biteSMS beta iOS 5

A new feature is coming to what is arguably the best text messaging app for iOS. If you listened to our previous episode of Let’s Talk Jailbreak, then you already have a good idea what it is. On the podcast, I speculated about what big new feature could be coming to biteSMS after its developer hinted about a brand new addition. My guess was Text Heads.

Today, we can confirm that, indeed, Facebook inspired “Text Heads” are coming to biteSMS. After a few hints, the confirmation came straight from the horse’s mouth.

Here is the tweet from the official biteSMS Twitter account:

biteSMS Text Heads

Despite their funny name, Facebook’s Chat Heads seem to be all the rage these days. Not only will we see a similar SMS oriented feature in the upcoming biteSMS 7.6 beta, but we recently gained a new tweak that brings Chat Heads right to iOS.

When can you expect it? Any moment now. According to the biteSMS account: in a “few hours.” Keep it locked here for more coverage. In the meantime, tell us what you think about the possibility of using Facebook inspired Text Heads on your jailbroken device.

Update: We have a picture of what the upcoming feature will look like.

Text Heads

So, it’s not a replica of Facebook’s Chat Head’s after all. Instead, it looks like a Notification Center widget with “tap to” message shortcuts. Hmm, not going to lie, that seems a bit underwhelming, but I’ll reserve judgement until I try it myself. By the way, the new feature is due on Tuesday now.

What do you guys think?

  • Nice! ^^

  • I’m pretty excited about it c:
    Chat Heads are AWESOMEEE

  • Solowalker

    Ew. I hope this is optional. Having some persistent thing floating on top of everything else on the screen that I have to shuffle around just to keep doing what I’m doing does not sound like a very practical design.

    • Xavier du Coudray

      you are able to clear the heads, mind you, by dragging them to the bottom of your screen where a (X) appears. It’s not on there for ever. But I will be sure to try it out anyhow ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Solowalker

        I understand how it’s supposed to work, but having a giant circular image on my screen when I want to keep a message unread for a while is a far inferior design from a usability standpoint than the current method of the icon with unread count in the status bar.

        I’ll probably try it for 5 minutes just to say that I did, but it’s nothing more than an interesting looking tech demo, in my opinion. I hope the whole concept fades into obscurity in the near future. :/

      • Dont worry its just a nc widget ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I asked them that and they said there will be a toggle for it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • This is going to be amazing. I am going to have to much fun using and showing this off.

  • looks like I’m gonna install BiteSMS again.^^

    • haha yea right i just deleted it

      • Dont waste your time, its a just a nc widget with contact pics for qc like the widget for calling favourite contacts.

  • Pretty cool to see my twitter question being used :p Im pretty excited about this for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

  • its not the same as “chat heads”
    it just shows an image in Notification Centre

  • According to the biteSMS release notes Text Heads is just the name they are using for a quick compose NC widget which features contact images. Doesn’t make any mention of Chat Heads-type functionality.

  • tigo30

    Whatsapp heads please

  • Is that an iphone touch 4?

    • Nope, that’s iPad Touch 4.

      • iospixel

        Not an Ipad 3GS?


      • inf3rn0

        Damn, I thought it was the iWatch Maxi Large Pad.

      • iospixel

        1 up.

  • This is SO LAME

  • Using Lockinfo I have the “Favorites” widget that looks about the same and allows you to Call+Text+Facetime so this update is kind of pointless for me

    • Exactly. Was really hoping for something like Chat Heads. Very disappointing indeed.

  • inf3rn0

    After seeing what it looks like, and learning that it can be ONLY invoked in the NC, this seems quite lame. Just one tap quicker than regular quick reply – don’t see the point.

  • It would have been kool if it was like chat heads. I can see myself using that.

  • Yaowei

    I would love all these new features, but please improve the startup speed of BiteSMS application. Having an iPhone 4, starting up the app takes longer than the stock Messages app and it is very frustrating when I have a slow phone and have to wait even more. I would like to have an option to only use the quick reply and quick compose while still retaining the usage of Messages app rather than BiteSMS own slow app.

    • tim

      you can, it’s just the ‘open’ will always open bite.

      • Yaowei

        Yeah I know. I just wanted the quick reply and the ‘open’ icon opens the stock Messages app.

  • Jerry

    This is not chat heads at all lol

  • RyanFoley

    I was hoping it would be more like chat heads. Chat heads are useless to me because I NEVER use FB chat

    • tim

      you were hoping it was something that was useless to you…..?

      • RyanFoley

        Well Chat Heads are useless, but Text heads WOULD be useful because I actually text instead of using FB chat. That was the point of the comment I made

  • tim

    Aaaaaaaaand you’ll all get let down. Turns out its a rather deceiving name. But don’t let this make you hate on Delicious inc. they’re a great group of devs who have an exceptional product, don’t forget that! Long live biteSMS

  • Chat heads get in the way of stuff. I dont really use them. Then again, I don’t chat on facebook very often either.

  • WOW what a way to play off the HYPE of Chat Heads of FB. Its like a ploy to get people to d/l BiteSMS to increase ad revenue from that said hype, or maybe have people inadvertently purchase the App hoping for something different. Im certain in the near future a standalone app will offer a very similar feature to Chat Heads for FB and be a direct plugin to the existing Messages App.

    I enjoy using iRealSMS much much more than the BiteSMS app for QC and QR. it uses standard UIkit to theme so matching with Winterboard is LIGHTYEARS easier

  • Anthony

    What twitter app is that?

    • tim

      tweetbot for ipad

      • Tweetbot for Mac actually

  • mk3s

    This is weak simply because they decided to call it “text heads.” This automatically makes everyone think they made some sort of chat-heads equivalent for texting on iOS. Otherwise this would of just been one other cool thing you can do with the best messaging alternative out there. I love bitesms and I will definitely use this feature but the name is really misleading and a stupid choice imo.

  • Max Rojas


  • Markus Hudobnik

    Bitesms isn’t that great anyways lol.

    • tim

      major dislike! there’s never a single thing for everyone, but bite is definitely a great tweak

      • Markus Hudobnik

        Yeah I guess. It’s just not at all apple and i think it kinda takes a step back and makes those stupid popups relevant again. But to each their own. I personally use statusbulliten (makes the banners really small and not obtrusive)
        We just have different styles!

  • Ryan White

    wow what a let down

  • what is the beta repo again?

  • Am I the only one around here that hates FB’s Chat Heads?

  • Disappointed ๐Ÿ™

  • Siddharth Desai

    If its a list of your least liked contacts, then you can call them “Shit Heads”

  • Gorgonphone

    cheat heads are over rated and lame.. they clutter the screen… they would be cool if the lived in the CN pane so when i pull it down i can see them

  • BiteSMS is underwhelming. Seems slopped together, like when agile development goes wrong. This is just one more “iteration” that feels completely tacked on.

  • False advertisement.