I’m using iPhone 5 at the moment so do not say I’m fandroid. I just like to keep my mind open to the possibility not just stuck to believe that apple is always the greatest

      • Gorgonphone

        lol….. android is not made fro the hardware so even with 1000 cores it still lags

      • Where’s the lag? youtu dot be/Lnudy8OsN-M

      • Lol wheres the lag? Well its not apparent cos of the animations lol on the the home screens inside apps there is a lot of lag 🙂

      • No

        Nice job making up a stupid excuse because you were proven wrong.

        Are you in denial that iOS is getting less and less impressive, and that it has almost never been innovative?

        Even some of the old hardcore Apple fanboys have began to realize Apple is not bringing anything new to the table, but not you, you are something special.

      • If Android is a laggy piece of sh*t, shouldn’t the animations also lag?

      • Lol the animations are the reason you think its smoooth its just a marketing strategy i have many androids all are the same just smooth when you move left or right on the home screen

      • You still haven’t answered my question. Where is the lag in the video I linked? Lag is defined as falling behind in movement, progress, or development; not keeping pace with another or others. So how is Android laggy exactly?

      • Listen the nexus 4 is the smoothest android device and one other thing if you cant see the lag then good for you bunch of people do so yeah and where? Okay let me see my htc one lags when im seeing pictures on my photo library like when im swiping thru them left/right. When i scroll on thenverge my note 2
        Becomes an iphone 3gS. And when i game umm let idk they turn in to iphone4 maybe a bit better i guess point is android still cant compete with a dual core 1ghz 7
        Month old phone. My iphone 5 has never slown down. It even multitasks faster and better then the note 2’ornthe htc one or
        The nexus 4 in terms of sheer performance but its nice you cant close all apps on android at the same time! (Y) we can do that too but we sadly require a jailbreak again if you cant see the lag, dropped frames that means your etes arent as sensitive as mine oh one more thing lol open the facebook/twitter app then scroll up and down maybe you”ll see it 🙂

      • Dude i have used the quad core shitt..same experience ..anything else you want to say now ?

      • Gorgonphone

        android suuuucks

      • You start your sentence with lol and go ahead to state that they suck. I wonder what phone you use before the iPhone came out and what were you opinion back than. Probably the phone you were using before we’re great and other phone suck, but since the iPhone came out it became the greatest. There always ride and fall of something so expect apple to go down sooner or later

      • Gorgonphone

        i had a phillips then an android (which suuuucked) then and iPhone 3GS i skipped iPhone until the 3GS cause every iPhone before the 3GS was pure over hyped crap

      • Altaykai Yamada

        yeah right… Does it feel so good to mock yourself with wrong claims? Well… I guess that makes you sleep better at night.

      • Well if you beg to differ list your argument with accurate trustworthy sources of cases where Apple has copied another company/product/person? other than the whole clock icon fiasco I bet you’ve got nothing. Also please note there is a huge difference between copying and innovating so the notification centre or any other feature supposedly plucked from Android doesn’t count.

      • No

        You Apple fanboys use the word “innovate” to much.

  • Thi Han

    Can we all just get

    • iBanks

      Take a nap… 🙂

  • Smoke them Apple, just smoke them.

  • seyss

    isnt Android open source

  • Gorgonphone

    lol at apple wanting tio look in lame android so they can see how to make the flat being UI> sad…

  • Nith Man

    samsaug wants apples secrets…

    • No

      Considering the name of this article states Apple wants to see the Android source code, yeah probably. Also, Android isn’t a product of Samsung, it’s Google.

      Learn how to read and do basic research before you leave comments. Thanks.

      • leart za jmi

        Are you from samsushi?