Tim Cook caused quite a bit of commotion last week when he told investors that Apple “has some amazing new hardware, software, and services coming this fall.” Most folks took it as we aren’t going to see anything new from the company until then.

But that may not be the case, according to a purported leaked document from Japanese wireless carrier KDDI. The internal note, meant for sales floor staff, offers up plan pricing information and some details about the upcoming iPhone 5S smartphone…

The leaked flyer comes from French website Nowhereelse.fr, who has posted accurate leaks in the past. And the most interesting stuff is written in red, which is starred and annotated as information regarding a “new product,” Apple’s next-gen iPhone.

According to the document, the iPhone 5S will be announced in June, with pre-orders for the handset starting June 20. It doesn’t give an official launch date for when the device will go on sale though, it just says that it will be available the following month.

Below the release dates is a section describing major feature differences in the iPhone 5 and 5S, saying the latter will include a built-in fingerprint reader, an upgraded 13MP iSight camera, and iOS 7—all of which have been mentioned in previous reports.

And not only does the handset’s description lineup with what we’ve been hearing so far, but the pre-order date comes one week after the World Wide Developers Conference. It’s not hard to imagine Apple announcing the iPhone 5S during its big keynote.

But that being said, the dates don’t jibe with recent talk that the 5S has been delayed due to manufacturing issues. And to be honest, it’s sketchy that a carrier would have classified intel floating around on a laminated document. So add your grain of salt here.

Should it wait until the fall to announce its new handset though, Apple’s going to have a busy couple of months. On the menu for pre-holiday launches are two new iPad models, the budget iPhone, refreshed iPods and Macs, and the rumored “iWatch” smartwatch.

  • Ian

    And the countdown begins..

    • Gorgonphone

      really hope IOS 7 does not have the same boring IOS look..OMG

      • it wont

      • Here’s to hoping it is.. iOS is getting stale pretty fast and I’ve been with Apple since ’09-’10ish… Android is sounding sweeter and sweeter.


        oh so go to an another site and praise your crapoid/hangoid or whatever! :X

  • Me

    I hope they come out with something soon…My contracts almost up.


    • Gorgonphone

      If there was a jailbreak for it i would be interested by no jalbreak = no upgrade for me.. same old story iPhone 5 with JB > iPhone 5S with no JB

      • *Facepalm* You DO know they have a jailbreak ready for iOS 7, right? They don’t want to waste the exploits on such a minor update. Which is why you NEVER update until you hear it’s okay to.

      • Agreed.. the exploits are on standby.. iOS7 will more than likely be jailbroken right away

      • Liam Mulcahy

        I hope so

      • They usually wait for X.1 or X.2 usually so initial bugs of the OS can be ironed out, usually. Since I’ve started jailbreaking I’ve noticed this. (Started on iOS4. Good times.)

      • Yeah definitely. They usually make sure that the jailbroken will still be valid for upcoming iOS updates.. i.e. If we’re on 6.1, they’ll wait to see if 6.1.1 and/or 6.1.2 would still support the Jailbreak

      • felixtaf

        I jailbreak for passion…. Not for plenty features…. I was a pirate, i changed. So i dnt need jailbreak for pirated apps. If iOS 7 has quick toggle settings – enuf fr me… Lol jus fr me… Millions cant live without jailbreak, I can…

      • Chuck Norris

        Yeah it might be enf fr me too

  • I’m not sure an S version will be enough this time.
    With all these great smartphones out there, mainly the HTC One, I think Apple might need more than just increasing the specs to stay ahead.

    • Gorgonphone

      we always get an S version after the big upgrade version… then we wait 10 months fro another “big” upgrade..lololo … It would be brilliant of apple to shake things up and drop redesigned larger screened iPhone 6 on us…. but we all know they wont and they don’t need to cause demand is still high enough and android is still sucking too much to cause any concern…lol

  • Boss

    I hate these “S” models it’s just plain lazy

    • Gorgonphone

      its capitalism greed and the way they make massive profits.. the 5 does not require an S model its more than fast enough .. its time for the 6

      • felixtaf

        Analyst! Lol

    • If you don’t have to change an already great phone why change it? If you even look at Samsungs new S4 there isn’t much of a change between that and she S3. The iPhone 5 is an amazing phone. The only thing that needs to be changed in a major way is the iOS.

      • Actually, the externals may not seem to different, but the subtle changes made a big difference on the s4 and the internals went through some pretty big changes. The 5 is amazing as is and the 5S will be a welcomed upgrade to the 5 as its predecessors had. Apple may always do an S, but it find that no different than Samsung making different phone models with almost all the same features and capabilities like the s3 and the note 1/2 except the iPhone is one phone being updated not several different phones being released all boasting basically the same features. Once iOS 7 brings some change, what will be the argument from others than?

    • It’s the iPhone model I tell all my friends to wait for. I learned that with the 3G, always wait for the iPhone “S” model.

  • Liam Mulcahy

    A fingerprint scanner? too hard to use

    • really? how so?

      • Liam Mulcahy

        what if I have a case on?

      • wouldn’t that depend on the case you have? and knowing the phone has a scanner, wouldn’t the cases be made to access the scanner easily? you can’t judge off of something like that.. you’re limiting yourself with no good cause for it

  • Africanking

    I think I am pretty happy with my jailbroken 4s. So I am not interested. Since Steve Job passed away, buying a new iPhone is getting pretty old.

    • i don’t think steve jobs passing should control whether or not you buy an apple product.. they were gunna continue being apple whether he was there or not. I had a Jailbroken 4s also and it doesn’t even come close to how happy the 5 makes me..

    • WhiTeLioN_0S7

      Believe it or not the great Steve Jobs help create and design the next two generation iphones before he died. So im glad that i will be getting my hands on the 5s. it will be the revolution that we was waiting for. I07

  • Start Saving Money 🙂

  • Guest

    It’s perfect if it’s true. My contract goes out in July and by then I could plan to order a White-Blue iPhone 5S (if it comes in colors 😀 )

  • Anyone who speaks Japanese: Can you please translate what that means, all the way down in the picture ‘iOS 6 –> iOS 7’, the text after that ?

  • iOS beta builds always debut 3-4 months before new hardware.

    All “analysts” seem to be oblivious to this very simple trend. The earliest we will see new hardware is this coming fall. iOS 7 will very predictably debut at WWDC.

    • Liam Mulcahy

      I didn’t notice…

  • looking forward to this amazing new iPhone (hopefully with fingerprint sensor) and IOS 7, and my contract ends 19th of June:)

  • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

    So officially… its going to be an S model, not a new one?

    • Yep… i would expect the 6 later.. probably this time next year.. apple has a lot on their plate right now.. the bigger budget iPhone may happen later this year instead since the 5s is coming soon..

    • Liam Mulcahy

      no S models are new

      • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

        Yeah like 4S was something new, compared to 4. It was just the hardware from the iPad put into the iPhone and selected features cut from 4’s firmware forcing people to get the 4S.

  • pauleebe

    iOS 7 can’t possibly be ready for a summer release, especially if it’s an overhaul. So maybe iOS 7 won’t ship with the 5S?

    • that was the speculation in the beginning.. but i wouldn’t put it past them.. we’re on 6.1.3 right now and june is coming soon.. that i know of, no iOS version has made it past a X.X.5.. so either a 6.2 is coming or 7 is.. we can’t really be sure how much work the overhaul was/is if the OS is gunna take on a flatter, simple look. Maybe it wasn’t as complicated an overhaul to achieve as we may speculate. It’s always fun to play this what’s next guessing game o_0