plants vs zombies 2

Good news Plants vs. Zombies fans! Seattle-based game publisher PopCap revealed today that there is a sequel to the game in the works. The team released a video teaser earlier today, announcing that the highly-anticipated title will debut this summer.

Although sought-after on all major consoles, Plants vs. Zombies has been particularly popular on iOS since it landed on the mobile platform in 2010. In fact, Apple says it ranks #12 for all-time paid iPhone apps. Now here, check out the teaser for version 2…

Ok, so the clip doesn’t offer up much information about the gameplay in version 2, but it does provide us with a title and release date. It looks like PopCap’s hoping to deliver “Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time” to multiple gaming platforms by this July.

So, who’s excited for Plants vs. Zombies 2?

  • I can’t wait! The first one is probably the most addictive game ever!!

    • I hope it is not just new zombies or weapons…

  • seyss

    I bet it’ll be just another game ruined by the IAP plague. no fun just customer-rape. How can you seriously play a game knowing that you (or anyone) could just spend U$99.99 to buy everything in the game.

    • You must be talking about Simcity.

      • Nope. Just everything EA.

  • another overrated game

    • Chuck Finley

      This. The first game was terrible.

  • LOVED the first game. Can’t wait for this, but I really hope it doesn’t disappoint.

  • Great game. Hopefully it’s just as fun with new power-ups and zombie ghoulish fun.

  • Crowned_59

    do want

  • It’s About Time!

  • Bring back Zombie Michael Jackson!

  • I dont get it. Its so boring you know

    • Gorgonphone

      i already

  • It’s going to be awesome

  • Please make the zombies playable! [& add venus flytrap superboss.]