Gmail 2.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)Gmail 2.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

Google on Monday issued a maintenance update to its Gmail client for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices, adding two welcomed new features.

Gmail version 2.2.7182 adds support for signing out of a single account in settings. Previously, hitting the Sign Out button signed you out of all accounts at once, which was rather clunky and not very user friendly.

The application also has a new setting which lets you specify that YouTube, Google Maps and Chrome links go directly to these native apps instead of the mobile web – of course, provided you have them installed on your device…

You can grab the free Gmail update from the App Store.

Unfortunately, and this is becoming annoying fast, the software still lacks a unified inbox so if you manage, say, your personal and work email in Gmail for iOS, expect a lot of switching between the two until Google fixes this omission.

Notably, the popular Sparrow email client that Google purchased last July has had this handy feature implemented from the onset.

  • Damian W

    weird that it takes them forever to import sparrow features to Gmail. It supposed be piece of cake after they bought it. This was the whole point.

  • deepdvd

    I really don’t like Unified Inbox. I wish I could disable it in the Mail app. I like the separation of work and personal.

    • iDara09

      But, isn’t the native Mail app already having both Unified and Separative inbox?

      Edit: Ah, I see what you meant now. I also wanted to disable it too!!

  • who likes combined inboxes? isn’t the point of different inboxes to keep things separate?
    If I wanted everyone to contact me at a certain email address, I would give that out to everyone..

    • I do. It lets me read all my emails from both my personal and school email without having to switch constantly. When you reply, the mail app knows which email to reply with based on which email it was sent to. For me there is no reason to keep things separate.

  • I dont need this since I’m a happy Mailbox user.

    • Agree with you.I’m also using the old version till now.

  • Any one know a mail app that let’s me attach any file to a mail?

    • marcus1324

      No Apple doesn’t allow you to do that right from an email client. However I’ve seen a tweak before called ‘AnyAttach’ and it allows you to attach any file from the stock mail app. It’s available on Cydia you should check it out.

      • you are right @marcus1324:disqus . Apple doesn’t allow you to do that right from an email client.

  • Too many email clients to choose from. I love Mailbox, but I have to admit, I do like using Google’s services. The Gmail app has been getting much better, so I may give it an honest look.